Abortion passage

1. The phrase is ³abort´ she replied at once.

2. She questions on the fairness of bringing up the child when he cannot understand and be aware of what is going on around him.

3. Both husband and wife conceal their feeling from one another. They both accept the reality of things that happened in their life.

4. In less than six months of getting rubella injection, she gets conceived where her doctor already advice her against it. The immunisation could increase the chance of miscarry, still birth an d unborn child with numerous birth defect. She decided to abort the baby but after testing the aborted foetus, the baby would have been normal.

5. Some parents do not consider the joy of having a child until it is too late to have one. T hey previously only think about the lifestyle changes , adjustment and sacrifices that they need to make when they have children .

6. a) accidentally met b) Chain, sequence c) Goal, plan, target, objective d) Suggest, advice, urge, propose e) Noticeably, considerably, severely, f) Dilemma, difficult situation, mess g) Vaccinate, inoculate, protection against h) Malformed i) Advance, develop, j) Desire, lure, attraction, appeal

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