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Customer insight-personal care





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Customer insight-personal care


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for providing me the opportunity to undergo my summer internship training. I would like to thank our faculty guide Ms. CRC. north region. Megha Chawla. Last but not the least. (GM sales. NDIM) and all faculty members of New Delhi Institute of Management. I would like to express my gratitude to my industry mentor Mr.Customer insight-personal care ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to dedicate this project to those without whom this summer training would not have been completed successfully.). NDIM Page 4 . New Delhi for their pain stalking supervision and downright suggestions which brought a lot of confidence in me to complete this dissertation report. who in spite of his busy schedule gave his full support and guidance to complete this work. First and foremost I would like to thank Philips electronics ltd. Philips electronics ltd. who was very supportive and always ready with a solution to my problems. Anil Dua. my sincere regards to Mr. Kamal Ashwani (Chief Manager..

Customer insight-personal care NDIM Page 5 .

Surabhi Das. I was in regular contact with the nominated guide and contacted her 7 times for discussing the project. Batch 2009-11 declare that every part of the Project Report on ³Understanding the customer insight for the personal care products by Philips´ that I have submitted is original. student of New Delhi Institute of Management. Date of project submission: 29/07/2010 Faculty¶s comments: __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Signature of faculty guide NDIM Page 6 .Customer insight-personal care DECLARATION I.

A primary data from Delhi University shows that there is high level of awareness about these products among the youth. The survey also brought out the places where people would like to buy them. Though preferred price range is the lowest range as the surveyed people are non earning students. NDIM Page 7 . Companies like Panasonic and Procter & Gamble are giving strong competition to Philips.Customer insight-personal care EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- The personal care industry is considered one of the booming industries as self consciousness and income is increasing among people. and majority wants to possess one or other of these products nowadays. Philip¶s personal care sector includes electronic shaving and grooming and hair care. Secondary data shows that personal care industry is growing in India and all over the world day by day. Therefore Philips being the leading electronic brand is expecting to grow in this sector. especially the youth. The products come in different prices and features leaving the customers with a variety of choices. In this range Philips has got huge scope because of people¶s trust in its brand name. And there are many companies coming up with these kind of electronic personal care products.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER .I LITERATURE REVIEW NDIM Page 8 .

medical insight-personal care COMPANY BACKGROUND- Industry ± electronics Founded ± NDIM Page 9 . lighting. Jan Michiel hessels ( chairman of supervisory board) Products ± consumer electronics.614 million (2009) Profit.115.E 410 million (2009) Total assets.E 30. domestic appliances. medical technology Revenue. the Netherlands Area served ± Worldwide Key people ± Gerald kleisterlee (CEO).e 14.19 billion (2009) Operating income.www.53 billion (2009) Total equity.E 23. Eindhoven Headquarters ± Amsterdam.920 (2009) Website.60 billion (2009) Employees.

in Eindhoven. Philips is organized in a number of sectors: Philips Consumer Lifestyle (formerly Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care). both of which became subsidiaries. In 1939 they introduced their electric razor. the Netherlands. the company started to manufacture other products. a maternal cousin of Karl Marx. the Philishave (marketed in the USA using the Norelco brand name). The company employs 123. Its first products were light bulbs and other electro-technical equipment.Customer insight-personal care Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. PHOHI broadcasting in Dutch to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and PCJJ (later PCJ) which broadcast in English. Spanish and German to the rest of the world. In 2009. Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. (Royal Philips Electronics Inc. is a multinational Dutch electronics corporation.V. In 1927 they acquired the British electronic valve manufacturers Mullard and in 1932 the German tube manufacturer Valvo.800 people in more than 60 countries. HISTORY The company was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips. PHILIPS RADIO On 11 March 1927 Philips went on the air with two shortwave radio stations.18billion. Its first factory survives as a museum devoted to light sculpture. Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare (formerly Philips Medical Systems). In the 1920s. its sales were ¼23. NDIM Page 10 .). such as vacuum tubes (also known worldwide as 'valves'). most commonly known as Philips. The international program on Sundays commenced in 1928 with host Eddie Startz hosting the Happy Station show which became the world's longest running shortwave program.

At the same time. the Philips directors were informed about the German invasion of the Netherlands to take place the following day. the Dutch International Service in 1946 though PCJ programs such as Happy Station continued on the new station. Philips Radio did not resume after Liberation. The production facility in Eindhoven was the only Dutch industrial target that was deliberately bombed by the allied forces during the war. They decided to leave the country and flee to the United States. However. there is no evidence to suggest that Philips itself or its management ever sympathized with the Nazis or their ideologies.Customer insight-personal care Broadcasts from the Netherlands were interrupted by the German invasion in May 1940. like many other firms in their day.[4] for which he was awarded recognition as a "Righteous Among the Nations" by Yad Vashem in 1995. It is also believed that Philips²both before and during the war²supplied enormous amounts of electric equipment to the German occupation forces. Operating from the US as the North American Philips Company. Frits Philips. NDIM Page 11 . WORLD WAR II On 9 May 1940. taking a large amount of the company capital with them. Instead the two shortwave stations were nationalized and became Radio Netherlands Worldwide. which has led some people to think that the company collaborated with the Nazis. they managed to run the company throughout the war. There is little Philips could have done to prevent the Germans from abusing their production facilities and forcing their employees to perform slave labour during the occupation. the company itself was moved to the Netherlands Antilles (just on paper) to keep it out of German hands. The only Philips family member who did not leave the country. saved the lives of 382 Jews by indicating to the Nazis that they were indispensable for the production process at Philips.

In 1950. Later the cassette was used in telephone answering machines including a special form of cassette where the tape was wound on an endless loop. The C-cassette found itself also as the first mass storage device for early personal computers in the 1970s and 1980s. Philips introduced the audio Compact Cassette tape in 1963 and was wildly successful. This idea was soon copied by the Japanese makers whose tapes were significantly cheaper. As Philips only sold its systems on the PAL standard and in Europe. cassettes would also be used to record sound and became the second mass media to sell recorded music alongside vinyl records.Customer insight-personal care POST WAR ERA After the war the company was moved back to the Netherlands. In 1972 Philips launched the world's first home video cassette recorder. with their headquarters in Eindhoven. the company unveiled a special promotional film for this system in the UK featuring comedic personality Denis Norden. Compact cassettes were initially used for dictation machines for office typing stenographers and professional journalists. Many secret research facilities had been locked and successfully hidden from the invaders. Philips made one last attempt at a new standard for video recorders with the Video 2000 system with tapes that could be used on both sides and had thus 8 hours of total recording time. the N1500 with bulky video cassettes that could record 30 minutes or 45 minutes. the scale advantages of the NDIM Page 12 . Philips introduced the N1700 system which allowed double length recording and for the first time would fit a 2 hour movie onto one video cassette. Philips formed Philips Records. As competition came from Sony's Betamax and the VHS group of manufacturers. Philips introduced the first combination portable radio and cassette recorder which is marketed as the "radio recorder" and which is now better known as the boom box. which allowed the company to get up to speed again quickly after the war. As their sound quality improved. Later one hour tapes were also offered. and the Japanese makers sold globally. Philips would also reduce the cassette size for the professional needs. in 1977. first with the mini cassette and later the microcassette which were predominant dictation machines up to the advent of fully digital dictation machines.

Philips Healthcare is headquartered in both Netherlands (just outside Eindhoven) and Andover. North American Philips was formally dissolved. Initially. United States (near Boston). Philips would team with Sony to launch Compact Disc. Philips Semiconductors (spun off as NXP in September 2006) and Philips Design.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken to Philips Electronics N.S. together with Jan Reesse. At the same time. In 1991. Philips had early developments of a laser disk for selling movies but delayed its commercial launch for fear of cannibalizing its video recorder sales. with the name Philips Electronics North America Corp. In 1982. the move to Amsterdam can be considered a return to the company's roots. NDIM Page 13 . along with the corporate name change to Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. Massachusetts. but in 2002 they moved again.V.V. These formats evolved to the present day DVD and Blu-Ray. Philips Lighting. He also conducted his first experiments in the field of mass production of light bulbs there.Customer insight-personal care Japanese proved insurmountable and Philips withdrew the V2000 system and joined the VHS Coalition. and a new corporate division was formed in the U. the company was housed in the Rembrandt Tower. In 1997 the decision was made to move the headquarters from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. The move was completed in 2001. the company's name was changed from N. because Gerard Philips lived in Amsterdam when he came up with the idea of building a light bulb factory. Philips Research. In a sense. this time to the Breitner Tower. are still based in Eindhoven. which Philips launched with Sony in 1997 and 2006 respectively. Later Philips would join with MCA to launch the first commercial laser disk standard and players.

etc. DVD. the eventual successor of the CD. Their representatives approached IBM for advice on the file system. IBM convinced a group of computer industry experts (among them Apple. and Blu-ray Compact Cassette In 1962 Philips invented the compact audio cassette medium for audio storage. met a long road of setbacks. IBM also learned of Philips' and Sony's initiative. Laserdisc Laserdisc was a 30 cm disc designed with MCA meant to compete with VHS and even replace it. The result was the DVD NDIM Page 14 . It never took off but the technologies created for Laserdisc would later be used again for the Compact Disc. Compact Disc. Laserdisc. Philips wanted to continue with the CD in a new format called Multimedia Compact Disc (MMCD). Philips still thought the format should be able to succeed. The Technical Working Group (TWG) voted to boycott both formats unless they merged to prevent another format war (like the videotape format war). then named Super Density (SD) disc. while another group (led by Toshiba) was developing a competing format. the Compact Cassette became dominant as a result of Philips's decision to license the format free of charge.Customer insight-personal care MAIN INVENTIONS Main articlesy y y y y Compact Cassette. Although there were other magnetic tape cartridge systems. DVD The DVD. It took them ultimately (with Sony's help) until 1982 to successfully launch the CD. Dell. Compact Disc Although Philips' and MCA's Laserdisc project failed.) to form a working group.

yet again primarily developed by Philips and Sony. Blu-Ray Blu-Ray. utilizes blueviolet colored diodes to create an even shorter wavelength beam than CD or DVD. the capacity is much more than that of CD or DVD. The DVD video format was first introduced in Japan in 1996.S. finalized in 1995. then across Europe and the other continents from late 1998 onwards.Customer insight-personal care specification. NDIM Page 15 . being 25 GB single-layered or 50 GB dual-layered. as limited test run. later in 1997 in the U. Because of this.

Philips Intellectual Property and Standards. is a former division of Philips. and 49. Philips currently holds about 55. was sold to Seagram in 1998 to form Universal Music Group. CEOs Past and present CEOs:            1891±1922: Gerard Philips 1922±1939: Anton Philips 1939±1961: Frans Otten 1961±1971: Frits Philips 1971±1977: Henk van Riemsdijk 1977±1981: Nico Rodenburg 1982±1986: Wisse Dekker 1986±1990: Cornelis Van der Klugt 1990±1996: Jan Timmer 1996±2001: Cor Boonstra 2001±present: Gerard Kleisterlee NDIM Page 16 . trademark protection and patenting. Philips abandoned the slogan "Let's make things better" in favour of a new one: "Sense and simplicity".000 trademark registrations. Polygram.Customer insight-personal care CORPORATE AFFAIRS In 2004.000 design registrations. is the company's division dealing with licensing. ASM Lithography is a spin-off from a division of Philips Origin.000 patent rights. now part of Atos Origin. 33. Its record division.

headquartered in El Paso. Magnavox. Inc. In 2006 Philips bought out the company Lifeline Systems headquartered in Framingham.1 billion) to be paid in cash upon completion. Mullard. Signetics. On Friday.Customer insight-personal care ACQUISITIONS. portions of Westinghouse and the consumer electronics operations of Philco and Sylvania. announced a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which Philips will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Respironics for US$66 per share. 21 December 2007 Philips and Respironics. or a total purchase price of approximately ¼3. ADAC Labs. In August 2007 Philips acquired the company Ximis. In October 2007. NDIM Page 17 . Mexico. The company was renamed Philips Oral Healthcare and made a subsidiary of Philips DAP. Inc. Agilent Healthcare Solutions Group. TX for their Medical Informatics Division. SUBSIDIARIES AND SPINOUTS AcquisitionsCompanies acquired by Philips through the years include Amperex. the maker of Sonicare electric toothbrushes. In 2000. Canada. VLSI.6 billion (US$5. ATL Ultrasound. Philips abandoned the Sylvania trademark which is now owned by SLI (Sylvania Lighting International) except in Australia. Philips bought Optiva Corporation. Massachusetts. Formed in November 1999 as a equal joint venture between Philips and Agilent Technologies. New Zealand. Marconi Medical Systems. Puerto Rico and the USA where it is owned by the Osram unit of Siemens. the light-emitting diode manufacturer Lumileds became a subsidiary of Phillips Lighting in August 2005 and a fully-owned subsidiary in December 2006. it purchased a Moore Microprocessor Patent (MPP) Portfolio license from The TPL Group.

Abroad. by Solvay. Outside of sports Philips sponsors the Philips Monsters of Rock festival. which is home to Dutch football team PSV Eindhoven. but is currently most famous for its Premier League football team and its swimming team. SPONSORSHIP AND NAMING RIGHTS Traditionally Philips has a vested interest in sports. SPORTS. Philips founded a sports club called Philips Sport Vereniging (Philips Sports Club). the maker of The Readius is a spin out from Philips Electronics. held in many countries all over the world. now Solvay Pharmaceuticals. a division of Wyeth). sport facilities. Philips also forayed into the pharmaceuticals market in a company best known as Philips-Duphar (Dutch Pharmaceuticals). as it is now known. APRICO Solutions is a venture within Philips Intellectual Property and Standards. located in Eindhoven. originally as a means to provide a healthy form of recreation for its employees. In subsequent years divisions have been sold off. Philips recently (November 2008) extended its very successful F1 partnership with AT&T Williams to include many more product groups. the premier basketball league in Australia. In 1913. an Australian rugby league team. In Thailand Philips is a sponsor of PEA FC. Philips owns the naming rights to Philips Stadium.Customer insight-personal care SpinoutsPolymer Vision. Philips sponsors and has sponsored numerous sport clubs. Duphar was sold to Solvay. now Chemtura and the veterinary division was sold to Fort Dodge. Furthermore. Philips-Duphar made products for crop protection. veterinary medicine and products for human use. in celebration of the Centenary of Dutch independence from France. NDIM Page 18 . traditionally known as the National Basketball League. Between 1988 and 1993 Philips were also the major sponsors of The Balmain Tigers. and events. to other companies (crop protection was sold to UniRoyal. The sports club encompasses all kinds of sports. or PSV. Georgia and to the Philips Championship. Philips owns the naming rights to the Philips Arena in Atlanta.

Philips India set up its first Indian lamp-manufacturing factory in Kolkata.Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS IN INDIA Philips started operations in India at Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1930 under the name Philips Electrical Co. the Philips Software Centre was established in Bangalore (It is now called the Philips Innovation Campus).       In 1957. In 1996. (This factory was shut down in 2006. Philips brought colour television transmission to India with the supply of four outdoor broadcast vans to DD National during the IX Asian Games. and exported to other countries. comprising a staff of 75. a second radio factory is established near Pune. As of 2008. Philips India entered a new product category. renamed "Philips India Ltd". In 1970 a new consumer electronics factory is started in Pimpri near Pune. (India) Pvt Ltd. the company is converted into a public limited company. It was a sales outlet for Philips lamps imported from overseas. After the Second World War in 1948.) In 1982. Philips India has about 4. In 1959. NDIM Page 19 .000 employees. Philips started manufacturing radios in Kolkata. In 1965 on 3 April. In 1938. In 2008. water purifiers designed and made in India. the millionth Philips radio is manufactured in India.

we are putting people right at the center of things.Customer insight-personal care VISION³In a world where complexity increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives.´ VALUESy Delight customers y Deliver great results y Develop people y Depend on each other NDIM Page 20 .´ With Vision 2010. we will lead in bringing sense and simplicity to people. President and CEO of Royal Philips Electronics MISION³Improve quality of people¶s lives through timely introduction of meaningful innovations. We are thereby putting into practice our mission: improving the quality of life through the introduction of meaningful innovations. with Health and Well-being as our overarching theme.´ ± Gerard Kleisterlee.

We are committed to sustainability and focus on making the difference in efficient energy use We drive operational excellence and quality to best in class levels. We invest in a strong brand and consistently deliver on our brand promise of ³sense and simplicity´. We invest in high growth and profitable businesses and emerging geographies to achieve market leadership positions 6.Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS WAY OF WORKING1. in our actions. We are a people-centric company that organizes around customers and markets 2. design and superior supplier networks 4. talent and engagement and align ourselves with high performance benchmarks 5. technology. allowing us the above mentioned strategic investments in our businesses. products and services 3. We develop our people¶s leadership. NDIM Page 21 . We deliver innovation by investing in world class strengths in end-user insights.

external hard disc drives Mobile phones Kitchen appliances. water purifies PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS. Motorcycles and Trucks NDIM Page 22 .Customer insight-personal care Philips deals in lifestyle. toasters and snacking products. flat screen. remote controls.Male dry shavers. frying and grilling appliances. Hospitality. Sports Lighting. plasma. smart touch XL Recorders. Shops and offices. I pods and home theater systems Audio products. rice makers Household products.Industrial. accessories like headphones and speakers PC products. multimedia handsets. Schools and Petrol Stations y Automotive Lighting . The consumer range of products includes: y y y y y y y y systems. Road and Area. DVD players. audio/video accessories Digital photo products and frames Portable audio and video systems. beauty and hair care products y y Philips lighting: y Professional Lighting .Mouse and keyboard. coffee makers and kettles. City Beautification. healthcare and lighting divisions. juicers and citruspressers.Blenders and hand blenders.In Cars. vacuum cleaners.LCD. epilators.Irons. beard trimmers and grooming kit. food processors and mixers.

Customer insight-personal care Philips healthcare products: y y y y y y y y y y y Computerized tomography Diagnostic ECG Operation theatre lights Preclinical imaging Radiation oncology Radiography Fluoroscopy Healthcare informatics Home healthcare Respiratory care Interventional X-ray NDIM Page 23 .

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± II PRODUCT PROFILE NDIM Page 24 .

MRP: Rs. 1995.00 PHILIPS HP4696 Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair Straightener attachment to create beautiful sleek hair Slide on brush for added volume.2295. MRP: Rs.00 NDIM Page 25 . MRP: Rs.Customer insight-personal care HAIR CARE- PHILIPS HP4638 Philips Straightener 180°C Ceramic Ion Boost Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair 180°C temperature for beautiful results.1495.00 PHILIPS HP4657 Barrel diameter: 15 mm Temperature: 175 °C Ready for use indication dot: The dot changes Colour at application temperature Heater type: PTC.

Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS HP4823 1000W for beautiful results Two flexible settings for careful drying Easy storage hook for convenient storage Compact design for easy handling. Detachable nozzle .00 PHILIPS HP4931 1200W for beautiful results MRP:Rs.00 NDIM Page 26 . MRP: Rs.595. MRP: 745. 2 heat/speed settings.00 PHILIPS HP4840 1000 Watt dryer. 695.

shiny look MRP:Rs.795.Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS HP4960 1400W for beautiful results for careful drying Concentrator focuses the airflow for a polished.00 NDIM Page 27 .

2095.Customer insight-personal care SHAVING AND GROOMING- PHILIPS HP6306 · Lady shave Wet & Dry. MRP:Rs.00 PHILIPS HP6400 2 speed settings Metal epilating system Voltage . MRP:Rs.21 Number of catching points .100-240 V Number of discs .3495.20 Power. MRP:Rs. 995.00 PHILIPS HP6483 Philips Satinelle Ice HP6483 Ultra gentle epilator with soothing ice pack to reduce the effects of epilation.00 NDIM Page 28 .

4495. MRP: RS.895.00 PHILIPS HQ130 Electric shaver Comfortably close Unique Lift & Cut system Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck Individually floating heads Cordless. 2995.00 NDIM Page 29 .Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS HP6503 Pivoting Ice cooler Sonic massage system Ceramic epilation system 2 speed settings Power Source AC-RC (mains) MRP: RS.00 PHILIPS HQ6920 Electric shaver Super Lift & Cut technology Replacement heads Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck Reflex Action system. MRP: RS.

MRP:RS.Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS NT9110 Nose and ear trimmer Styling tools: Eyebrow comb Handling: Ideal angle for easy reach.00 PHILIPS PHIHP6390 Precision shaping and trimming for eyebrows and facial hair. Soft grip coating for maximum control Durability. MRP:RS.00 PHILIPS PHIHQ40 Micro + Shaver HQ40 Battery-operated (2xAA) Up to 60 mins (approximately 3 weeks shaving time RCP: RM69 MRP: RS. 995.995.00 NDIM Page 30 .995.

MRP: RS. MRP: RS.1995. Cordless operation.5mm to 18mm length.00 NDIM Page 31 .Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS PHIQG3020 Full size trimmer unit Beard & moustache comb locks into 9 settings.2495. Nose Ear and eyebrow trimmer Store & charge stand.00 PHILIPS PHIQG3080 Micro precision shaver Precision & full size trimmer Nose Ear & eyebrow hair trimmer 9 settings . Rechargeable.1.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± III SWOT ANALYSIS OF PHILIPS PERSONAL CARE NDIM Page 32 .

y The youth or the students who are not earning cannot afford them. Philips is a brand name everyone knows. Wide variety of features available. NDIM Page 33 . y Many people prefer to buy the local or china made products which are cheaper & affordable. THREATSy There are many strong competitors like Panasonic & Braun.Customer insight-personal care STRENGTHy y y y Wide range of products. WEAKNESSy Most of the products are high end products. These products are of high quality. y Lifestyle changes. y Rise in consumer spending power. OPPORTUNITIESy Rising beauty consciousness among people.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± IV OVERVIEW OF THE INDUSTRY NDIM Page 34 .

The industry has a low entry barrier and competition is severe. there are some leading domestic players as well as the huge unorganized players. NDIM Page 35 . improve penetration. The way ahead for the personal care companies is to introduce new and better product. Cheaper imports and duplicate products are also affecting the major players. hair care. The next phase of growth has to come from the rural market as the urban markets are near saturation levels in terms of penetration. The industry is divided into fabric wash. Besides the large multinational players. skin care. Though most of the market share is with the larger players. colored cosmetics. companies vie for the marginal market share. Most segments of this industry are going through a decline in 2002 with several leading players reporting lower sales in 2002 due to lower volumes as well as lower realization. and make the consumer trade up in price and quality. oral cares. men¶s toiletries and fragrances.Customer insight-personal care Personal Care Industry in India Description: The Indian personal care industry is estimated at Rs 170 billion. personal wash. Rural marketing will be a major thrust area for all companies. Companies have been adopting promotion schemes to dole out freebies and repackaging products in smaller packages to cater to a wider consumer base are some recent trends.

New products are launched by the leading brands to attract consumers.254 billion every year where as the global market for cosmetics alone USD 30.33 billion. Key demographic factors. Lifestyle and climactic changes. people have become more conscious about their appearance and look.Customer insight-personal care Global Trade Volumes and Trends The personal care industry had an excellent growth rate in all the major markets of the world in 2005-2006. leading to a huge demand for these products in the whole world. Entry of herbal and organic products. The trends in all the leading personal care markets show that this industry is showing a massive potential for growth. The global personal care products industry is growing at a very rapid pace. and Massive advertising and promotion strategy NDIM Page 36 . Since the past few years. some of the factors responsible are: y y y y y y Rise in consumer spending power. The women¶s beauty industry is growing at rate of approximately USD 202. Increased demand due to people consciousness.

There are companies that also make gender specific shavers that is separately for men and women. Although these days the soft stubble looks are very popular among men. Majority of electric shavers can operate both on direct current supply and on batteries. Salman Khan are being hailed as the men with most sophisticated looks in the world. Leading Hollywood actors like George Clooney. as they are fast and quite hassle free to use them. Shaving is not only restricted to men but is also meant for women. From automatic shavers to manual shavers. It is a category of men who spend significant amount of their income on maintaining their looks. At that point of time. but they know that ladies mostly prefer men who are clean shaven. There are also versions of shavers that are available in market with and without batteries too. these days are providing electric shavers that makes shaving actually a joy. as today the society is inhabited by metrosexual men. NDIM Page 37 . Shaving is really important especially for all men. But these days people are trusting electric shavers more. all are available in the market. The female oriented electric shavers are also available in market these days. For the time like this electric shavers are the instruments you can bank upon. Tom Cruise and not to forget Indian film industry from where actors like Shahid Kapoor. electric shavers really come handy. damage and many more. Many leading companies like and Philips and Panasonic. But they can irritate a person of becomes unmanageable. This perception has really helped in popularizing electric shavers among them. at quite low price. Some even come with battery backup feature that makes them extra exceptional. both for men and women. These actors are really popular among girls owing to their clean shaven looks that make them go weak on their knees. Hairs are dead outgrowths that come out of our skin and provide us the warmth and protection from all kinds of outside dangers by the name of dust. These days electric shavers are available in all price ranges.Customer insight-personal care Shaving industry In this world both men and women don¶t have time to dedicate to their looks.

and that¶s why I think we¶ve been so successful. In 1939. ³Over the last six decades. Philips Shavers have always been a driver for category growth. To have reached this milestone cements the fact that we are bringing products to market which consistently meet our consumers¶ needs. this is not an offensive statement at all. We are focused on developing shavers that are designed to suit the places they are sold. CEO of Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care. the Philips Shavers business in Europe and Asia increased NDIM Page 38 . And this perception has helped in popularizing the electric shavers and epilators. year after year. In 1959.the electric shaver with rotary action. we want them to think of Philips first.99. trends.Customer insight-personal care Women are accepted as hair free creatures in the society. Producing a shaving range to keep consumers interested Producing a shaver range to excite consumers and trade partners is key to the success of the business. to the world. We are also constantly addressing innovation in the shaver itself. Philips has consistently set new standards in the shaving category. From a company with such high standards in product development. it is no surprise that Philips Shavers have gone from strength to strength over the last 68 years. television. To have sold this many shavers in our 68 year history shows us we¶re on the right track´. Nico Engelsman. We produce shavers that reflect local tastes. but a bitter truth.´ Philips technology has been advancing and simplifying people¶s lives since 1891. µThe Cigar¶. revolutionary new technologies such as floating shaving heads were introduced and in 1978 the world¶s first mains and rechargeable shaver was launched. taking regional differences into account. to keep up with the explosion in consumer demand. lighting. Philips pioneered major breakthroughs in medical imaging. Philips launched its first electric shaver. Men were invited to experience the latest in technological wizardry .´ The current most popular selling Philips shaver is the HQ 8140 model retailing at USD 89. ³If someone is going to buy an electric shaver. PHILIPS. as well as being the inventors of rotary shaving. Andrea Ragnetti concluded. we have addressed the changing needs of our consumer. ³We are the market leader in the electric shaver category. and Chief Marketing Officer of Royal Philips Electronics commented.GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN ELECTRIC SHAVERS Andrea Ragnetti. In 2006.99 or Euro 129. Business Manager Shaving and Senior Vice President Philips DAP said. bathrooms and shaving habits.

³By presenting the market with something innovative. According to Nico Engelsman. Philips Shavers market share increased by more than 2%* since the introduction in 2005 of two shaver ranges . with 17% comparable growth in the first quarter earnings for 2007.Customer insight-personal care between 4% and 11% in value.SmartTouch-XL and Speed-XL. NDIM Page 39 .´ DAP demonstrated its value to Philips. We are looking to translate global trends into products in the very near future. Looking into the future In order to consistently attract new customers. A major reason for this growth is that an innovative product stimulates market development. Philips creates shavers that break away from our competitors in terms of performance and design. you¶ll be able to attract new consumers. Though the market is highly competitive. In 2006 Philips Shavers designed a shaving range with the AT&T Williams Formula One engineering and design team which was sold in more than 20 key markets around the world. Philips Shavers remain an important part of the DAP business. representing approximately 45% of DAP¶s sales. while in North America Philips Shavers grew its business by more than 10%.

Customer insight-personal care PLAYERS IN SPACE Hair carey y y y y Cornair Babybliss Remington Princess Panasonic Shaving and groomingy y y y y P&G Braun Remington Gillette Panasonic NDIM Page 40 .

for personal care products and hair care products BABYBLISS BaByliss. France. for hair care products Scünci. vanity boxes. The company also provides online advices. for hair accessories including the Scrunchie (purchased March 21. personal care products. It has owned Cuisinart since 1989 and Waring Products since 1998. operates as a subsidiary of Conair Corporation. and facial saunas. tips. NDIM Page 41 . and hair and beauty accessories. as well as electric hair curling irons. As of 1995. Grand Finale. for electric toothbrushes and water jets Conair and Jheri Redding.Customer insight-personal care CORNAIR Conair Corporation is a United States corporation which sells appliances. Canada. and individual diagnostic services. for hair coloring BaByliss (in the UK. waxers. ConairPro. 2005) Jheri Redding.A. and health and beauty products for both professionals and consumers. Its brands include:        Conair. S. S. It sells its products in the European market. for hair salon products Rusk. It offers hair brushes. BaByliss. The company is based in Montrouge. Germany and France). manufactures and markets personal care appliances.A. It was founded in 1959 and has since expanded to include ten product divisions. for personal care products Interplak.

PANASONIC Apart from Home Appliances the company provides service for other Panasonic products. Ladies Shavers. cosmetic and personal trimmers for women. hair dryers. Remington products are sold through mass merchandisers. which are as mentioned below: Personal & Healthcare y y y y y y y y y Beauty Care Items Ionity Hair Dryer. haircut kits. Remington products include: electric rotary and foil shavers for men. beard and moustache trimmers for men. electric foil shavers for women. curling irons. Ionity Hair Straightener Cum Curler. drug store chains and department stores. Facial Hair Trimmer. catalog showrooms. From rotary and foil shavers to grooming and personal care products. Ionity Hair Straightener.Customer insight-personal care REMINGTON Remington products stand for quality. and straighteners. Epilators. Eyelash Curler Pore Cleaner Page 42 NDIM . Hair Dryers (Silent Model) Hair Stylers Electronic Comb Women Grooming y y y y Manicure System. innovation and performance. Remington offers many options for today¶s active men and women.

BRAUN From 1984 until 2005. toasters. which acquired Gillette in 2005. Braun was a wholly owned subsidiary of The Gillette Company. Hair Trimmer & Nose Trimmer. Travel Shavers. coffee grinders. juicers) Irons Clocks and Calculators NDIM Page 43 . blood pressure monitors) Food and Drink (coffee makers. hair trimming. Braun's products include the following categories:        Shaving and Grooming (electric shaving. which had purchased a controlling interest in the company in 1967.Customer insight-personal care Men's Grooming y y y Men¶s Shavers (Rechargeable). blenders. Braun is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. beard trimming) Oral Care (now under the Oral-B brand) Beauty Care (hair care and epilators) Health and Wellness (ear thermometers.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± V INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT NDIM Page 44 .

Customer insight-personal care OBJEC TIVES OF THE PROJECT ASSIGNED- 1. NDIM Page 45 . 4. To understand the level of awareness of the Philips personal care products. 2. To understand the customer preferences for the personal care products. To identify the places for selling the personal care products. To estimate the potential market size for the personal care products. 3.

Delhi University was chosen because the company wants to target the youth as they are going to be the potential buyers of these products. Customer insight would include their level of awareness.Customer insight-personal care JOB ASSIGNED- To make a survey in Delhi University in order to understand the customer insight about the Philips personal care products. preferred features and price ranges for hair care. their preference of places where they want to buy these products. NDIM Page 46 . shavers and epilators.

Customer insight-personal care STAGES OF THE PROJECT To understand the objectives of the project assigned To study secondary data from different sources To prepare a structured questionnaire for primary data To get the questionnaires filled by the potential customers To analyze the collected primary data To interpret the primary as well as secondary data To arrive at a conclusion PowerPoint presentation Report preparation NDIM Page 47 .

y A study has been done about the company. After all the questionnaires were filled. who are ought to be the potential customers. NDIM Page 48 . Report was prepared and submitted. the electronic personal care industry. Went to Delhi University to get the questionnaires filled by the students. Pie charts were made. PowerPoint presentation was prepared and presented in front of the company executives. y A structured closed ended questionnaire was prepared and got it approved by y y y y y the industry mentor.Customer insight-personal care DETAILS OF THE WORK DONE y Understanding and jotting down the main objectives after being briefed by the mentor. Conclusion was driven out of the analyzed data. and about the demand and customer requirements. the data to be analyzed was put up on excel sheet.

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Customer insight-personal care


For the purpose of the project, information is collected through both primary and secondary sources. Source of primary data are the potential customers. Research methodology used is questionnaires, which are used to collect information from them. Questionnaires are directly filled by the respondents in person. For this purpose structured questionnaires are used with closed ended questions. The primary data for the study are collected through a market research done on a large population of Delhi University. Delhi University is chosen because it somehow represents the youth of NCR. For carrying out the survey a sample of 145 students were chosen randomly within the age group of 16 to 23 years. The questions in the questionnaire are framed keeping in mind the objectives of the project research. The secondary data are collected through textbooks, internet and various journals and magazines etc.


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Customer insight-personal care


Some of the major constraints faced during the execution of the project arey Delhi University was on vacation during the project period, freshers who had come to fill up admission forms were asked to fill the questionnaires. y While filling the questionnaires, people were very reluctant. I had to convince them saying that the questionnaire is very short and will take only 2 minutes. y It is difficult to understand if the respondents are providing genuine information or not. y Any survey itself has many limitations. People might not be willing to give right information; they might not take the questionnaire seriously and fill up wrong information; buyers might not be sure of the future; buyers might not be able to follow their original intentions.


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No Need to Feel Self-Conscious About Your Stash of Products Men may try to act casual when it comes to personal upkeep but the truth is nearly two out of three of the men surveyed not only own a variety of grooming products. about 98% of these product savvy men have no qualms about strolling into a store to buy a grooming related product.´ which I am sure you have heard of by now. He is masculine. about 70% of the men surveyed say a great hair style goes hand in hand with white teeth as the top two most important facial features. Now that¶s what I like to hear!! The Two Easiest and Most Important Things a Guy Can Do While women may focus their beauty efforts on makeup. but use them consistently. More than 600 men were surveyed and the results showed that men value their personal style and appearance without sacrificing their masculinity. I came across a recent study conducted by Kelton Research and sponsored by Procter and Gamble that reinforces this fact. More interestingly. the new man of style is called the ³uber sexual. And both of these grooming must dos take little effort and have a huge impact. stylish and embraces grooming (thankfully). The new ³uber sexual´ male exudes confidence and leadership.Customer insight-personal care FINDINGS SECONDARY DATA- New Survey Shows that there is No Need to Feel Self-Conscious about Grooming Evolving from the ³metro sexual´ craze. NDIM Page 52 .

the majority of men. On top of this 38 per cent claim to use only the bare minimum of products. For many men. the industry has been predicting strong growth for men's grooming products. This suggests that. In fact. "For more than a decade. the report says that 43 per cent of men are far more likely to be part of the 'Retrosexual' movement. According to the Mintel report finds that British men are continuing to subscribe to the age old adage that 'less is more'. senior market analyst at Mintel." Grooming is for cleanliness and hygiene On the whole. 'it works' rather than 'because you're worth it' is likely to hit the right emotional buttons. opting instead for the bare minimum of products and a basic routine. when it comes to personal grooming. Study says that. based on the premise that men are taking greater care over their personal appearance." said James McCoy." said James McCoy. so fitting the much publicised 'Metrosexual' bill. men seem very unconcerned about being overly hairy. NDIM Page 53 . men are more likely to opt for more practical and functional products rather than products for the sake of pampering. view their grooming routine merely as a way of maintaining good personal hygiene and 42 per cent simply want to feel fresh and clean. Just 16 per cent say that they are concerned about bushy eyebrows or excessive nose and ear hair and a mere 4 per cent worry about excessive body hair . some 53 per cent. just one in five or 19 per cent of men are enthusiastic about toiletries and use these products to improve their appearance. Simon Pitman reports. speed is clearly of the essence as 55 per cent of those questioned said they spend under 15 minutes in the bathroom showering and grooming.suggesting that targeting male hair removal products would be a very small market indeed. "Maintaining good personal hygiene and feeling fresh and clean are the two central planks of men's grooming routine. turning their backs on the plethora of men's toiletries. for men. "The reality is that the significant £685 million market has grown by a more modest 20 per cent over the past five years. as men are only tentatively embracing a wider range of products formerly associated with women. In contrast to women.Customer insight-personal care Contrary to many reports that men's grooming is a major boom sector a recent report indicates that British men are more interested in keeping the contents of their bathroom cabinets down to a minimum. Today. with a 27 per cent nipping in and out in under 10 minutes.

NDIM Page 54 . designed to keep costs and fuss down to a minimum. If the Mintel report findings are correct then product launches of this kind could well prove to be the way forward. Younger men are most likely to dislike shaving. with 20 per cent unenthusiastically reaching for the clippers. At the end of last year the easy group launched a range of 'minimalist' style men¶s toiletries.Customer insight-personal care Too much like hard work Shaving comes out on top. as the activity that men are most likely to find a chore. Men find shaving more of a chore than any other part of their grooming routine. more dandified era whereby men have the potential to spend as much on cosmetic and personal care products is still a long way from becoming a reality. the report's findings are set to be given careful consideration. Although the age of the 'Metro sexual' has been proclaimed with great fanfare. this latest Mintel report has reason to suggest that a new. And with the UK often acting as a testing ground for many of the leading cosmetic companies in Europe. with some 40 per cent feeling this way. probably because they are starting to incorporate daily shaving into their routine. as it can be time-consuming and leave skin feeling sore and dry. The next most boring activity is trimming nails.

Customer insight-personal care Indian women-beauty conscious The lust for leading a better life and the opportunities provided by money and exposure to the media worldwide have together opened the possibilities for the Indian women to adopt a life style which includes money. assertive presence in family and career matters and knowledge about the world at large which is quaint as it is wonderful. now in a flux of economic and cultural change. eating out. watching celebrity life styles. A recent trend amongst women. NDIM Page 55 . Even middle class families. Several reasons have been forwarded by the social scientists for this kind of consciousness towards life style in general and fashion in particular. personality grooming to improve one's career or life style. The rising income leads amongst the middle class in the most important reason. individual freedom to everyone. follow the examples of the rich in marriage and other celebrations. Her attitudes change have affected India's culture to the extent that she has a major say in whom she will marry. fame and beauty as far as possible. alternatives are found in kitty parties and card parties where they vie with each other or create better and more superior food items and to get social prominence within the group to which they belong. Just as men go to a bar today to relax and shed away stress and fatigue of the day long work. Similarly to competition for beauty is much more visible at family functions like wedding. glamour. seeing TV serial and films on cable networks or videos. The craze to look beautiful amongst women with no consideration for the inner beauty has become tradition and beauty parlors have been mushrooming throughout the country. shopping and indulging in celebrity gossip. women go to beauty parlors or kitty parties to forget their family and career tensions. While it may not be possible for a large majority of Indian women as yet to get together at clubs or bars. Thousands of rupees could be neatly spent in grooming the bride and other members The Indian women has suddenly stumbled upon concepts of high level materialism. festivals and major parties. having fun and enjoyment through travel. unfortunately with its dysfunctional consequents in an over emphasis on physical grooming and slimming to the extent of torturing oneself just for the sake of misplace notions of beauty imported from the West.

And 5% people have their family income above 10 lakhs.e.Customer insight-personal care PRIMARY DATA ANALYSIS Analysis of dataThe questionnaire once filled were fed into an excel sheet for the purpose of tabulation. Each and every question is analyzed one by one below- ANNUAL INCOME ABOVE 10 LAKHS 5% 5-10 LAKHS 20% 1-5 LAKHS 5-10 LAKHS ABOVE 10 LAKHS 1-5 LAKHS 75% InferenceThe above pie chart shows the annual family income of the consumers interviewed. The fact has to be noted that the sample contains only students who do not have their own income. 20% have their family income within 5-10 lakhs. NDIM Page 56 . With the help of several graphical representations the data is analyzed for finding out the answers to the questions asked in the objectives. A large part of the population i. 75% people have their family income within 1 to 5 lakhs. therefore we have asked for their family income.

Customer insight-personal care LEVEL OF AWARENESS NO 30% YES 70% YES NO InferenceMaximum people i. This shows that the level of awareness is quite well. 70% of the sample size said that they have seen or heard about the Philips personal care products. NDIM Page 57 . While 30% haven¶t seen them.e.

15% in others shops or at their friend¶s place. 50% people said that they have seen them in shopping malls. 18% said that they have seen them in Shoppers Stop. 17% in Croma. NDIM Page 58 .Customer insight-personal care PLACES WHERE PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THESE PRODUCTS OTHERS 15% CROMA 17% CROMA SHOPPERS STOP SHOPPERS STOP 18% MALLS OTHERS MALLS 50% InferenceOut of the people who are aware of these products.

Customer insight-personal care PREFERED PRICE RANGE (HAIR DRYERS) 2000-2500 18% 600-1000 600-1000 48% 1000-1500 34% 1000-1500 2000-2500 InferenceSince the sample consists of students. NDIM Page 59 . In case of hair dryers 48% people said that they would prefer to buy within the range of 600-1000 INR. it is quite obvious to find that the preferred price range is the lowest range. while 34% people want to buy them in the range of 1000-1500 INR. and about 18% people want to buy in the range of 2000-2500 INR.

34% would prefer the next lowest range of 4000 INR and the rest 18% people would prefer the range of 5000 INR.Customer insight-personal care PREFERED PRICE RANGE ( EPILATORS ) RS5000 18% RS2000 RS2000 48% RS4000 34% RS4000 RS5000 InferenceA similarity has been noticed in the preference of the price range in case of epilators. NDIM Page 60 . 48% people would prefer the lowest price range of 2000 INR.

Customer insight-personal care PREFERED PRICE RANGE (ELECTRONIC SHAVERS) 5500-8000 8% 3500-5500 7% 800-1500 2500-3500 13% 800-1500 44% 1500-2500 2500-3500 3500-5500 5500-8000 1500-2500 28% InferenceIn the case of electronic shavers most of the people i. 13% people preferred the price range of 2500-5500 INR. 7% preferred 3500-5500 INR and 8% people preferred 5500-8000 INR. NDIM Page 61 .e. About 28% people preferred the second lowest price range of 1500-2500 INR. 44% people preferred the lowest price range of 800-1500 INR.

In case of epilators and shavers 15% people have preferred that it should be usable under water. NDIM Page 62 . 18% preferred electricity operated and 5% people preferred both battery and electricity operated.Customer insight-personal care PREFERED FEATURES IN VARIOUS CATEGORIES USAGE UNDER WATER 15% BOTH BATTERY & ELECTRICITY OPERATED 5% LIGHT WEIGHT BATTERY OPERATED ELECTRICITY OPERATED 18% LIGHT WEIGHT 35% ELECTRICITY OPERATED USAGE UNDER WATER BATTERY OPERATED 27% BOTH BATTERY & ELECTRICITY OPERATED InferenceMost preferred feature is light weight constituting 35% of the people. 27% people preferred battery operated.

20% have heard about epilators and shavers from Braun.Customer insight-personal care COMPETITORS OTHERS 14% NO IDEA BRAUN P&G OR GILLETTE OTHERS NO IDEA 40% P&G OR GILLETTE 26% BRAUN 20% InferenceWhen we asked them about our competitor¶s products most of the people. NDIM Page 63 . While 14% people have seen some of the local or China made products. about 40% said that they have no idea that which other companies have these kind of products. 26% people said that they have heard about Procter and gamble¶s shavers.

No No No NDIM Page 64 .shavers. Have you used any of them? Yes 4. Have you heard about the personal care products by Philips. and hair dryers? Yes 2. epilators. Where would you like to buy them? Malls Electronic shops Cosmetic shops Beauty saloons Others «««««««««.««««««««««««««««««« «««««please specify 3.Customer insight-personal care PHILIPS ELECTRONICS 1.. curlers. Where have you seen them? Croma Shoppers stop Malls Others«««««««. please specify. Would u like to use them? Yes 5..

please specify NDIM Page 65 ..5 lac 5 lac . Which price range would you like to buy them? Hair dryers600 ± 1000 1000.Customer insight-personal care 6. Which features would you like in them? Light weight battery operated electricity operated usable under water others «««««««««««.1500 2000-2500 Epilators2000 4000 5000 Shavers800-1500 1500-2500 2500-3500 3500-5500 5500-8000 7.10 lac 10 lac ± 20 lac 20 lac & above 8. What is your annual family income? 1 lac.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± VII CONCLUSION NDIM Page 66 .

NDIM Page 67 . There are both time and money constraints. It was also seen that the most preferred price range is the lowest range and the places they wanted to buy are malls and electronic shops for boys. beauty salons. But we can definitely spend on these products to groom ourselves for a new and fresh look daily. there is huge scope for our products as Philips is a big brand name. It is also relevant form the study that as most of the people are unaware of our other competitors.Customer insight-personal care CONCLUSION From the findings of this survey we can say that there is a huge market out there for these products. and malls for girls. we cannot go to parlors and saloons every time. In our busy schedule and the urge to look good every day. and cosmetic shops. The youth of today are willing to buy them not because these products are mere luxury but because they are more of necessity nowadays.

Customer insight-personal care CHAPTER ± VIII SUGGETIONS AND RECOMENDATIONS NDIM Page 68 .

twitter. 3. Finding a market in small towns Mall and multiplex culture has caught the imagination of the country¶s smaller cities like Kanpur. Varodara. booking movie tickets. Web sites like Ebay are becoming popular among the masses as they have even started advertising on the television.Customer insight-personal care SUGGETIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Some of the things which could be considered1. orkut etc. which in turn has been powered by increasing purchasing power of India¶s middle-class population. Advertising through networking sites Nowadays the youth is always connected through the networking sites. today has as many as 200 malls spread across large and small cities. booking train and flight tickets online than why not shopping? Everything is just a click away and it¶s much easier too. They always keep checking their updates through their mobile phones. E-shopping The notion that Indian shoppers are not satisfied till they touch and feel the product before buying is changing rapidly. Agra. When people have started making different payments. Indore. we should definitely advertise these products through the popular social networking sites like facebook. NDIM Page 69 . The rest 55 million resides in small towns and villages. 2. Surat etc. of which 40% will be in smaller cities. So if we are targeting the youth. Another 700 are expected to come up soon. India. Indian middle-class consists of about 85 million households out of which only 25 million live in metros. And their purchasing power is increasing with increase in education and industrialization. But they have comparatively less options to spend their money. Ahmedabad.

This will also promote both the products. Discount for µHer¶ & µHim¶ A unique discount scheme for couples could be introduced saying discount for ³her and him´. More of hair and beauty products should be placed in cosmetic shops and beauty salons as girls prefer to buy in these places. Philips can give discount on shavers and epilators if they are bought together.Customer insight-personal care 4. NDIM Page 70 . More of shaving and grooming products should be placed in electronic shops and malls as more of boys prefer to buy in these places. 5. 6.

Ninth Edition.wikipedia. may 2010. Market Research. Malhotra . volume 40.cosmeticsdesign.html y http://mensfashion.braun NDIM Page 71 . Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy. y www. y Indian journal of marketing. y Marketing Mastermind by ICFAI.linkedin.rajputbrotherhood. Pearson Education Limited y Naresh y http://www.htm y y 5th y may number-5.html y y Thirteenth Edition. Pearson Education Limited y Wheelen & Hunger. Marketing Management ± A South Asian Perspective.Customer insight-personal care REFERENCES y Philip Kotler.html y http://www.about.

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