Mallika Srinivasan Early Life: Born on November 19, 1959 as the eldest daughter of industrialist A Sivasailam, she is the pride

of her parents. She was always brilliant in academics. She did her in MA (econometrics) from Madras University. Thereafter, she went abroad to pursue further studies. She did her MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Married to Venu Srinivasan, the CMD of TVS Motor, she is living happily with their two children. Furthur Life: In the year 1986, she planned to join the family business. She was made the General Manager of Tafe (Tractors and Farm Equipment) Company. When she took over the responsibility of furthering the economic wealth and business, the turnover of the Company was Rs 85 cr. Under the expert guidance of her father and the whole hearted support of the team, she brought about a major transformation. She converted Tafe into a hi technologyoriented company, thereby becoming the initial choice of the farmers. There was a period, when the Company had to face a tough time, however; even then, the Company invested a huge amount of over Rs 70 crore in the designing and development of product.

Important Works of Mallika Srinivasan
Tafe has become the leading tractor manufacturer in the country. The company expanded its business to other sectors such as engineering plastics, automotive batteries gears, panel instruments, farm implements and hydraulic pumps. The company also runs hospital and schools s in Chennai.Acquiring Eicher¶s manufacturing operations also gives a Tafe a presence in North India, the biggest

market for tractors. ³It allows us to respond much faster to customers,´ she says. Her Influence:
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Srinivasan says that she has moulded herself after her mentor, Aditya Birla. ³He taught me how to get the most out of assets,´ she says. Apart from Birla, Srinivasan says that her father and Amalgamations Group chairman A Sivasailam influenced her approach to the human side of the business. A salient feature of Sivasailam¶s approach was the trust and loyalty he evoked from all stakeholders in the business. A case point, Srinivasan says, is that Tafe¶s original partner in the tractors venture, Massey Ferguson, is still around after investing in the company over four decades ago. The other person of influence would be husband Venu Srinivasan, the helmsman of TVS Motor Company. Mallika and Venu Srinivasan¶s marriage in the mid-eighties was seen as a µsocial merger¶ of two of the largest groups in the South - TVS and Amalgamation.