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Published by: Rinku Singh Bhalla on Sep 09, 2010
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It is quit true that the Indian farmers has the lowest per capita income of its farmers as compared to the developed countries. It is due to the reason that they have lowest productivity per hectare. One of the important means of increasing the farm productivity is to mechanize farming operations. One of the few means of increasing the yield per hectare is to use the tractor and tractor drawn implements to get the best results from the fields. In the earlier times the field operations are carried out with help of animals, which were the main source of energy for the agricultural purpose. Before the independence, the farming in India continent was at its lowest yield. It was only after 50’s when tractors from Russia and England came to India. Indian farming started growing fast. The Russian tractors like the Belarus and Ford tractors were the earliest that were imported. These tractors were very large in size and in capacity. Earlier Indian manufacturers were Mahindra, HMT, PTL, and Eicher. These were manufactured according to Indian needs. These tractors were mainly out of earning capacity of farmers. They purchased tractors either by making co-operative societies or only big farmers were able to purchase these. Now Sonalika group consists of three companies:  International Tractor Limited.  Agriculture division.  International Cars and Motors Limited.

The Company is a ‘Mother Unit’ as its establishment shall attract many other ancillary & small units for meeting the raw material requirements yielding manifold employment avenues. is a Group Company of the Rs 1200 Crores SONALIKA Group. the company is supporting the farmers with world class farming equipment to ease the process of making the Green Revolution II. various kinds of threshers. etc. Farm machines & Automobiles. Its product line includes Combine Harvesters. highly qualified and experienced staff is working as a family in the manufacturing facility at Hoshiarpur (Pb). Himachal Pradesh. dust & pollution free environment. in Amb. Managing Director. Ghana etc. International Cars & Motors Ltd:International Cars & Motors Limited (ICML). a dream come true. Maize seller –cum-Dehuskers. Deepak Mittal. the group’s maiden venture is one of the foremost Farm equipments and implements manufacturing companies in India with 80% share in threshers alone. Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation. Zimbabwe.Mittal.. 1995 for the manufacture of Tractors and has since then built a distinct position for itself in the Tractor industry. These tractors are also exported to various countries including South Africa. Tractor/Self Driven straw reapers. Sri Lanka. to manufacture multi-utility vehicles/sports–utility vehicles. Vice Chairman & Mr.Mittal. minimum fuel consumption and low emission. Potato Planters. with centrally air-conditioned. Algeria. The tractors manufactured by company have secured a reputation of performance. Australia.P to 90 H. and CLASS brand between 70 hp to 90hp. Sonalika Agro is a pioneer in manufacturing tractors mounted combine harvester. A. Mr.S. The Company is promoted by Mr. L.D. Chairman. Bangladesh. The Company is having its state-of-the-art production facility. Senegal. Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation:Sonalika Agro was established in 1971 to support the Indian farmers with mechanization technology to facilitate persistence of green revolution. which is not popular in India. All this makes ITL one of the top five tractor selling companies in India. ITL is manufacturing various Tractors of Sonalika brand between 30 H. Zambia. In the light of the company's mission. . ICML is a project of its kind and is the ‘Pride of Himachal Pradesh’.International Tractors Ltd:- International Tractors Limited was incorporate on October 17. revenue & industrialization in the state. Seed –Cum.P. Canada. who are having vast experience in manufacturing of tractors. Today. but also in various others countries across the globe. quality and reliability in the market because of their maximum pulling power.Fertilisers Drills.


Farm machines & Automobiles. Mr. Bangladesh & Indonesia are also in an advanced stage. 1000 Crores in Himachal Pradesh over the next 2 -3 years in the upcoming ICML plant. to manufacture multi-utility vehicles/sports–utility vehicles. ICML is aiming to churn out about 5000 MUVs & expects to achieve a turnover of 250 Crores. Nepal. The company is in-process of developing its own Common Rail Direct injection (CRDi) engines.Mittal.Mittal. In the first full year of production in 2006-2007. The company has the installed capacity to manufacture 2000 MUVs in a month i. Deepak Mittal. UK. Chairman. The Company. L. Tax sops.D. The Company is eligible for the Central & State Govt.INTERNATIONAL CARS & MOTORS LTD:International Cars & Motors Limited (ICML). The Company has manufactured MUV with the name of RHINO RX & the same MUV boasts of Rover engines. exemption from the excise duty & income tax for 10 years. It will also offload the product in African continent soon. revenue & industrialization in the state.S. in Amb. with centrally air-conditioned. 24000 MUVs in a year. also has an eye on exports & exports to Malaysia. Sonalika Group intends to inject Rs. The Company has entered into Technical Collaboration Agreement with MG Rover of UK. who are having vast experience in manufacturing of tractors. besides catering to the domestic market. Managing Director. Himachal Pradesh.. Vice Chairman & Mr. A. which shall add to its viability & future expansion. is a Group Company of the Rs 1200 Crores SONALIKA Group. with the technical know – how from MG Rover.The Company is a ‘Mother Unit’ as its establishment shall attract many other ancillary & small units for meeting the raw material requirements yielding manifold employment avenues. INTRODUCTION OF INTFRNATIONAL CARS & MOTORS LTD . dust & pollution free environment. The Company is having its state-of-the-art production facility. The Company is promoted by Mr. ICML is a project of its kind and is the ‘Pride of Himachal Pradesh’.e.

M. M. comfort. He is technically well aware and economically conscious.300 Sq.A Certificate at the end of the entries in the [register of wages or the register of wages cum muster roll] as the case may be. we.00 Sq.M.000 Sq. .-----. Therefore.000 Sq.) Major shop details: Press shop – 4. …|Today with the changing times. He is not only concerned about his own safety but about the safety of the environment. luxury and more. A product with power and punch. Our team is exploring human ideas and desires by developing the easting driving experience with intelligent technology. in the following form.5 acres (42.) Total covered area – 10. at International Cars & Motors Limited development a team that is constantly working with the dreams that vehicles inspire. He wants a multi utility product. safe and green.900 Sq. Body shop – 3.M. PLANT AREA DETAILS:Total plant area – 23 acres (93.has been paid to the workman concerned in my presence on----at---”From tractor to utility “All for one” human nature says it all utility. Paint shop (PT/CD & Top coat) – 54.“Certified that the amount shown in column no. the needs and expectation of the customer are changing.simple.M.

rumbles.Assembling shop – 6. ICML vehicles that will roll out of the assembly line will be subjected to very stringent torture tests to withstand lightly demanding road condition the test track has sine wave. 00 sq. The press shop of I. THE TEAM AND MISSION:- . corrugated pot holes. rough road. Being under tax free zone.  Torture test tracks. ride & handling. M MANUFACTURING FACILITY: The manufacturing facility of ICML is located in Amb (Una District) in the picturesque Chivalric foothill of the Himalayas.T. stone paved roads.440 Sq. Rapid prototype facility with 5 axis laser cutting machine for automate cutting program and automatic fixture designing & manufacturing that result in trimmed surface with no burr bum makes. about 38 Kilometers from the Group’s principal tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur. gradient test. under body inspection & leakage will make the end-product highly road worthy. the move to locate the plant in Amb is a major strategic move since the company will enjoy distinctive cost advantages and will be able to deal with competitive business environment through aggressive price posting for its products. This is India’s only competently pressurized automobile plant that will help to manufacture vehicle in total dust free and temperature & humidity controlled environment.C. 200 Cr.M.  Integrated Body Shop equipped with precision pneumatic welding system to ensure consistent body and backed up with in-house press utility.  Only complete pressurized automobile plant.000 units per annum. water wading zone. the area of press shop is 43. gradient. Spread in a 56-acre plot and an investment of close to Rs.M.  Manufacturing process and layout at par with the best in the industry. And an installed capacity to produce 24. under body inspection ramp and smooth road for long distance driving at different speed. body squeak noise & rattling test. The plant built-in capacity strength for future expansion needs. the company has put in place a globally integrated production facility.L Hoshiarpur.  Catholic electro deposition & top coat plant system. which will employ all forms of modern production techniques and quality system. Testing on these different simulated road condition for acceleration & braking.L located in I. Sheet metal component are developed in-house using giant hydraulics presses of 1200 and 600 T.

The objective is not only to attain top quality products. simple. and environmental throughout the entire process of modern automobile creation.Mittal (Chairman):72.Mittal (Managing Director):- . which is under construction at Amb. The Company ensures the best after sale service for the satisfaction of the customer. Vice-Chairman of ITL. He has Experience of 25 years in farm mechanization. Government also offers exemption on the excise duty on sales of vehicles from here. L. Sh. but also to meet today’s requirements for productivity.D. marketing & Finance.S. He has Experience of 25 years at Top Management in Public sector. The firm is ranked as best in terms of its quality in production. This is because of the income tax holiday for the industrial set-up in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh. safety.Mittal (Vice Chairman):50.ICML is the team of technology and design engineers working in the inspiring state of art every member of the team has vast experience in his or respective field. of India for his outstanding contribution in Farm Mechanization. Above is a model of harmoniously composed. D. which will add on the buying power of the customers MISSION International Cars And Motors Ltd. offer product with distinctive features at responsible price. The cumulative effect of the above provides for substantial saving on the cost of the vehicle. Company is exporting its vehicles to different Asian as well as African countries.The company will commence its commercial manufacturing operations at its ultra modern plant equipped with state-of-art facility. and non-agri automobile and farm machinery. Graduate. The plant’s location is also an advantage in itself. modern and environmental friendly plant. To add robust testing facility have been created for various kinds of quality tested and finally the road tests. He was also Awarded ‘UDYOG RATTAN’ by Govt. Some of these have taken the final shape and are ready for launched. He has built a name himself in Auto industry. Sh. PEOPLE OF THE COMPANY Sh. Graduate. A.from the conceptual stage to final assembly. which has enable him or her to develop various prototype in the short duration of time. Chairman of Sonalika Group of Companies and ITL. very soon.K. 30 years in manufacturing of agri.

43. He has experience of 18 years in manufacturing of agri and non-agri automobile companies and well known in auto industry. Graduate is Managing Director of ITL. He is Awarded “ITDI Quality Excellence Award 2002” for excellent quality of products manufactured by company PRODUCTS OF SONALIKA GROUP . He is also a expertise in Finance. He is Chairman of Hoshiarpur Chambers of Commerce & Industry and several other bodies.


aptitude test and a series of functional tests by which competence of the candidates at the cognitive level is assured. the scheme of “FAST TRACK” to managerial carriers also fills many vacancies. e.g. as this determines the ultimate adjustments between organization and employee. There are special management programs and classes.Important factor considered while selection an individual are the set of aptitude and values an individual possess. Candidates with the necessary aptitude under goes a selection test program based on assessment center methodology.RECRUITMENT Diploma/Graduate Engineers are recruited. Advertisement. . Employment exchange.Circulating the requirement internally. Recruitments is done trough following sources: Campus interviews. Those who are successful can jump almost four grades. Also the candidates have to undergo training up to a particular level. Non-skilled are trained to become skilled workers and skilled are trained to acquire multiple skills. LEARNING THROUGH TRAINING All classes of employees are trained. Candidates are required to go through compulsory selection testes as personality. In addition to the job related training all employees attend self-development programs. Diploma and Graduate engineers are trained for one year. typing.

Friendly 5. Fast 2. Focused 3. Fun All above governs its approach to business and relationship with in the Organization. 1. and dealer feels himself as part enterprises. vender. Every member respects 5 formula. Fair 4. .WORK CULTURE The ICML seeks to create a culture where each employer.

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