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101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You!

101 Amazing Ways to Say I Love You!

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Published by: AncaIoana on Sep 09, 2010
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Most couples have a vacation that they want to go on when they have
something big to celebrate. Maybe you want to head to Hawaii or to Europe
– in any case, you want to start planning this trip when you’re in the throes
of celebrating.

101 Amazing Ways To Say I Love You!

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Start collecting books on traveling to the area and start picking the things
that you will want to do once you get there.

Other things you can do:

• Have each partner list out their favorite things to do.

• Set a target date of when you are going to go on his trip.

• Set up a tracker for the airline tickets to the location you want to head


• Make a poster that counts down the days until you will be in your
favorite city or country.

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