Unit 1 Review

Essay Question From these three questions, I will choose two to put on the test. From those two, you must answer one. (5 pts) 1. Compare & contrast pluralist, elite & class theory, and hyperpluralism. Then explain their applicability to American government today. 2. How was the issue of slavery addressed at the Constitutional Convention? Explain what was ‘done’ about the issue. 3. What are the advantages & disadvantages to democracy under a federal system? Be able to list and provide an explanation for each. Ch. 1 -Definitions-government, politics, etc… -Policymaking and its systems -Linkage Institutions -Theories of Government -Youth Voting -Democracy -Political Issues -Public Policy -Public Goods Ch. 2 -Vocabulary -The BIG Issues at the convention economy, slavery, political equality -Madisonian principles -Representation in Congress -General Make-up of delegates -Federalists & Anti-Federalists -Articles of Confederation & its problems Ch. 3 -Vocabulary -Systems of Government -Powers (national, state, shared) -Why Federalism? -How does the government influence state policy? -Court Cases -Cake -Money

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