The Ashkelon Foundation Operates a variety of programs, including computerizing the school system, promulgating higher education and

educational enrichment programs, establishing Jewish Learning Centers for the arts and sciences, and developing projects in the fields of medicine and preventive medicine, dental clinics, and cultural, musical and theatrical enterprises. The administration of the Foundation compromises public figures, and the Fund functions totally independently according to a list of priorities which are spelled out in the Foundation's by-laws. The Foundation works together with governmental and municipal organizations and coordinates activities with them to maximize utilization of funds. The Ashkelon Foundation maintains extensive ties with Diaspora Jewry, especially with British Jewry and the Joint Distribution Committee, and receives support and funding from the Jewish Agency. July 2009- The Strage Family donated funds to acquire new and necessary equipment for the children with special needs at the kindergarten. The Ashkelon Foundation thanked Alberta & Henry for their years of involvement and support; for more info click here.

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