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Yaesu VX-120 Oprating Manual

Yaesu VX-120 Oprating Manual

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Published by Yayok S. Anggoro

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Published by: Yayok S. Anggoro on Sep 10, 2010
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This feature allows you to check the Weather Broadcast Memory Channels for the pres-

ence of the NOAA Alert Tone while operating using VFO scan or Memory channel scan.

When the Weather Alert Scan feature is engaged, the VX-120 will check the Weather

Broadcast Memory Channels for activity every five seconds while scanning. If you watch

the display carefully, you’ll observe the scanner periodically shifting to the Weather Broad-

cast bank, scanning the Weather channels quickly in search of the Alert Tone, after which

regular scanning will resume for another five seconds.

To enable the Weather Alert Scan feature:

1.Press the [F] key, then press the [LOW(LOCK)SET] key to enter the Set mode.

2.Rotate the DIAL knob to select Set Mode Item 52: WX ALT.

3.Press the [F] key momentarily to enable adjustment of this Set

Mode Item.

4.Rotate the DIAL knob so as to select “ALT. ON.”

5.When you have made your selection, press the PTT switch to

save the setting and exit to normal operation.

6.To disable the Weather Alert Scan feature, select “ALT.OFF” in

step 4 above.

1) When the Weather Alert Scan feature is engaged, the Scan-Resume mode

is fixed to “TIME.”

2) If you are just scanning the Weather Broadcast Channels, the VX-120’s

receiver will remain muted indefinitely unless the Alert Tone is received. This yields a

long period of monitoring time, as no power will be consumed via audio output while

scanning for the Alert Tone is in progress.




The VX-120 includes an “Emergency” feature which may be useful if you have someone

monitoring on the same frequency as your transceiver’s “Home” channel. See page 30 for

details on setting up the Home channel.

The “Emergency” feature is activated by pressing and holding in the [WX(EMG)] key

for one second. When this is done, (A) the radio is placed on the Home channel, (B) it

emits a loud “Alarm” sound (the volume is controlled by the VOL/PWR knob), (C) it

flashes the LCD/keypad lamp, (D) if you press the PTT switch, you will disable the Emer-

gency feature temporarily; you can then transmit on the Home channel, and (E) two sec-

onds after the PTT switch release, the Emergency feature will resume.

To disable the “Emergency” feature, press the [F] key momentarily or turn the radio off by

rotating the VOL/PWR knob fully counter-clockwise into the click-stop position.

Use this feature if you are out for a walk and want a quick way of alerting a family member

as to a dangerous situation. The alarm sound may discourage an attacker and allow you to


1) Be sure to arrange with a friend or family member to be monitoring on the

same frequency, as there will be no identification sent via the Emergency

alarm sound. And do not transmit the alarm tone except in a true emergency!

2) The “Emergency” feature may be changed to another function via Set Mode Item 21:

EMG S; see page 74 for details.

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