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Don Bradman

Don Bradman

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New South Wales. Adelaide.cootamundra. 1948.PROFILE  Name :  Born:  Parents :  Spouse :  Known As:     Donald George Bradman 27 August 1908. Kensington Park. South Australia . against England 14th August. George And Emily Brademen Jessica Menzies Don Bradman Cricketer Right Hand Bat 1928-29. at Brisbane. against England Occupation : Batting Style: Debut: Last Match :  Autobiography : µFarewell To Cricket¶  Died: 25 February 2001. at The Oval.

New South Wales.  His schooling was at there in Bowral Intermediate High School  He was later known as the ³BOY OF BOWRAL´ even though he was not born there. his family moved to Bowral.HIS CHILDHOOD  He was born at Cootamundra.  He had one brother and three sisters.  After his first few years in Cootamundra. .  He was youngest of five children.

but was selected again for the third test match. in the second inning. he scored 79 in the first inning and his first test century. In third test match. After this test match his career started marching ahead and he was never dropped from the Australian team again. . 112. Therefore he was dropped for the next test match.HIS DEBUT His debut was not a good start: he only made 18 runs in the first inning and 1 in the second.

448 balls . July 1930 Australia¶s first innings Don Bradman: 334 1st session: 105 2nd session: 115 3rd session: 89 Reached 100: 99 minutes Reached 200: 214 minutes Reached 300: 336minutes Reached 309 not out (close day 1):352 minutes Reached 334:383 minutes.FACTS ABOUT THE 334 AT HEADINGLEY             Australia vs. England Headingley.

and in the least number of Innings (21 years. 26 twos. 318 days. 158 scoring shots. 80 singles  The first and only instance of a batsman making 300 in one day of a Test match. 13 innings)  First Australian to make two Test double centuries . 6 threes.  It is still the fastest double century in Test history .  Youngest players to reached 1000 runs in Test cricket. 46 fours. seven Tests.

.BRADMAN¶S MEMORABLE CRICKET DAYS  On December 4. Bradman led Australia onto the field as Captain. broke many records which includes        The highest number of Boundaries (49) ever hit a Shield match The most runs ever scored in boundaris The Highest first class score Highest match aggregate First New South Wales player to Score over 300 twice Youngest batsman ever to score over 400 Record third wicket partnership with Kippax for New South Wales. 1936.  On the 15th March 1949 Don Bradman became Sir Donald Bradman  His record score of 452.

he scored 211 centuries in his career including 41 double centuries.00 BEST 1-8 SR 80. 99. 8 triple Centuries and one quadruple century.CAREER STATISTICS  BATTING :M 52 Inn.0 CT 32 Overall.94 100s 29 50s 13  BOWLING & FIELDING :BALLS 160 M 3 RUNS 72 W 2 AVG. . 80 NO 10 RUNS 6996 HS 334 AVG. 36.


SELF .´ . it all seemed to Gel as far as I was Concerned«.QUOTES  SACHIN TENDULKAR: ³I asked my wife to come look at him «. To me it¶s his compactness. That was how I felt. his stroke production. and She looked at him on the Television and said yes. But I feel that this fellow is playing much the same as I used to play. there is a similarity Between the two«I can¶t explain it in Detail. His technique.now I never saw myself play.

many years. because the epitomy of the game of Cricket is a top batsman playing against great third finger leg Spinner« that¶s the best cricket you could possibly see. SHANE WARNE: ³I think he¶s the best thing that¶s happened to the game of the Cricket for many.´ .

Knighted For Services To Cricket  1979 :. . He defeated tennis champion Don Turnbull in five sets.Wisden Cricket Of The Year  1949 :.ACHIEVEMENTS  1931 :. lasting over an hour.Selected As One Of Five Wisden Cricketers Of The Century  He had won the south Australian squash championship in 1939.Appointed Commander Of The Order Of Australia  2000 :.

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