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Prison Management System Srs

Prison Management System Srs

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Published by: Tamoghna Majumdar on Sep 11, 2010
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Prison management system



Software Requirements Specification






8 4.18 3.8 7.. product functions:«««««««««««««««««««««11 9. hardware interface:«««««««««««««««««««. design constrains:«««««««««««««««««««««18 4. functional requirements:««««««««««««««««.13 2. Introduction:««««««««««««««««3 1. use case diagram:««««««««««««««««««««.8 6. software interface:««««««««««««««««««««..9 8.5 guideline & references:««««««««««««««««««6 1. functional components:«««««««««««««««««.7 1.. specific requirements:««««««««««««««««««««13 1. Overview:«««««««««««««««««.. performance requirements:««««««««««««««..12 B..3 keyword used:«««««««««««««««««««««««.. product perspective:«««««««««««««««««««.7 2.1 purpose:«««««««««««««««««««««««««««3 1. communication interface:««««««««««««««««8 5.7 A..4 1.4 abbreviation used:««««««««««««««««««««.5 1.Prison management system 2010 Index & Tables 1.4 1. Conclusion:««««««««««««««««18 2|Page .7 3. overall description:«««««««««««««««««««««. external interface requirement:««««««««««««18 3. database field specifications:««««««««««««««. users of the system:««««««««««««««««««««.2 scope:««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.6 technologies used:«««««««««««««««««««««6 2..

1. Parole register: This module should track all prisoners on parole and provide necessary reports on this data. This should include provisions for recording the prisoners sent to courts for hearing. the next day.1) PURPOSE: This project is aimed at developing a prison management system that is a collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prisons. 3|Page . 2. remand/conviction details. This must include the sentence details. Various status reports and demographical analysis reports are to be generated. INTRODUCTION: 1. Interview requests. A digital photo comprising different views of the prisoner and the list of articles surrendered by prisoner during nominal roll are to be recorded. An in-out register will track all prisoners and others who move in and out for various reasons. Case register: All the details of the cases against the prisoner should be captured. the next month. the next week. Interview requests and In-out register: All interview requests by the relatives of the prisoners need to be recorded and tracked. The system should consider the reduction of sentence length due to various considerations. This system should contain the modules like nominal roll. 4. case register. etc. 6. Automated release diary generator: This report should be display the list of prisoners to be released on a day. 5. parole register. In-out register and an automated release diary generator. 3.Prison management system 2010 1. Nominal Roll: The details of the prisoner and his/her demographic details should be captured. or any given duration of time.

3. Programming 4. Jailer should be able to generate Visitor reports Prisoner wise and Visitor wise. 5. System should support for Interview requests and In-out register modules for visitors. Databases 3.2) SCOPE: 1. The system should have a login.Prison management system 2010 1. Jailer should be able to generate various reports Prisoner wise. Automated release diary generator. 1. Software Engineering 4|Page . 6. 4. case-wise. 2. Case register for each prisoner entering in the prison. System should support for Data Entry module for Nominal Roll.3) KEYWORDS USED: Generic Technology keywords: 1. Operating System 2.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser & a Web Server. #Eclipse/NetBeans: Development tool (IDE) for Web applications.Prison management system 2010 1. 5|Page .It is used to create dynamic web pages. #Servlets: These are small programs which execute on the server side and dynamically extend the functionality of the web browser . J2EE: Java 2 Enterprise Edition is a programming platform² part of the Java Platform for developing and running distributed multi-tier architecture Java applications.It generally acts as a control in the server side. It¶s a two-way insurance policy that assures that both the client and the organization understand each other¶s requirements from every perspective at a given point of time.4) ABBREVIATIONS USED: # HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used to design static web pages. #JSP: Java server page is a standard part of the J2EE . #GUI: Graphical User interface with the system with mouse control and other easy to use control features like the menus etc. HTTPS: Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL (secure socket layer). based largely on modular software components running on an application server. #SRS: A SRS is basically an organization¶s understanding (in writing) of a customer or potential client¶s system requirements and dependencies at a particular point of time (usually) prior to any actual design or development work.

NET open office 3. TCP/IP uses several protocols.microsoft. 5. 7.0.com http://www.6) Technologies: 1. MySQL 5.net 1.5) Guidelines and References: http://msdn. the two main ones being TCP and IP.asp. 9. the suite of communication protocols used to connect hosts on the Internet.com http://java. 2. 8.Prison management system 2010 TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. 4.2 Windows XP professional 6|Page .5 along with HeidiSQL/phpMyAdmin Eclipse/NetBeans IDE 6. 6.1.2 adobe photoshop cs4 MagicDraw UML paint. 1.sun.9 with javaEE javaEE 5 API Apache TomCat 7. 3.

Web Browser.Prison management system 2010 2. On the server side web server is for EJB and database server is for storing the information. Software Interface: Client on Internet: Web Browser. The Client Software is to provide the user interface on system user client side and for this TCP/IP protocols are used. Communication between customer and server is provided through HTTP/HTTPS protocols. Operating System (any) 7|Page . their role in the system and constraints. Operating System (any) Data Base Server: MySQL. interconnection and external interfaces. 2. Operating System (any) Client on Intranet: Client Software. Overview: SRS will include two sections:  Overall Description will describe major components of the system. Overall Description: Describe the general factors that affect the product and its requirements. Operating System (any) Web Server: Apache Tomcat.  Specific Requirements will describe the functions of actors. 1. Product Perspective: The web pages (XHTML/JSP) are present to provide the user interface on customer client side. % & A.

Communication Interface: #Client on Internet will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.2 MySQL 5. Users of the system: 1.6GHZ SERVER SIDE Apache Tomcat Pentium III at 1 GHz 7.1. Hardware Interface: CLIENT SIDE PROCEESOR Internet Explorer 6. Java. 2.Prison management system 2010 Development End: NetBeans (J2EE.0 or above RAM DISK SPACE 80 GB CORE DUO AT 512 MB 1. Apache Tomcat (Web Server). 5. Java Bean. 3. 5.0. Functional Components: 1. Visitor 6.5 Pentium III at 1 GHz 512 MB 512 MB 4 GB 2 GB 4. Nominal Roll Case Registers Interview requests In-out register Reports and release diary 8|Page . Servlets. Database server (MySQL). HTML). #Client on Intranet will be using TCP/IP protocol. Jailor (ADMIN) 2. 4. 3. OS (Windows XP professional).

DATABASE FIELD SPECIFICATION: LOGIN TABLE N0.Prison management system 2010 7. 1. Field name Username Password Type of field Varchar2(15) Number(10) Remarks Primary key NOMINAL ROLL REGISTER No. life time. 2. 1 2 3 Field Name Case id Description Type Type of variable Number(10000) Varchar2(15) Number(1) Remarks Primary key Special characters like underscore are not allowed. 1: murder 2: theft 3: forgery 4:counterfeiting 9|Page . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Field Name Prisoner id Case id Name Sex Type Entry-date Last-date Duration of sentence Height Weight Front-snap Left-snap Right-snap Address Status Type of variable Number(1000) Number(10000) Varchar2(15) Varchar2(1) Varchar2(15) Date Date Number(10000) Number(500) Number(700) <img object> <img object> <img object> Varchar2(15) Number(1) Remarks Primary key Foreign key Special characters like underscore are not allowed. M/F Type of sentence : Duration specific. No of days Height in cms In Kgs Permanent address of prisoner 1: in jail 2:on parole 3: released 4:dead CASE REGISTER No.

Prison management system 2010 PAROLE REGISTER No.4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Field Name Visitor id Visitor name Registered on Relation to Prisoner Age Sex No of visits Status Remarks Range of valid values for the field Number(10000) Varchar2(15).5 are invalid VISITOR¶S TABLE No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Field Name Prisoner iD Name of Reference Address of Reference Entry-date Exit-date Remand frequency days Last remand visit status Last visited on Type of variable Number(1000) Varchar2(15) Varchar2(75) Date Date Number(100) Varchar2(1) Date Remarks Primary key Special characters like underscore are not allowed. Date Varchar2(15) Number(100) Varchar2(1) Number(1000) Varchar2(1) Varchar2(15) Remarks Primary key Number M/F Number of visits since registration Visitor approval/rejection In case of rejection remarks are mandatory 10 | P a g e . Should visit Jail for remand T/F VISIT TABLE No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Field Name Visitor id Prisoner id Visit date Start time End time Status Remarks Type Type of variable Number(10000) Number(1000) Date Time Time Varchar2(1) Varchar2(75) Varchar2(1) Remarks Foreign key Foreign key For approval and rejection In case of rejection remarks are mandatory True : Visitor False : Jailer ± fields 3.

Prison management system 2010 8. view in-out register Report <Extends> Generation 1. view parole register 4. Prisoner wise report generation 2. view nominal roll register 2. Case wise report generation 3. view case register 3. Product Functions: The prison management system should support this following use-case: Class of use User Account Usage Actors involved Jailer(admin) Old Visitor Use cases Login Description of Use cases Login into Account Account Management New Visitor Jailer(admin) Register Registration for a New account Viewing Data with admin privilege Jailer(admin) Generating Reports with admin privilege Jailer(admin) Issue Account Confirm new registration & Issue New Account ID View <Extends> Registers 1. Visitor wise report generation Request Confirm View Release Diary Change Password Request for an interview with a prisoner Confirm Interview Request Viewing the date wise scheduled release of prisoners Changing of password of user account Interview Request Old Visitor Jailer(admin) Viewing Release Diary Changing of password Jailer(admin) Old Visitor Jailer(admin) Old Visitor 11 | P a g e .


USE CASE RELATED TO LOGIN: Primary actor All registered users having valid accounts 1) Jailer (admin) 2) Old Visitor Precondition INTERNET connection is available and working at it's optimal level Main scenario 1) Users Access the login Page 2) Provide User ID and Password. 3) Login Validity is checked 4) The user is shown their respective homepage. Alternate scenario 1) The entered is not valid 2) The user is shown the error page. 2. Specific Requirements: 1.Prison management system 2010 B. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: We describe the functional requirements by giving various use cases: 1. USE CASE RELATED TO REGISTRATION: Primary actor Unregistered New Visitor Precondition none 13 | P a g e .

The Database is updated Alternate scenario 1. 2. USE CASE RELATED TO ISSUE ACCOUNT: Primary actor Jailer (admin) Precondition 1. The database update fails so the process is restarted. The visitor accesses the registration page for new ID. The database update fails. Open list of verified Applicants. 4. 2. If visitor is verified offline then a new visitor account is created. USE CASE RELATED TO VIEW REGISTERS: Primary actor Jailer (admin) 14 | P a g e . The Jailer is logged in. Main scenario 1.Prison management system 2010 Main scenario 1. 3. The data completeness check fails and the user is prompted to provide all details. 2. Update database Alternate scenario 1. The visitor verification is already done. 2. The completeness of data is checked on client side. 4. 3. He/she fills up the form and submits. 3. 4. Select one entry.

Retrieved the nominal roll register. 3. USE CASE RELATED TO GENERATE REPORTS: Primary actor Jailer (admin) Precondition 1. Jailer should be logged in to his account Main scenario 1. case-wise or visitor-wise. 2. Form the retrieved data into printable format. Retrieval of data prisoner-wise. parole register. Data retrieval process failed. Viewing of data. in-out register from the data base. Retrieval of data failed 2. 2. Old visitor should be logged into his/her account 15 | P a g e . Alternate scenario 1. Printing out of retrieved data failed 6. Alternate scenario 1. 5. Print out the retrieved data. Jailer should be logged in to his account Main scenario 1. USE CASE RELATED TO INTERVIEW REQUEST: Primary actor Old visitor Precondition 1. case register.Prison management system 2010 Precondition 1.

Alternate scenario 1. 7. The interview request is not approved. USE CASE RELATED TO VIEWING OF RELEASE DIARY: Primary actor All registered users having valid accounts 1) Jailer(admin) 2) Old Visitor 16 | P a g e .Prison management system 2010 2. USE CASE RELATED TO INTERVIEW CONFIRMATION: Primary actor Jailer (admin) Precondition Jailer should be logged in to his account to access this option Main scenario 1. 8. Verification status is checked 2. The data completeness check fails. Access Interview request page 2. If OK then it is approved. Alternate scenario 1. Success page is shown. Database Update fails. Old visitor should be navigated to interview request page to get access the interview request form. Provide all details. Data completeness is checked. 4. 3. 2. The database is updated. Main scenario 1. 5. 3. On success the Database is updated.

3. The Database is updated . He/she has to be at his home page Main scenario 1. The System asks for the old password. The Database Update fails . 2. Viewing of data. The User provides his/her old password . The users are logged into their account. 17 | P a g e . 9. Alternate scenario 1. The Old password doesn't match and the error page is shown. After successful match the system asks to enter the new password.Prison management system 2010 Precondition 1. Main scenario 1. 4. USE CASE RELATED TO CHANGING OF PASSWORD: Primary actor All registered users having valid accounts 3) Jailer(admin) 4) Old Visitor Precondition 1. The Success page is shown. 2. 2. 5. retrieval of data failed. User must be logged in 2. Alternate scenario 1. 2. The users should have registered an account with the system. Retrieved the release diary information from the data base.

Prisoner should be secured against malicious deformations. Security: The files in which the information regarding Jailer .Prison management system 2010 2. CONCLUSION: 1. They are jailor and visitors. 3. 256 MB machine. 2. Fault Tolerance: Data should not become corrupted in case of system crash or power failure. EXTERNAL INTERFACE REQUIREMENTS: The external interface is a dynamically generated web page with professional graphics 3. 90% of the responses should be within 2 sec. The in and out register will be developed by the queries from nominal roll register and visitor¶s table. 4. All the reports will be generated by using queries from the given table. 18 | P a g e . The release register will be taken from nominal roll table. 4. Visitor. DESIGN CONSTRAINTS: 1. 2. 3. 2. The project has only two users. Should run on 500 MHz. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENT: 1.

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