Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

Isoc India Chennai organized a Workshop on Core Internet Values during the 2009 Internet Governance Forum at Egypt which was chaired by Lynn St.Amour, President of ISOC. Following the deliberations at this IGF Workshop (No 319), a Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values (for continuous work on the theme during and between the Internet Governance Forums) is being formed. Highly responsible individuals with the highest commitment to the Internet are to be invited to become the core members of this Dynamic Coalition. This Dynamic Coalition is conceptualized as a Think Tank that would authoritatively define the Core Internet Values. As part of this exercise, this coalition would examine present challenges and find ways to preserve the Internet as a Free and Open Universal Network of Networks. The sum total of all the efforts taken by the Internet Community, by all International Organizations and Civil Society appears insufficient to steer the Internet policies of Global, regional and national Governments in the right direction. This coalition would work within and beyond the framework of the Internet Governance Forum to supplement the efforts and to strengthen the work of the community. This group would interact through a mailing list for a start and would use convenient conferencing and other collaborative tools for their work. The core members are likely to meet during events such as ICANN meetings or IGF meetings. The work of the coalition would reflect in a workshop on this theme at the IGF at Vilnius, Lithuania. Members of this coalition would continue to pay attention to the larger tasks even after the Vilnius IGF.

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