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3875565 Study English

3875565 Study English

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Published by: mohamedbch on Sep 09, 2010
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Princess Amelia of Silvania is on a skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado. Princess Amelia employs three
security guards. They're outside her hotel now. They're talking to a photographer. The Princess
has a lot of problems with photographers!

Guard: OK. Don't move! What's your name, bud?
Justin: Hanson. Justin Hanson. I work for The National Questioner.
Guard: Right! You were here yesterday.
Justin: No, I wasn't.
Guard: Yes, you were. You were here yesterday afternoon.
Justin: I wasn't! I was in Denver yesterday.
Guard: Yeah? What about Saturday? Where were you on Saturday?
Justin: Uh… what time?
Guard: Two o'clock. Where were you at two o'clock?
Justin: Uh, I was here, on the ski slope.
Guard: Right! And where were you on January 12th?
Justin: I can't remember.
Guard: It was a Wednesday.
Justin: Oh, really? No, I can't remember.
Guard: I can. You were in New York. Outside Princess Amelia's hotel. And where were you at
seven o'clock this evening?
Justin: I'm not answering any more questions.
Guard: Yes, you are, bud. You were outside the swimming pool. With your camera. And the
Princess was in the pool.
Justin: OK. But there wasn't any film in my camera.
Guard: Yeah, right. OK, open your camera!

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