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The Astrology of Local Space

The Astrology of Local Space

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Published by Michael Erlewine

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Sep 10, 2010
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Here then, are some specific approaches I have
found to be most useful in examining these charts.

The following remarks represent the most useful
technique that has evolved from my research into
local space. Space here permits neither a gradual
presentation of this information nor the history of, or
sequence through which I arrived at these thoughts.
Any technique is the very essence of a much larger
experience, and every statement here should be
investigated and tested out with local space charts in

The Astrology of Local Space


Once you have mastered the mathematics (programs
that calculate local space charts are available from
Matrix Software for most popular computer brands)
involved in erecting these charts, and have laid them
out on 360 degree wheels similar to those pictured
herein, a probable series of questions you want to
investigate may arise. Let us consider some of them.

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