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Appendix H Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix
Judaism Countries of origin Judaism was originated in the Middle East close to were Christianity began. A nomaned figure by the name of abrahma that was promised by God that he would father many people. He was the first person that announced that their was only one GOD. Christianity Christianity orginated inIsreal on 33 AD. Islam Islam was originated in SAUDI ARABIA

Historical figures and events

When the son of God Jesus came to the earth to die for everyones sins.

Prophet Muhammed was revealed an angel send to him by God and from there he teached what God has revealed to him. He believed that God had send him the angel so that he may teach the ways that the angel has revealed to him. There was only one nature of God which was that he needed people to sacrify in order to be forgiven.

Central beliefs

They beileved that God had send his son so that he would die for everyone’s sins.

There was only one GOD instead of many other gods. Nature of God

That God was the creator of the heavens and the earth and that he would send his only son jesus to die for everyone’s sins.

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Bible Texts



Ritual and practice

They believed that God was the mighty one and that there was no other God but him.

There rituals were to pray and ask God for forgiveness for all the sins that the person had comitted. They had to believe in their hear that the son of God had died for their sins.

They needed to sacrifies in order for God to forgive them and to let them enter the gates of heaven when they passed away. They had to believe with their heart that there was only one God and that this God had given his son to come and die for everyone’s sins.

Ethics and morality

They believed that if they gave everything to God that their lives would be better and they would enter the gates of heaven.

HUM 130

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