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Siperian XU Administrator's Guide SP1

Siperian XU Administrator's Guide SP1

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Published by neeta_khatri

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Published by: neeta_khatri on Sep 11, 2010
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This appendix describes backup and recovery strategies for Master Reference Manager
(MRM) tables (permanent Hub tables) that are operated on by logging or non-logging

Non-logging operations (such as CTAS, Direct Path SQL Load, and Direct Insert) are
occasionally performed on permanent Hub tables to speed-up batch processes. These
operations are not recorded in the redo logs and, as such, are not generally recoverable.
However, recovery is possible if a backup is made immediately after the operations are

Backup and recovery strategies are dependent on the value of the GLOBAL_NOLOGGING_
IND column (in the C_REPOS_DB_RELEASE table), which turns non-logging operations

on or off.

The GLOBAL_NOLOGGING_IND column has two possible values:
•GLOBAL_NOLOGGING_IND = 1 (default), which indicates that non-logging
operations are enabled.
•GLOBAL_NOLOGGING_IND = 0, which indicates that non-logging operations are

Note: GLOBAL_NOLOGGING_IND controls non-logging operations for permanent Hub
tables only, but not for transient tables that are used in Hub batch processes.

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