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Published by: JimmyVielkind on Sep 09, 2010
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The SFY 2010-11 Enacted Budget is projected to reduce the total State workforce by
3,795 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) positions for a projected total of 191,997 by the end
of March 2011. The actual size of the State workforce at the end of March 2010 was

The SFY 2010-11 Enacted Budget Financial Plan increases projected General Fund
workforce savings associated with the retirement incentive (which was not in the
Executive's Proposal) as well as other workforce savings actions from $959 million to
$1.2 billion. However, much of this increase in savings is from associated
non-personal service costs. Savings associated with the retirement incentive were not
included in the Executive’s Proposed Budget Financial Plan.

DOB initially projected a reduction of 4,000 FTE employees from the retirement
incentive offered in SFY 2010-11 with initial General Fund savings estimates totaling
$97 million in SFY 2010-11 and $230 million in SFY 2011-12. To date, approximately
4,600 employees have been accepted for the incentive. However, the Financial Plan
does not provide a savings figure for the retirement incentive, but states that additional
information by agency will be provided in the Mid-Year Update to the SFY 2010-11
Enacted Financial Plan.

Absent the loss of FTEs attributable to the retirement incentive, the workforce would
grow by a net 205 FTEs during SFY 2010-11. Most of this increase is related to the
Legislature’s rejection of the Executive proposal to move 165 Department of Economic
Development employees off-budget to the Empire State Development Corporation.

While the SFY 2010-11 Enacted Budget Financial Plan includes State workforce
estimates by agency, it does not provide an allocation by agency of the impact of the
retirement incentive and other workforce actions, which will impact agency FTE levels.
This information is expected to be provided in the Mid-Year Update to the Financial


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