Tarin Orchid

#2-D, 4 New Town House Road Eastern Avenew North Acronym tarin.orchid@gmail.com
Category of Visual Arts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Photography: Taking photos and videos on nature, people, circumstances etc. Drawing: Paper-based drawings Painting: Paper and Glass paintings. Slides: Preparing slides with Microsoft Power Point Visual arts on Adobe Photoshop

Experience 1. Editing pictures for school magazine; Institution: Viqarunnisa Noon School & College 2. Preparing slides for Dhaka Inter-school Presentation Contest 2009 using Microsoft Power Point

Award/ honor received: Prize won: Received: Name of the Contest: Topic: Contest Venue: Contest held on: A Brief Description: I am not a trained apprentice on arts- I didn t attend some workshops nor did I get train under some institution. What that developed me as a personal artist was my creative drawings with a few water colors on paper and glass; my SONY handycam to enclose natural beauty into a small memory card and finally my passion for my imaginations to get them a real visualization. I love to take videos and photos of objects, zooming out the camera, like the moon at night, the sun when it peeps in the morning; people working in the field; river and many others. So, in brief, I am an amateur, however, my works are pursuing, admirable. Third prize Certificate of Honor Dhaka Inter-school Presentation Contest 2009 Empowerment of Women Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh 6th August, 2009.

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