Prepared By: Gaurav Jain, Megha Sharma & Deepak Sharma

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How Common Wealth Games 2010 Will Boom Tourism Industry? How Common Wealth Games 2010 Will Benefit Tourism Industry? What Steps Be Taken For Success of Common Wealth Games 2010?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in the month of October in New Delhi, the Capital City of India. New Delhi is one the largest cities in the world. Delhi has hosted Asian Games in 1951 and 1982. It is expected that this event will bring more boom to India tourism. It is expected that extra lakhs of tourists will visit India during this event. So this event will be surly boom to tourism industry in India. According to recent studies along with tourism; hospitality, aviation and hotel industries also will be benefited immensely during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India.

G2010 Will Boom Tourism Industr
Attraction For More Foreign Tourists To India. Attraction For More Domestic Tourists To The Capital. Attractive Tourist Schemes For Foreign Nationals. Attraction For Sportsman Around The World. Recovery In Global Economy.

How CWG2010 Will Benefit Tourism Industry? Increase In Foreign Exchange
Generation Of Employment Earning By The People Exposure Of Indian Culture Exposure Of Developments Brotherhood Relations With Other Countries. Infrastructure Benefits To The Country.


How CWG2010 Will Benefit Tourism Industry? Improvement In Transportation

What Steps Be Taken For Success of CWG2010? Govt. Of India Should Take Step To
Complete Infrastructure On Time. Hotel Industry, Aviation Industry And Apartment Building Need To More Work For Tourism Industry. Improvement Of Transportation By Introducing More DTC Low Floor Buses. Metro Need To Expand More And Fast In Delhi And NCR. More Modernization Of Airports In Various Cities Including Delhi.


What Steps Be Taken For Success of CWG2010? Active security .
Govt. should take measure for mitigation of any emergency crises during the games. Promotion of games world wide. Youth need to be more informed.

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