R espectful
• • • • •

Treat everyone with respect. Respect the property of other individuals, including our facilities. Stop when the director stops you. Stay silent during orchestra class. Be positive.

On Time and Prepared
Be in your seat with your instrument, pencil and music binder before the tardy bell rings. Your instrument, EE Book and orchestra binder (containing music, pencil bag with 3 sharpened pencils, etc.) must be at your seat every day during class. Arrive early for all orchestra events.

Always Safe
• • • • • •

WALK when inside the orchestra room. After unpacking, put your case back in your slot and all other non-orchestra items on the tables by the entrance. Always leave the orchestra room cleaner than you found it. If it’s not yours then don’t touch it, especially instruments. Practice rooms, the orchestra office and the orchestra library are off limits. Food, candy, drinks and gum are not allowed.

• • •

Treat your instrument like another human being. Take home and return all materials within the assigned times. Do your part at home: PRACTICE!

.• Non-orchestra members are to remain outside.

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