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Air Intelligence Report, V1N16

Air Intelligence Report, V1N16

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Articles related to air raids on Japan. Source: Curtis LeMay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Articles related to air raids on Japan. Source: Curtis LeMay Papers, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

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.' ';. ." .

> ,
..' ,.
2.3 June 1945
Throe Targets In One Day
Strike Photo Alchl Plants
Strike Photo Hitachi Company
Six lJ1Ssions A!5alnst Aircraft
8-29 Does Air-tO-Air Bombins
Jep Waters JUnod
P-51 Escort over Yokoha.ma
.!!1M rmLLIOEl!:E
Jet Black Paint EtfecUve q;al113t SlL
VII Fighter COr.llll&nd nak f.:I:perlenee

14 Deys Alone In II L1te Ratt
SPfXiIAL B2f!lI2.
Life In II Jap Prllon Camp
• ,

It 1s 1ntended that thiS weekly re*
port be a source ot 1n!'orlmllt1on for c,",_
bet crews aml staff Off1CV5 "ho have e.
leg1tlr.late 1nterest 1n the operations of
the XXI Bomber COl:llllend. ··'1th1n thou
1l.m1ts 1t should rece1ve the w1tlest pos_
s1ble c1rculllt1on perllllsslble under the
provls1ollS of AR :'ISO_5.
In order that e ClIlJ:1.al1ll or 1ntell1_
lenee I:I8Y be 1ncluded, the report 1s
11ven an overall classlt1cattoll ot Sec_
rat. ihen the nature of the llIatlrlal
warrants, lncllvldual articles hnve re*
cllved a 1aIrer security claSSif1cation.
The report 15 so llSselllbled thot the
cOlllponent sections lillY be removed and
c1rculated or fUed separetely. It P01'-
tlons are reprocluclld, seeur1ty regula-
tlO1lS lIU.'It be observed and the Sou.rCII
Correspondence regard Ina this pub-
l1cetlon should be addressed to the Com-
lIItlncl1ll11 General, XXI DOlllber COllll:land.
:OPO 234. c/o Post!ll8ster, San Francisco,
California. of S. 1.-2.

C010M1, G.B.C.
Ae or S, ...-2
AUTH: C.G. XXI B.C. Initials
OATI 23 June 1945 :r;--
Rtp,0il0Qcl by 351h PTU
tI pulled a bit
i I ranle.dazzle maneuver on 9
:- departing trom its systematic
ot Japanese cities to
III to".!'" separate pin-point tar-
"Qll tile saoe day. The opera-
t1II.., at:ed at the Empire'S de-
::w.:e aircraft industry I which
'* additional beat1ns as a re-
"Io!' tile dey'S work.
!fO dngs participated -- the
tile 313th. Reports of the
dIlloas &l'e as follOlrS:
stith iUng dispatched 48 air-
ftll tp.lnst the Ka1l'80ishi Air_
l'iaruo Plant (Target
Ill. itt r.awan1.shi Company ranks
• ttl foremost manufacturer of
1If1&neJ Of all types and produces
axclus1vely. Target 18
aldast and principal Kawan_
:; It 1s prbarlly impor_
f-.r tile prOduction or the new
t· '1DIle-eng1ne carrier_based
'It 2: Gtorga, the seaplaD.e tigh-
D.. and the reeonnalssance
lIol'lll. me ne. land-based
II or fighter, the Jillpu, may
at the plant's
'- Shops. PcrH in1'orma_
that engines anc1
'Ul.latrts.rr1rere produced here as
t'1' or the 8..299 bombed
OIl! an avel'age alti_
tude or 19 600
feet I 36 visubly
and su by raw.
They 263
tons. One aircraft
dropped sLx tons
on the Aichl A1.l'_
craft at At.
suta. Air oppo.
sition was lllooer.
ate to str008 with 25 ElA making 45
to 50 attacks. agatnst the
enemy were three destroyed, five
probably destroyed and 10 d&al&!ed.
Antiaircraft fire was !!leagel' to
moaerate and generally lnaccurate.
There were no losses. Thirteen of
the 8_29s sustained battle duage.
Results of the bca.blnll; were b_
cellent. The plant was alzlost coc:.
pletely destroyed, 78 percent or
the root area being knocked out.
In a second portion ot the three.
pro08 effort on 9 June, the 313th
Wing dispatched 26 aircratt aaainst
the Ka....S$k1 A1reratt Company 'I
Akashi Plant (Target 1547). Redar
bombing was necessary at the target
and only minor dalll8ge was caUJed to
the plant.
All aircraft were loaded wi tb
the 4.000-pound 11&ht cue bOlllb.
This.s the tirst time that th1J
Command has used thil bll one. It
was bel1end that the blUt ertect
from mar misses "ould >:
structural ...... to: r!'r"";" .1'
Twent,. tour or ttle B-1'" 1I'--r2
or thell 00 the tu'SlIt ar" ca an
averase or 17,300 teet. TWO dropped
six on Kecbi lut1llld·
No eae.y appall tlOft u:J DO tlak
were eDCOW1teNd altbOQlb- 1III'I'tP
ballooDII ..... rep.ted. !bert'"
no _ IISI
TARGET 1476: Above, the Hitachi E1l81n-
eerlnp; Company, D1gan PlaDt, betore it
W8S hit b7 the 73rd Win,; on 10 .rune. Be..
low, it take8 • ,evere be8tW. The rl-
sUltt> were _..allent.- (contidential)

. ..... \
.. '
.,. ". -\."

0" •
"" 313TH "'II1G .103:: lhe 313th Wtn.!'; dtdn't
leave much of Targets 198 and 2010 on 9
JUIle. (Story on Page 6.) Heavy struct-
ural dlll:l8ge caused l¥ the 4,OOO-pound
bonbs used. (COnf1ilent1al)

This Company 1s credited with on-
ly & small percentage of the total A bonus target, the bIts
Japanese production of combat air- Light Metal Manufaeturing
craft ena1nes, with an est1mated Nagoya (Target 2040) alJo -
capacity of 175_2QO engines & month. heavily damaged as 8 result
The target was selected because the sion 193. (secret)'
Orl 10 JUne six more were and eight by radar.
launched against separate aircraft 129 tons of bombs trt:.
lndcstry targets 1n Japan. These altitude of 17,400 .. _
as "ere the ones on the previous strike photographS baorU U'-
day, were aimed at destroytng the obtained. The trtng r:. rt"
last ot the older, large-seale pro_ fires observed arter nd the
duclng plants Bnd ,everal of the matiOD had dropped ablU,nd W"
smaller un1 ts to Which production of the mission are n4 aacb1JO
been or could be dispersed. All excellent. Sh1moda a twO
our operating 'll'ings participated ma 'll'ere attacked by
• which dropped 11 toD!· -II<
MISSION 195 eWold .,
Pour aircratt r __
58th had 29 aircraft Fifty eneIII)' rI tI
: J against the NakaJilll& Air_ and 25 unaggre
: clary at Omiya. The pri- the B_29S, lIJhich e oytd po fWl
50 23 of enemy
Sea;lla Ba e sUlDigaura damaged. 0
ne se, 15 bombinl!: visually were damaged by D-

MISSION 19;::'
Tte 313th Wing also dispatched
44 aircraft agaic.st the Aichi Air-
craft \Yorks, Atsuta Plant (Target
198) and the adjoining Aichi Air-
craft Engine works, Nagoya Plant
(Tar,et 2010).
The older and larger portion of
thiS combinatiOn target is 198 and
the lIe'll'er is 2010. The exact na-
ture ot the products mamJtactured
by is unknown. Originally the
Company lllal1lfactured watches
and precision instruments. PCJ,V re-
ports indicate that it now produces
aircratt and precision instruments,
minel, torpedoes and other pre-
ciSian ordnance equipment and pos-
5ibl1 airframe components and en-
gine parts.
[t has been defiDi tely estab-
that Target 2010 produces
engines and that the bulk
of to'le Aichi Aircraft Company-, en-
gine manufacture takes place here.
The !ngine produced is the. 1,200 hI'
12-eyl1ndsr Atsuta in-11ne engine
used in the navy dive bomber Judy
and in the new single.engine bomber
-. ._-......... conceiit
engine prOduction in t'1l.1;e all
few plants aM the Il.
any one en.g1ne Worq
immediate Bnd Prolotl.ged
the Jap Air Force. ttteel.l \
Forty one a1.rcrart d
tons on the two targets
of 121 4 ,OOO·POUnders
pounders, frCID an avera8t
of 19,000 feet .. IIq
One dropped three
Halll8l:latsu, the primary
and one dropped three ..
and one 2,OOO-pound bCllbs
0pposi tion W8:!! mOderate, 11th.
enemy aircraft making 2'l
The B-29s encountered a
and fairly accurate tlak b&."l''tI
and some predicted concantrauer"
There were no losses.
Reconnaissance shows batll l:I
plants heavily d8.lllaged IS • test\
ot the miss ion. Target 198 IU II
percent destroyed or damage4 (0=::
two buUdings sho'll' no dam&iel. !to
get 2010 was 53 percent 4uap!.
destroyed,with every maja: 1m11tt
affected. Total damage ta iIIttll
this target is 65 percent.
Il1'stll rl

of the 58tb
tl't1 against the Jap-
r; .ere aU' 0 at Tom10ka (Tar-
Fac;orJea of the target
Jl on;ndependent plants --
tfO rar
COlIlpany Assembly
.. /arall !Sbik8WaJima Aircraft
w" .o:l t toe workS. Although
;,,:sr pla.Dts have assumed
;.I11.t!lB'JO the overall..
icture '9!nce cur attacks
Wger plants have re-
output ot both engines
aceS. Ground and other
sources iodicate that
;. plants manut'8cture the Sabe
used jn Irving and Zake
tlle JaDBD Aircratt Company is
:CrJld to be supplying airframes
III QI 11t5Ubtshi Plant at Nagoya
a! 1M ,akajima Plant at Ko1zum1.
IIll1&ted output of engines 19 200
.aoth. There is some Bvi-
Ill! that the airframe components
t!aka 1150 are manufactured here.
lMI'ty tro aircratt dropped 171
:&I OIl the target trom 21.500 teet
u'lldercast'll'as 10/10s aoo
.115110 post-strike reconnais '-
at the target. One aircraft
5.5 tons on Shimuzu.
,n ene:llY aircraft were Sighted
liIl "ere made. Flak in
r.-:;:Ite" lI'as meager and in-
'llIl!' e aircratt was d
II flak at
.... to lasses. target. There
IlIS5ION 197
1Jrd Wing dispatched 124
to attack the Nakajima
COIIpany, Llusashino Plant
:....t 35'1). 'nle target was closed
:.:.htpt 1476, the Httachi En-
Company, Raigan Plant,was
"to by 11.8 aircraft, drOPping
II lIS. BOlllbing 88s Visual, from
It Two droPPed 14 tOn3
Jo JiIM and a railroad
t't returned early.
....... ::«1:1. aircraft made 50
Ib: 4es ....
against the enemy
"'oYed, two pr aba bly
...." I$t!ut!rtt..u.y meager and tlacclU'ate.
No aircratt were lost.
Results ot this llbSiot:l l1l'e be_
lieVed to be excellent. Strike
photos shOlt' a large percent or the
target destrOYed.
T'tJenty seven aircraft of the
3l4th ·"i'1.f were etrborne agalO$t
the Hi tacbi Aircraft Company's Chiba
Plant. benty s!.x dropped 140 tons
by radar tl'an 151 700 teet. One a1r.
craft returned early. No enemy a1r_
craft were encOuntered. and only
one aircraft reported flak. There
was no damage or loss to the B.29s.
Due to the cloud cover at the
time ot the mission and the absence
of post-strike photos, the result!
of the misSion are unknown. The
Chiba Plant, Target 2145, contains
integrated airframe and enaine pro.
ductton and assembly facilities.
The four test cells imicate an eo-
gine capacity of eo to 100 enaioes
a month -- with a pOSSibllityl1' ex_
mSSION 199
'!be 3l4th IVing put up 65 aircraft
against the NakaJ1ma Aircraft Com_
pany at Ogikubu (Target 356). Due
to weather conditions seven air·
craft dropped 38 tons on this pri-
mary visual target by rad&!" from
21,000 feet. Forty four dropped
237 tons on the pri:nary radar tar-
get __ the Kasumigaura 5eaplalll!
Base __ from 22,600 feet.
Targets of opportunity attacked
by five aircraft with 21 tons were:
The Japan Vus1cal Company, Hamamat-
SUi marshalliM yards at HaJDam&tsuj
Tachikawa Air Depot and an unlalotm
target. Nine aireratt returned ar-
Twenty five enemy aircraft
aggressive and coordinated attas:;
in two to four plane elelllent!.
claims were one destroyed, nint
probably destroyed and 10 dWged.
One B_29 "II'8S lost to eMay a1rcraA
. Flak was generallY meager end inac·
'lbe resul t5 of the illUsion are
Lars OF E2iDrY
while 97 P-5ls went to the tnitial
point (Pugl Mountain) and picked up
the bomber stream.
The bOlllbers arrived at the IP In
elements of trOlll three to 12 air_
crat't, and as each ele:aent bp'ned
toward the target '&rea e tlight' ot
fighters joined up with it, tl1ing
parallel, in trail and about 2,000
feet above the bombers with
fighters north ot th.e bOllber streu,
and some south ot it. The tighters
fle" mutual support into the target
area, and then made lSOO turns and
returned to the IP to pick up more
bombers. In thts way the bClllber
stream was patrolled trOlll 1000 to
The firs t airborne eneal,)' wera
encountered in the vicinity or At-
Sugi Airfield on the.., into the
target, altheu«:h the .ajOJlity of
Interceptions cue atter ·boabl
away· wI th 8..e a1rent't tol-
10lr1D8 our fore•• a. tar at ., RP.
It IS est1mated tbat the p_!511 eDo-
countered !-to to !SO ttab
the IIl6j ority or wbieb"1't Z.....
and. the remainder toJOI. Jutl
Hups. Oscars IIIl4 G.t&'!81·
la07 ot the attackl IIIIDIt f1IIl
tifl;htel'S ..re blab astel'D. It
"u noted that the .rapaD!" lit
Dear11 '"t'l'1 bad aD
advantqe or be did DOt c!OIe. _.
of the attempted attaca 011 ..
bOlllbel"S appecoed to .... ,'
bell)' at taokS. fte Ja tII''' ..

):abtt ot
t tail gu" om
tbey all
!'J:t'J4 and.
.lfp:lll. about
t::,:sluttc I t was on 29 May,
tol p..51 fSCort. tried to hit our
till tht Ja,','on! dth nearly every
L-l.o. torma
:;-ar t1J;bter in the area.
o:r torces were escorterd
1.s1I1llll the enemy order 0
mbai'M lias been estimated at be-·
., UO aDd 150 enemy figh ters,
!It'QIllns Zekes, Tojos, Jacks ,
..;s, Ilco, Oscars and Georges,
utlt order. Zekes and Tojos
D up about 60 percent of the to-
Ibtallc ptlob' claims for tbe
I!.sIICl1 !fare (air) 26 des troyed,
l1:I probably destroyed and 23 dam_
ICed. tlla narrative of the opera_
t1::1l, frQl the Pursuit pilot-s
15 given below. Bomber
lht1 nll be interested to note
btl actual tactical situation
1111 ha:ldled as well as in the re_
l:' Of Japanese tighter tactics
1...n:J O;lr the VII righter
UUion report toll oW! :
101 ot the VII
to II were atrborne at
B-l;9s on an incen_
'1111 1ll¥1«on YOk0h8flla. Rendezvous
.s lIade at
O'Ver Kite ROCk at 0700.
275 IIUes from base
: to tvfl;et the tighters
500 teet toget beneath
teet then reCovered to
lio1Qt e time the depar...
reached. At the DP.
ltttor eSCorted the
o the rally point
FlO!ITm Esc""
For the above tb, Ita
P-5ls "ere airborne trctl jlOl'1'l'
cort to the
reported Sighting 36 01'tl'
sembly point but !lone 07tl':"
gets. No fighters were
lost. (Secret) ,
iJo Jilna. - ItJil). ,
claia3 againat the
20 aggreSsin attacQ'V'
probably destrOYell atlll "" IllIi
ed.. Flak Was Ifteager llllI. 1 .. 6Io..
No B-29s "ere lost.

.lAP WATlas -:;f(;"£J
B-29s of the 313th I'liruz: kept the hOlle
-.nlters of Japan well polluted duril'1l!i the
week, 85 drOPPing 350 2,OOO-pouod mine'
and 359 1,OOO-pounders in three
tJo B-29s were lost. (W _)
and Tojos. He caught lilt:;.
of a Tojo cOllltlll tn lut
a 12:30 high. 'nle TOjo
o in(apparently tntent OIl tllj.
o ing right into Lt.
o lap) but at the last llroll
br oke under the nose or QI
o B-29, passinll; not ll.OI'e t!lll.
o yards below. At that Ill.
o Wilemon dropped hts b*.
o Others in the tlllll1l
o tell the res t or tilt I\ll!<
o The JoJo ran smaek
o Lt. Wilemon's bcab$. Il1J IlII
!kIins up the bay on his bomb 0 was sheared ott an4
run, Lt. Wilemon was busy con- 0 down in a
centrating on his Sight, ob- if" v1 flame. (contidentW)
11v'"", or a .warm or Jac... _

Lt. was deputy lead
boobardier in the third combat
squadron of the 5Q5th Bomb
Gr)UP, made up ot planes of
th! 48200 Squadron,on the day-
mission to Kobe on 5
Cla1m to the diStinction ot
being the first to make an ef-
fective air_to_air bomRiog of
a ;ap fighter trOlll a -29 15.
being made by Lt. Walter Wile-
mon ot the 313th 7ling.
Thirty tour aircratt of the 314tb
'Hint were airborne against the Tach-
Air Arsenal (Target 2008).
belty- nine dropped 163 tons on the
target, visually and by radar, frOlil
21,)00 feet. Results are unknown.
aircraft ba::l'bed Yaizu A1rl'1eld.
.,._=+" bnkJi:,wn. r The prlllltU-, .....- .. - .• -
to completion ot the Tama sec-
tiOll ot Target 357, produced com-
plete aircraft eAAines. Since that
time the OgikubO Plant has produced
parts end is a research
unU. However, the plant could be
reconverted to ensine production.
lHSSIOIt 200
The tollowing was polnted out in
the Varch 12 issue of AAFls "Air
Operations Briefs"::
(Lete Information trOlll 20A1 1.5
thetas a result ot th1S experlJl
all B_29s in thiS thMter are to
haTe black .ew 008' rtU
be painted in the StatAls.) (....)
-It is 1mpartant that
ance units of echelons 8IIployins
Jet 11622 understand that the closer
this type ot camout'lage approaches
the appearance ot a black mirror,
the more effective it becOll8s.
This was clearly brought out during
the course of the theater tour (5th ,
7th and 13th Air P'orces) whftl'e IUny
uni ts ..ere not aware that the tlfec_
tiveness of Jetl522 depends largely
on proper maintenance.-
{ffective Searchlights
craft are difficult to tracK With the optical
fire-control instruments at the gun batteries.
A detinite influence on the effectIveness Is
the experience and ability of the eeuchl1Cht
and gun bettery crews_
!M 28th SqUad.
'I a.E9s of the
lill& ree
pe.inUid Jet
:f.:t on the
:0 d'terlliDfl tle
te:tlfellflSS of
C1l paint a-
!WIt uarch-
lij;t 1lluina-
t11.l. Initial reports o.n the test
If ttUI atreratt are very tavor-
&ta. ftle blsck-painted planes
.. fiml 01:1 both of the recent
ll1.lht strikes. Only one ot
e. II! toned by searchlights and
t1.I one wall illuminated tor ap-
one Illinute. None ot
... 8-29s W8S damaged on either
JET 1622
fllt ll4;h glOllS black paint car-
r.. tllt code l:l8IDe of JET #622. It
.. • h1(h SPecular (mlrror J re_
a.UOII and a very 'low diftuse
Ueattertd) reflection. A surtace
reflects a concentrated
the lI1l'Tar angle with a
..... or light scatter1ng
o directIons.
blaCk paint should
etfective mcon_
't "hich
00J 01' SOImd-eon_
!'Ii ,; ."",.llyl 1t
Gr.I lltt e et_
....... 8bts or guns •
it 1l1Ulll.ltlS._
, tbe black atr_ .%perlaenta!
some isolated Inata
rt':;hters tbt
side passes. In
tive action by OUr 1 at... It
turning to Illeet a P lett,
sufficed to CeUse ho..'
and to adopt defetlllhe to
ttetlel '
These detenshe. '
stated ot split-tsl1 ... 1\
t 1tUde rapidly, then
in a 51011', t1&ht tU1'n to tb:C t
USing tlaps. The el:ltl:
1zed the high aanflln'Q'tIl,. It:
his plane, turnlng
P-51s, caUSing th8111 to It
Several Toj os, when
ed up, snapped over Oil thlh
and attempted to CQlflllOWll b::
tion over the attatk1ac p!.a:t "II
were unable to exfltute thtl'"
ver successfully.
In those InstaDCU 1D
righters were forced to 1'110\
"!."ojos, they had no
leaVing them. The consldtltd
l:lent of the pilots at tc ..
fighter activity m., that tilt ..
" S I Q
aggres,t,e, but did -,'-
In ..,ery attaCk, ,--=
bad aD alt1tude adftD"" :;,A
to tlve thoWiaod t.'C, .- .pr-.
reluctant to at
- .. '"
same level. IUtua1
u1,ed by our pl10U-
'7 tor 0/
a1rcratt ott or tb' --;-.!
plane.. ID..,er1
support or ,.,
enelllJ' broke ott.


ers were much more aggressive to-
warS our ngttters durtl1& thU mU-
than on any previous mlssl
makL.b numerous coordlnated attacks
frail three to seven planes
but It ,lIS found that our mutua
suppo'" tac tlcs ••••scissorlcg••••
worked very well In cuscouraging
the enemy from closing range.
)ne tlghter group reports that
In avary case where mutual support
wa! flown the enemy broke orr at-
a: • A G
tack. Japanese evaslve tactics and
break8ways conslsted of spllt_esses
followed by dlves to mintmUlll alti-
tUdes, and slow tight turns uaing
flaps. Friendly righter pilots
tOll.Dd that their speed advantage
was usually enough to evade the
aotllly if they were hard pressed.
During the time spent in the
talget area P-Sl piletts des troyed
26, probably destroYed nine and
dacaged 23 enemy aircraft. FrieM.ly
losses over the target were two
P-5b and pilots, aM. a third pilot
pcachuted during the return to
bau but was picked up by a surface
rescue vessel. Four P-51s were
Enecy tighters attacked usually
io group. of three to tive, but on
on, occasion the attacking group
or lekss m.bered savan. Very tew
of the attack! were prassed b:r a
Utile Plane. Attaclu ..re made
trill lI1x O'clock, tor hlgh stern
Puses, In 1lI0st instances, but il'l.
missions to Nagoya. Tht.
plane had 80llle troubll
prier to take-orf and was
one ot the Late starters,
gettinll: ort about 0230. It
- was not heard ot or seen
t: again unt1l noon ot 27 Uay
when one ot the Navy Dumbos. pat_
rollin/!: the area sOIne 150 miles
south - southeast of 1.0, a
man in a raft, went down to inves.
tlgate and saw a frantically waving
survivor therein.
The Dumbo promptly sent out a
call for help tran a surface vea_
gel and vectored other Catalinas
to the scene along with a B_29 tl'0llI
Lt. Ellis' own groop, the 40th. 'lbe
letter plane was returniTIII: frOlll a
Superdumbo mission north of Iwo and
stood by as long as possible.
The call for help trom the l;avy
Dumbo wes answered by the Destroyer
Case, which was then escortiM a
convoy some 50 or 60 m11es away.
The Cese couldn't leave her station
untll aerial escort tor Iler chars:u
had arrived. but as soon as p05si-
ble she hurried over to the posi-
tion sttll marked by two circling
Dumbos at 23_245 14l-55E. and at
about 1700 & thoroughly ahaUsted
and emaciated 2nd Lt. gUll ...
carefully brought aboard trCII tbI
raft where he hid lpent tbl lilt
13. 401'.
Re had 10it 38 all bilk
was ra. and bUst""" fit!
and hiS haDds were • .
with salt water ,orel, alth" _......

+,. _i11_••
the story ot
lllU ita E Ellill. eo-
to tba Interrog
.. oN'tcars or the 58th
:: tiD.! on hts return to
,It aftlr spandll1g 14
!W ull\e at sea on a one-man llte
(Lt. Ellis I experience was
ff;'GI'tad brien.\' 10. Usue No.• 14 of
til p.lbl1catlon.)
tm"lig his period at sea Lt. El-
1I1 bad only two oranges and' about
I and a half of wa ter. mos t
otlbteh he collectad in his sall.
fact that he survivec at all 1s
1I1r!Cle and waa a result of his
ptA! common sense and a
ltroog 1111 to survive. Although
':t WJ the only member of hls crew
Ill'v l'eeoverad was also the on_
1J'lether or the cre. who was not a
Pld sIber.
R! P!1"haps this tac t which
to stUdy as much of the
-ud on surVival at sea as he
UI. btlay his hands on and to check
In equipment with ex-
is to.11 Lt. Ellis'
.. but itthan to Polnt any mor_
au tla:Ple more crews would copy
tl.lt; more people would be
• stories to their grand..
"'" 'nSSI
story s
It" ka7 wh;erts on the night or
" -8 plane on which
le°llll or ot took ott on
e two incendiary
maY-be "''''¥tl..t. OPel'
due to
The sec onl lll8.clll
1\, I
Uble rem gave I
s talla
edge or
Pilot 0 10Jti..4.
belief telld
reluctant t Japaneae : to t
ing engage h A
rather than
FLAK SUCh an tt:q •
mand aircraft I VII ri 2
Loss and d lew itt.
0.59 percentamege to l!'t:ti
dalll8ged and thrWith bra tlq,
As of 7 aa lost
sumsd the tlleh'llr .
bagan strik e or VlJl ..
home iSland:

in addition to
tbHonahu &fill
The primar e BOb1b
ers on eseor{ mlSSion ottha fl'
break up head opeuuOlU t4t*'
teet leedi -on attaeb IlId II
stream rr ..... rJ8 frelelllents ot U11 .....
t ,;_ vw ontal nd

'Rhen bombers a '161 ..
ntense flak area lid Wlrt_.
ters were not J a ell"
escort fighter:ttackillg
insofar as they ll't'a::hU:!I
ford the maxi Itm....
bombers 0 mum, proteetiOll to Ii
r • ne ighter .... loal.
okyo 00 7 April to a dirtel
eavy AA. •
On fighter s.eeps to U
land, the following arl thl.LI1lo
sons leat"ned and tecttc. QlII!:
The 10ll'..level group broke,,!10
to a three squadrOD rO,.UIlIt"
tacklng In l1oe..brl8rt"'!11
three different anal" n\ll e:-
coordination to split tbl
weapons defenses. WIle" -.JIr.
fense installatto
eXiSt. the rlank111£ tll$l" ..
desunated to preas thtlr It
against A" and 10 d.'....wi'
the central section
the _In target. ,
Heavy gullS I8Der.
problem to the talt aU'"
able fighters. Virt;-::._"
lnewrAd bfI.I ""0 IJ-- "
tremely flexIble p:t ...111
tlMed 13.2 IlIII IIfI.cb1D·
There bave beeD tIPrf4I rstt'
ot the use of j' II"
date and the
emy A" loadla&1 aPr:A-
11 less thaD ,taJIlIaJ"O'

cltAa wre 1be r8lllu.1't
' ...

.. . "
Recently the VII Fighter Commabd
bas issued two reports whIch sum-
marize the enemy antiaircraft op_
position 8Dcountered on m1Ss1oru!l or
various types. These reports are
ot particular interest to person-
nel of this Command. tar they cover
AA !Dcountered on eseor t of our
and give their reaction to
JapLnese automatic weapons.
'l'be first P-S! and P-61 sorties
trOll Iwo J1Jaa were contined to at_
tacks on the BonIn Islands chain,
1105117 Chichi J1JI&. In the month
or larch the righter COUllD&nd new
587 sortlea. Loss and damage due
to flak was 1.8 percent, with nine
alreratt damaged and two lost.
B:eavy gunfire Is rarely employed
tighter e1zoeratt. Auto-
matic ".pobS seldCli cOTIIlDlt them_
selTee abon altitudes of 4,000
teet. When. they do, the character_
lstlcs or t1re are: meager to .04_
era':;8. 1Daceurate and tl'aUiD4\:.
Low-leval attacks caule vlgoraul
reactloD, recell'e intebae and ac..-
curate fire froll autc.atlc w"POba
and 1IIfI.chlne g\lD.I. Bcnrever. there
haa been no evldence of Aft barrage
fire nor do tracers appear 1ll vol..
, .
snips they could see aheM just
before their trOUble "oulO have
ticed the flash or ttlelr explocl.lng
plane on the water. 'lbe nylon
cord on the sea anchor would not
remain tied, however, and either
during the tirst or the seCond
night it came loose and was lost.
This .,as a serio\J3 misfortune but
Ellis wisely made another anchor
out of his saU, aOO as tle later
worked his navigational problem out
he either used h19 sail as an
chor to hold him in Position or
sailed "ith it towards Iwo when the
wind was favorable •
When Ell1s hit the water be
wasn't exactly sure or just where
he was. There was s strons .1nd
blow-1tl8 !'rom the west which he knew
would force him ort course to the
east away from the regular path to
lwo. He was not sure whether he
was anywhere near Pajores and the
other upper islands d the Ilarianas,
as he hadn't had a chance to
wi th the DBvigator before jumping.
He was actually afraid that he
was in the big gap which 11es be'"
tween these islands and vtnirui-I.o,
so his maJal' objective was to stay
on the plane track to lwo and he
sal1ed or used his sea aochor, as
the wind made lt desirable, 'lhe
first day out, the wind blew t'r0lll
the west, and he used his sail as a
sea anchor. On fol101t'1M days it
shifted to the south and souttl'tJest
and "he scudded alOl:l8 'oebinl! bis
sal1, Fran start to t1nUh he saw
no s 1p:n of the other lDelDbers at his
plane crew, but be118ft1 thst it
the navigator got dOWD all right
and any" of the otherS joined up
11'1th bim, they would tr, tD pt to
PaJ ores or one of the oearby lJ-
After the secoocl da, out tbI
weather moderated a bit and b. di-
eided to eat one or bll preoi;:
oranges. B. bad aIrMd7 ,tar
l"atlol11ag hwelt OD a.. oa:
iag what be could wb..... • WU1
sQUall c_ b7 aa4 - a__
of 01117 _ •• on11AIlII" !dO
suPP17 eacb daJ. oa. tbI n,tIl •
• txtb clay be ate tbe 110- .....
the PaDIS ot bani-
lled the pierc-
inglY he jacket Just
eord on hiS ter and then
J;,alftJ hit the ..
feet thrOUAh
aboU\til filled chute
'" h19 5d and settled in-
next concern was
)lfltt ISter. nfl
, which he
l.5 rltt \mil
at the same
to do t out of hiS par
to he got his legs
j;II eshroud lines and
11\ them and theD In'''
&I:dllSOUh lost hiS chute,
II raft ",8 a111 presumably
• ,4l.51P

t still thinking clear-
t.JtID bU t h1zD.Selt settled in
If nus go art which was tos-
aD5 swells
II' _ t1nlates were about 15
itt as daylight approach-
blian to take stock ot hiS
II bid nth him the following
'lOll L'I4 aqulpalent: O"ne halt pint
ater,one water-logged sig-
•HIatt -.!lleh wes useless as -SOOD
.1\ lOt nt, a pocket knite one
:U!1;S1bla canteen,wh1ch was iater
IIlIl tor catchinp; rain water, a
ta;&lS, a dgoalm1rror, one fiSh.
l¥t1t, a Ute raft petching k1 t,
, .... aoeb.cr and a sall. For tood
'kot ..re Ju9t the two oranges
_I he had brought along in hiS
rl1ilt tu1t.
..: Illflg after he had landed he
1110 seasick, and stay_
'U, 11th the next day and a
'Ilri ba411 dry heaves wrack1Zl8
.. III _ e second day. 'lbe
orv 1 rOUgh and his raft
!l-. I2tlrl on him about three
tlJoS11t two days,
II b4 the l'llt't a his gear
So he the raft tied
..... ot none Of hi.
""'tOl'tunes "«::os 1n each at
ll. •
"' ... loss
to th1s tllle wu
...p hta ch he had pUt
in the scene ot
be..,. heatodopes that some_
"'7 bt.
lt4Oqt 011 di.treae
, Or that Just betor.
one of the two
-rhey were fl
ing, E1l1s e 110..
him, and f'rCQ -hethe llil."
to see of th t tle "'IlL
rougb, With e sea
and with the co:

equipment hav1t1A bottles IlQ
ever on pUtt1 no ert
ord.er to bail ttl1s '!bib'
than a minute g1'tll
the engine first 30 aee
this period Ellti

pilot both had slln tit
strength on apP17 th Illllli
keep the Plane strail"igbt
.ht." ....'
When the order
Ellis said that he bIU
body in the rear un OlJ.&bt!"!J-
tion balled out. ...
trom last to leave the r tbllt:i
tion, being followed
dtately by the flight e".1
the pilot. ''0 llttl Ii
Ellis says he jUlllPed t.IIr
nose wheel hatch feet
i08 the plane well. u
was out he pulled hiS r1p cit
w1 thhls own chute open1n,e: nonI1lJ:
He then fOCUsed his etteat1lu
the plane and noticed tour Nt
chutes come out of It· bon
the after section and two f1'(I"
forward section, He bel1end IflI
last of these tiro rornrd elm. I
be that of Donlon the pilot, U 1\1
plane went over 1Dto • ,wtl:Il
bank almost 'immediately thertL
as if the result ot re4UeN"
sure on the rudl!er eDd
The p18ne then started an 11;
vertical dive, .-hich ..
crash and 'brilliant _r
the surface.
Immed1ately attar
attention turned
ament, as he was hi
iDA' the surt'8ce andtJIti.
any at the other c tic' to
had. made ita prac ctll" ,.
Mae \'es t over b1Sw1JI ,0 till »
not be1ng able yelt
could inflate b t 0
hit the water
ribs inside or
Lt. Ellis tiDally came around to
the point where he could be brought
beck to his bome base and he "as
released trom the TiDian hospital
on 9 June and told his story 1n de_
taU to the ':'ling Air-sea Rescue
Board on 10 June.
P'rom the time of their take-off
on 14 Kay, the story runs as fol_
lOll'S: As soon as the plane cleared
T1n15O on its way north to the Em-
pire, Ellis .and most of the other
members ot the crew went to sleep
to ceteh up for the Job ahead. All
the enlisted members of the crew
had stoOd guard duty the n1ght be':'
tore aDd already were rather tired.
All Ellis remembers it, when they
were Just about two hours out on
COU1'fe to lwo fly1ng a headirut trom
331 to 337 degrees true at an air
speed at about lao knots, he awoke
to the sound or a runawsy propeller,
'!'he IfUmber 2 prop had gont! out on
them and despite the comb1ned et-
rortll or pllot, co-pUot aDd flight
eORheer they were unable to feath_
er the - damaged engine or get it
stopped, Ellis says it was a me. t-
ter of seconds only before that
engiu caught tire and they all
knew they wOUld have to ball out.
sulfa po"der supplied in his first
aid kit already had started these
to helling. He "as stUl too "eak
to talk and must have been a little
out or h19 bead (as who "ouldn't
be) oecause be c ouldn I t remember
the unit he had cane' trom, or Just
'll'hat ':lad happened in the preceeding
two "eekS.
They put him to bed aboard the
destroyer and started bringing him
back to life and health and then
took bim to 1"0 Jioa lfhere he was
taken to one at the hospitals and
allowed to continue his comeback.
The 9tory 19 marred at this point
by the tact that his presence on
the island "as not immediately mede
known to the Air-Sea Rescue people
and,as soon a9 he wss able to talk,
the ltiole story ot his previous ex-
perience taken down so that the
other possible survival's could be
searehed tor.

The major1ty of men
after capture by
Japanese, were taken
either to l:ew La_
:::ourts (the elty lock.
up),'or toJl1dsonCol.
lege, part of whict
was then 10 use as Jap Air ForeE
Headquarters. Some of the men, par.
ticularly those who hed beenOll.p-
tured 1n villages outside the elty,
had been interrogated before t.'!ey
reached these places and already
knew of the Jep 51ste:l of
slapping and beating prisoners 1n
order to extract informatlon. Others
were initieted into thiS ga:;e soon
after their arrival.
D.1ring the several days the oen
stayed at these places, and atter
their removal to the PO'1 cal'lp, they
were interrogated many tiMS, (A68..
tailed report OIl these lnterrOiP"
with a liSt or typi-
cal questions, rill be prioted la.
a future issue or the A.I.lt.) U
may be Doted at tfl,1I
that taw .eD were be&teD ano ..
aned w1th tbe1r 11"' at _t
,erropt10" al1ibC1l11' ..,
.ent no actual pbJI1II1
any kind_
!!o.t ot -
pleased '1ft tb • HI
of Burmese collaboration indicated
that the Japs had thee thoroughly
cowed, and the Burmese were atra1d
to do anything that would ",ntagon.
he t.hem. 'nley were deeent er.ougb.
to the men ;men the:' had a ch.!.l'Ir'o! _
but they never forgot tha.t the Jans
were there.

e rollowing re-
ort from the XX BOf!lb-
command is based
on the intel'rogatio
of 29 crew members,
officers and
men, recently libera-
ted froo a Japanese
Pr!N camp in Rangoqn.
All were fran the 40th
Group and
were part of a group
of 46 men reported
-lII1ss1ng" on 14 Decem-
ber 1944 trom a bomb-
ing 'mission to
I goon. "
-;:;,.....-- ,
HI erew members landed in or
CIlI' the c1ty of Rangoon and were
Il:ost 1mcled1ately taken into cus-
t:llly by e1ther Japanese soldiers or
Only one man, T/Sgt. E.F.
l'rtr.mer, was able to evade in:me-
tate. Cll.pture. It was 5U days be-
tel'! he was picked up by Burmese
turned over to the Japs. Crew
ll/eZ'S report that the Burmese
no hostile edvances. and in
seve them humane and con-
treatment until the Jap
but they made no
elp them evade capture.
who were picked up by
Und"llS stated that it they
1t. etected by other vll_
GUld be an easy matter to
getting beck to the
-..q ban • Since others had seen
over they had to be turn-
1l0ll1e! ta the Japanese or the
t:e 1ng thel/
reprisal action by
IIecPle 'lhVillages and klll1f\/!
• e all-over picture
n.un. USually
night. 1Ib.en h. tne)' ....
catch their e nad
would CCGle
11' pretty high by lL\
ever noticed bQt 11011It,
mirror lIbich hesJDe.lJ. t14.l Qt
whenever any p1 USfld It
thought it usel=' e", ....
dye-marker unle S '__
reasonably Cle!!:! 'l:t:.
use or his lD1rro; Tbb, P1.ll
his life. I
Atter 13 da
dr1ftlll1t. durir: ot
ered almost 225
tilt Ii •
au. l:ll,
we er and more aM l:JI! ..
W:hat was goiQA on lor, baaJ ...
ted a Catalina
three miles away trCII ti:-..
westward at abCJJt' 1500 '"
feet, he estimates. I to I..
He really Worked witt! h1
this time, and to hh
someone in the plane all h1J;:
headed over. He brob .UII
rest of his d)'"8-tlarker at 1tlI.I.
and sure enoUi;b the p1IllI ,.
over snd circled bb. It_...
ceeded to drop sollie auppl1a
and he feebly paddled ORr. II
gettiOR the open, !tile.
bo says he waved hU IrIS III t:a
tic thanks t which he rep_lid a
the 40th Group B-29 c••
Then addi tiona! Catalll1&S c"
to stand by him untll tbI.-
could arrive and CCIlplete thtrt-
'l\te story just ablT.. t 'alS:
are still 100kinR %U'
members of his cr!lf 111 HI
back in our midst aaa 'ZlIt'"
his story
ill,llj fsshion, an hiS CIIlI""
satisfaction ari1
horse sense, sc as1bl' tw",
were as much r8SPo otblt tit
final rescue 88 any
(C onfidential),
!he most heartbreeking thing or
all was to watch four complete B_29
strikes rly over him \'ithout seeinn:
bad !t that tllll8.
A')out this time he began to try
his hend at fIsh 1M. There were
two types of small fUh around, one
a slll!ll school of fIsh that stayed
under the shade of his raft, and
anotler larger kind that were about
10 t:J 12 inches long with sharp
dorSil fins whIch he s&1d they
raised when the.v were angry. Catch-
ing e1thar of the!8 types lIlS tru1t_
less by handl1ne 50' be rigged up
one of hill paddles that he had
oede frau piece or hoatltU1; dr1tt-
wood as a sort of elub and spear
all in one. ','Ilth tMs he proceeded
to obtain one of the larger types
of the fish. He took one bite ot
this, hew8Ve.r, and decided that he
would rather starve to death than
eat it, as it tasted just like
His interest In fiShing also
waned about thiS time, as SaDe
sharks started sw1mmlna: against the
underside of the ra!'t and. as Ellis
put it, cocked a hungry eye at him,
Barracuda als 0 came by. but
these seemed tolBve other interests
and never bothered bim. He gave
one shark a rap on the dorsal fin
witt one of his paddles when it
C8J:lE too close for his l1kiOR, and
for a mirute he thought the fish
was to give him a bad time
but it finally went away atter
ing Salle ugly lOOking passes at his
raft. One of his major worries was
that the sharp dorsal tins of the
smaller rtsh would puncture his
thlll rubber raft and that the story
would end right there.

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