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Serving the 'Ldea£s of the R.oSLcf" M.ovement

In this Issue:

Letters, Questions and Comments

from Our Read ers .............••••••.•.... 1-7

Letters ...

"Dear Fellow Rosicrucians:"

"The Rosicrucian Chronicles have clearly stated

the present problems within Amore. They have given many examples of greed, poor management, and nonrosicrucians making that affect us all, etc. Recent history chronicles several Orders that initially worked under the wings of the Great White Brotherhood but later lost its support."

"The Theosophical Society brought a beacon into the world of illusion, but after the initial impetus and goals changed direction, the Brotherhood discontinued its support. N ow the TS has forgotten their objective of leading the lost to the mountain top. . Instead there is fractional infighting, pettiness, buying for personal power and a haphazard mixing of

teachings. "

"Then there is the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Many great minds of the recent past were members of

this illustrious order: Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, W.B. Yeats, A.E. Wait, Paul Foster Case, Ann Kingsford. There came a time when the Brotherhood with drew their support, after this happened the remaining high initiates left the order. Today you may still find an occasional temple of the Golden Dawn

and you can easily purchase a copy of their teachings. That which remains lacks leadership and goals."

"Members of the higher degrees are familiar with the Free Masons. In the later half of the

eighteenth century the Masonic Order was loosing its sponsorship. The Martinist Order grew out of the efforts to correct the errors within the Masonic Order.

Today you can easily obtain a copy of all its rituals and pass words. And it only takes a weekend to progress from the third degree to the thirty second."

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Letters .•. Continues on Page 2

Page 2

"The Rosicrucian Order, Amore, is following

the same destructive path as those listed above. Our leadership has lost contact with the traditions and founders of the Order ... Without our teaching being copy protected, anyone can copy, modify and sell our

sacred trust for profit."

''There are three directions that Amore can take:"

"First; it can continue with its present leadership on

the course of degradation. This direction could

transform the organization into a new age cult or the

organization could flounder and splinter. We would function in a similar fashion to the current

Theosophical Society."

10gtc~uc ian Qtb~on itIts

Servinfl. the Ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement

The ROSicrucian Chronicles is published monthly

Editor- in-Chief

Kenneth A. Thompson, FRC

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October 2, 1993

"Second; If the present leadership is replaced by those who owe their allegiance to the Great Brotherhood and would sooner sacrifice their lives than violate the

traditions. Then Amore may recover most of what

has been lost."

"Third; The Order may end either according to the law of silence (l08 year cycle) or permanently."

"No matter what course the Order follows it is

necessary for us, particularly those of the hierarchy, to form a game plan. We must decide what course is feasible and most in line with our oaths to protect the traditions. Next we must take tangible steps to carry out our plan. The Great Brotherhood cannot help us

unless we help ourselves."

"Sincerely & Fraternally," "Frater U (Maryland)"

The Order will never end permanently - only the

outer vehicle is transformed. There will be more on

this subject in next month's issue.

Comments •••

"I deeply appreciate your keeping my name on . your mailing list."

Comments ••• Continues on Page 3

Page 3

"You are perfomring an outstanding service!"

"I thank the Cosmic, a Soror friend and

Yourselves for all the issues including September that

you have kindly sent."

""Enclosed is my check ... Please use the extra to

help with your expenses- and keep me on your

mailing list!"

"I am keen to receive any further issues."

"Thanks again for doing such a superb job in keeping us informed!"

"Thanks! Keep up the good work!"

"Why is Mr. Bernard pulling us apart? This

way the Order in America will be weak, we have to

remain together, it will make us strong."

In order to strengthen and expand our network , and to keep loyal Rosicrucians everywhere informed we encourage you to copy this newsletter and send it to Rosicrucians (active or not) whom you know.

October 2, 1993

"I will like to know more about what is going on with us, at this point we don't know where to turn or

what to do.

We don't go any more to

the ... Lodge ... here. "

"These are. indeed, times to test and try men's souls. I, too, am gravely concerned about both the condition that the English Language Jurisdiction of A.M.O.R.C. is in (especially in the U.S.A.), and the

direction the Imperator is, or may be. taking the


"Please include this humble brother on your mailing list for your future mailings."

"Your issue of the Rosicrucian Chronicles

proved to be very interesting. Enclosed are some self

addressed envelopes for other members for the next


"We are all concerned about the Order and hope the Grand Lodge in San Jose isn't belittled too much."

"Thank you for the first issue of the Chronicles I

am concerned for the Order and want to stay well informed, looking forward to more information."

Comments ... Continues on Page 4

Page 4

"I have been a member for many years. I have

tried to think positively about the Stewart-Bernard

situation and to visualize an outcome that is right for

the Order and its on going success."

"Please use the enclosed check as you see fit. I am not knowledgeable concerning the past history but. on the face of your letter, feel that this line of revelation should be pursued."

"I am sending out a few copies of this first R+C Chronicles. It is difficult not to be anxious that

enough is not being done. Let's keep positive."

It is my sincere desire that the teachings continue to reach all those interested and these will research

conscientiously and become as knowledgeable as

possible. therefore recording in our hearts and minds the beauty of the "legacy." This no administrative body (or lack of it) can erase."

"Thank you for the informative material."

"May you continue to bring the light. L VX"

Letters ...

"Just a few thoughts In simple & direct communication. "

October 2, 1993

"First: After what we've gone through in the past (and losing so many members) my intuition tells me another upheaval will bring disaster."

"Second: The thought of the Supreme Grand Lodge moving to Canada leaves a void where my

heart is."

"Third: Already the American jurisdiction is asking for donations to keep going. (Sounds like you

name it - other organizations)"

"Where has the real Rosicrucians gone???"


"Responsibility???" "Truth & Honesty???"


"Dependability???" "Justice??? (Moral)"

"And if our dues take a hike we wi11lose more members either by severance or demit!"

Sincerely a Soror

Letters ... Continues on Page 5

Page 5

"I just received and read your first copy of the Rosicrucian Chronicles. With all the recent goings on with Gary Stewart, the restructuring of the Grand Lodges, and the change of the Supreme Grand Lodge to Canada, etc. I and I believe a great many other Rosicrucians are subjected to a great many rumors, and are simply at a loss as to where the future and the truth lays. The Order suffered great membership losses because of these upheavals, but more importantly the Order suffered a great loss of trust and respect. I see no great effort by the Supreme or Grand Lodges to ease this confusion or to restore lost confidence. This lack of action leads to additional rumor, speculation, distrust and greater confusion. What the Order needs desperately is its own version of Glasnost, or openness, without which I too fear for the future of Rosicrucianism in America. While I applaud and support unbiased efforts to inform the membership, I find it quite sad that this effort has to come from the efforts of individual members."

"Also one last comment. To be well informed is great, but seeing as we, the individual membership, have no say in these goings on, I have to really wonder the value of being informed."

October 2, 1993

"With all good wishes for peace profound, I am sincerely and fraternally,"

Frater from the southwest

The Student can make the best decisions, only if they are informed decisions. Informed Students can decide whether or not to support particular groups. If they chose to support an organization, despite problematic behavior, they do so with their eyes open.

"I have received the Rosicrucian Chronicles and I found the contents very enlightening."

"Keep up the good work."

"Your news letter has been kept from the general membership of our [Lodge] .. .I just read it by chanceI am interested in what is occurring at the Grand Lodge, and would like to share it with other members of like interest."

"I have been enjoying the Chronicles from the beginning of their publication."

Letters ... Continues on Page 6

Page 6

"The highlighted portion of the second paragraph of the current Chronicles seems to call for a re-establishment of the Order. If so, what would that look like? Would it look like AMORe with an Imperator (Pope) and an organization beholden to the State? Would it be something that reflects and supports the G.W.B.? Both, or something else entirely?"

"Do you have a plan, or you looking for one?

Are you looking for assistance? If so, of what kind? Though I am not an F.R.C., not having reached the Ninth Degree and my AMORC status currently being inactive, may I be of assistance?


Frater from California

In order to best answer the Frater, first let me say that these concerns will be more fully answered beginning in the next issue.

We are not looking for a plan, though we are always open to constructive ideas. A plan has been revealed, it is in place and it is being carried out. It does now and will reflect the ideals and support of the G.W.B.

October 2, 1993

There continues to be some confusion concerning Imperatorship. The title and practice began in Ancient Rome, when the white robed Senate was faced with the task of completing a number of large projects of various kinds. One of their number was placed in charge of the project and given the title "Imperator" until the project was complete.

Then, the rods of authority were returned to their stand in the Senate chambers and the Senators resumed their seats within the ranks of the membership. The Senate was the superior authority, not the Imperator. The Senate was permanent, the Imperatorship temporary.

There is a similar pattern within the G.W.B., the Esoteric Orders and the projects involved in advancing the Great Work. The Lewis' have returned to the halls of the Great Lodge and taken their places among the ranks of the Great Masters. The symbols of authority and mantles of responsibility have been assumed by others, who. will in turn, complete their assigned projects and pass on the responsibilities to others. It is the Assembly of Great Masters that is the superior body, not the Imperators. It is the Holy Assembly of the Great White Lodge that is permanent, not Imperatorship.

Letters ... Continues on Page 7

Page 7

It is a waste of energy to become overly concerned with titles per se. It is of greater concern to focus on the advancement of the Great Work.

As to the questions, "Are you looking for assistance? If so, of what kind?" and "may I be of assistance?" The answers are yes, to move the Great Work forward, yes. We are looking for sincere, loyal Students who have the courage to work with the forces of evolution and to neutralize the forces of deevolution. More details will be discussed in the next issues.

"I have just finished reading the ROSICRUCIAN CHRONICLES of September 2. So far the issues have been given to me by other members. Please accept the enclosed contribution and put me on your mailing list."

"Before the difficulties surfaced in San Jose Gary Stewart struck me as an immature and ill prepared young man for the mantle of Imperator. From the out set Christian Bernard has evoked in me a much stronger intuitive feeling of concern about the Order in the hands of his leadership. While there has been much apparently happening that reinforces that intuitive anxiety, I must state: I am a Rosicrucian. I shall continue to be -- in this life and hopefully in the next."

"Service has always been a way of life for me.

Now I must focus my first energies and available time to furthering the work of the Order. (Sometimes this seems to take more time than I think I have.) How I serve I must do in my own sphere and I hope in accordance with the deepest meaning and purpose of the Order."

October 2, 1993

"What should be kept uppermost in the minds of true Rosicrucians is that AMORC is a two-fold organization -- the non-profit corporate structure that exists for the purpose of furthering the Mystical Movement on which AMORC is based. There should be no other purpose for the corporate structure. It has gotten decidedly off base. "

"Need I say that a non-profit corporation with a mission such as AMORCs must have fiscal responsibility and integrity? One way to insure this is to have a legitimate structure for members with a voice in the true business of the Order. This is not incompatible with the law."

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.olumt 2. Jtumbt~ 11

1tosit~ut ian QI:b~on itlts



8ef' the tdeaLs of the Rosicf' rtovement

In this Issue:


Letters, Questions and Comments

from Our Readers • • • • . . • • • . • 1·7

Lette,.s ...

''Dear Editor: Of

"Someone brought your recent issue of "Rosicrucian Chronicles" to my attention. Like you. I laud efforts for truth and justice. I commend you and your stand that improper procedures were used against Mr. Stewart as to a proper tribunal. However. I must take issue to you response to a "Frater from California" (page 6). The Chronicle's response was, "The above letter comes from one of our several readers who are operating under the false impression that Gary Stewart was Ralph Lewis' hand-picked successor as Imperator of AMORC. This rumor seems to have been generated and spread by Gary Stewart himself."

""We. at the Chronicles, have had access to all of the relevant files and records and nowhere do the records indicate that Ralph Lewis chose Gary Stewart,

no where.""

"The facts are that you. or anyone else, may not have any written files or records on Mr. Lewis' choice of Gary Stewart. There may well be no written· records of this. However, as a member of the MCE for many years. I've been privy to oral statements made by Mr. Lewis. In the light of your statements it seems important for me to brief you on this."

"An MCE member had asked Mr. Lewis why he had chosen Mr. Stewart to succeed him. Mr. Lewis

replied that Mr. Poole, Piepenbrink, Schaa and Christian Bernard, for various reasons would not qualify for the position of Imperator. Mr. Lewis then said. in no uncenain terms, "Only Gary can do it!""

"I bring this information to your attention. because you refer to Lewis' choice of Stewart as rumor. It is not rumor. Those of the MCE who are privileged to this infonnation know this as fact II

"I'm in hopes you'U print this letter. It provides your readers with insight of the truth shared by some privileged members of the inner Council of the Order which was so dear to Mr. Lewis' heart"

"In the Bonds of Truth. I am" "Sincerely and fraternally," "Dr. John Palo"

We would like to thank Dr. Palo for his letter.

We were aware of the facts outlined it and were waiting for someone to come forward independently with this information. Dr. Palo relates the story, up to a cenain point. This letter verifies our statements about everyone on the Board except for Gary Stewart,

The next newsletter will be published on December 2. 1993. To receive your copy, please send a self addressed stamped envelope (or Preferably Stamps) to the following address:

Rosicrucian Chronicles

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Lette,.s ••• Continues on Page 2

Page 2

and, initially, it appears to contradict our statements about Gary. But. the question was answered by Mr. Lewis himself.

Mr. Lewis had discerned that several individuals were attempting to manipulate his choice of successor in ways detrimental the best interests of the Order. At the same time. as is related above. many well meaning members, without realizing it, were unduly pressuring Mr. Lewis to state his choice. Mr. Lewis knew that he would be playing into the hands of the manipulators if he made a final and formal statement prematurely. So, for a time, he only gave statements informally and orally. and he persistently declined to make a statement in writing.

When it finally came time to make his wishes clear, in a formal and final manner, he wrote an official letter that pointedly and clearly stated that he was leaving the choice up to the Board. In this manner all of the Karmic consequences of the manipu-

ltosictut ian Cttbton itles

Servin, the Ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement The ROSicrucian Chronicles is published monthly


Kenneth A. Thompson, PRe

Any opinion expressed in this newsletter is that of the individual author, who is solely responsible for the content and views herein.

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1', you. lor you.r su.pport I © R+C Chronicles 1993 All Rights Reserved ISSN 1071-8591


November 2, 1993

lators and deceivers are to be born by them alone. He took these actions with great deliberation in order to make sure that history would know that he was quite consciously acting in this manner and to be sure that his intentions would not be "lost". We have a complete copy of letter. Sections of which we now quote. Also, for those who think there is and has been no Tradition of democracy within the Order, please make careful note of the first paragraph.


"The election of one to serve in the honorable and yet humble office of Imperator of the Ancient, Mystical Order Rosae Crucis is one of the most momentous tasks that the Board of Directors of the Supreme Grand Lodge may ever be called upon to fulfill. It demands that the Board members have an open mind. free of self-oriented preference or prejudice. II

"The innate attributes of one who is to serve as Imperator are only revealed in the tradition and history of those who have functioned in such an office. These unwritten qualities have been most important and compelling in the demands made upon an Irnperator, for they are the dictates of conscience."

"These indwelling impulses to be abided by are moral orientation and creative motivation."

"The first, moral orientation, requires that the individual have a rational sense of the need for selfdiscipline. He must at all times be conscious that the esteemed office he holds has not made him a demigod. He is a human, imbued with all the natural desires and appetites, but he must not let any of them dominate or cause him to forfeit the noble ideas of his office."

Letters ••• Continues on Page 3

Page 3

"Morality must be construed in terms of the ~ess which it does. and not in a conformity to the dogma of a sect. This morality further requires that one exhibits, when necessary. a militant aggression to defend the Order in the performance of its right conduct. Withdrawal fr2m I ~ tQ defend 1£ I worthless passivity."

Then on page 2. paragraph 8. Please make a special note of this section.

"I make no suggestion as to whom I would like or believe should be elected to the august office of Imperator, But members of the Board should make room for younger men who have the qualifications or exhibit the potential for officership in the Order .. .It takes vitality which, as we know. diminishes with time. That is why age is a factor in filling officership. It

"Select one for the office of the Imperator, wisely guided by the God of your heart, and be always reminded of a phrase written by Dr. H. Spenser Lewis. my beloved father, in his Last Will and Testament published in the September 1939 issue of the Rosicrucian Di~est. in referring to the obligations of officers:"

""And may nothing ever tempt them to break the faith or yield one iota, nor give tribute to the enemies of Light, but be ready at all times, as I have been. to sacrifice all, even life itself, to defend the Rosy Cross. its true traditions and purposes. So Mote It Be! ''''

"May you ever be guided by the God of your Heart!"

"So Mote It Be!"

ItRalph M. Lewis" "IMPERA TOR"

We wish to thank Dr. Palo very much for sharing this privileged information. Unfortunately, he was not privy to the finish of the story. But, Gary and the rest of the Board had read the letter and knew what it contained.

November 2, 1993

Gary Stewart knew that Mr. Lewis had pointedly declined to name anyone, including himself, yet he has continued to claim otherwise. It is this false claim that Gary has used to promote his leadership of his splinter groups rather than to defend AMORC. He and the other Board members have continued to suppress publication of this letter, knowing that the contradictions would become obvious. This is the reason that the statements in the last issue were made as they were.

"To the Letters From The Readers Column."

"Let us begin with a few quotes from our Rosicrucian Manual."

""Know. then, there is a wonderful union or assembly of Master Minds, Master Personalities, who constitute the Holy Assembly of the Cosmic." Page 141."


""There are a number of others; (Masters) some are on the Cosmic Plane. carrying on the great work while awaiting their next incarnation, and some are on this earth plane directing the physical work while developing for the Cosmic Plane period. ~ their ~ a certain group of high Initiates are prepared in each incarnation for still higher work in the next incarnation, and some of these are assigned the duty t the service and the real labor, of maintaining the positions of Imperators, Magi, and Hierophants in several branches of the Great White Brotherhood organizations, of which the Rosicrucian Order is the Highest These Imperators, Magi, and Hierophants in the various lands, together with the Masters. compose the Holy Assembly of the Great White Lodge."

"The Great White Brotherhood, on the other hand, is the school or Fraternity, of the Great White Lodge. and into this invisible Brotherhood of visible members every true student on the path prepares for admission." Page 141/142."

Letters ... Continues on Page 4

Page 4

"1. Publishers of the Rosicrucian Chronicles. in your pleas for democratization. have you consulted higher authorities under which we have always operated or do you view the above as a mere pie in the sky?"

"2. Do you give only lip music to the above quoted lines of authority as many religious devotees do with the existence of Soul as the true self rather than the Physical body?"

"3. You lament the loss of status of the Supreme Temple and the United States as housing the SEE of the Order. In what epoch has our Beloved Order ever built its foundation upon a perishable edifice?"

"Y ou have my permission to print this letter if desired so as to render understandable answers should you choose to respond in print."

"Sincerely" "Nigh Tel"

1. & 2. Bearing in mind the response to the previous letter. as well as statements in previous issues, we do not view the above as a mere pie in the sky and we do not just give lip service to our Traditions. But, if you have been keeping up with developments, those currently on the Board and running the Park have made it clear that they do give only lip service to our Traditions.

In our first issue, we promised to provide "a forum for the members to express their hopes, dreams and concerns." In the process of doing so, opinions have been expressed with which not everyone agrees. None the less, they are opinions which the Students have every right to express. Democracy is one of those ideas. Some feel that the Order needs more and some feel that the Order needs less. Many. who have not worked within a Lodge. do not realize that a great deal of democracy has been extant within the Order since ancient times. For example, groups of members

November 2, 1993

are not forced to become Lodges. They vote to assume the responsibilities of that function and they vote to decide whether to engage in various activities. If a member agrees or disagrees with a group's decisions, that member "votes with their feet" or "votes with their dollars" or their participation or lack there of.

3. We are not lamenting "the loss of S1II1JJ.S. of the Supreme Temple ... " per se. We are, though. lamenting the loss of honesty and integrity among the officers of the Order. But, we wanted to first demonstrate this loss by sharing instances of serious dishonesty. We did not want just to state the conclusions. We know that all true Rosicrucians are walking question marks who would want to know facts that support the conclusions.

The question also shows that the writer has only heard part of the story. We did not underline, italicize or capitalize the word status. The reference is not to "Status" as in status symbols. but, to broken promises and who had made them.

Before C. Bernard held his installation ceremony, some of the members had discovered what he had planned to do and had attempted to warn the membership. These individuals were excommunicated from the Order. In his acceptance speech, C. Bernard denied all of the allegations. He claimed that he had never planned to move the SEE and he promised that he never would. If the members that had attended the ceremony had known that he was going to break his word, they would never have allowed the ceremony to be completed. C. Bernard knew that there was the chance of this and so he knowingly lied to the hundreds members who had attended.

He made a number of promises to the membership in his speech and he has, so far, broken

Letters ... Continues on Page 5

Page S

all of them. Every one of the items listed in the first issue of the Chronicles under "Areas of current concern", are concerns because they represent promises made to the members that have all since been broken. For example. we know that there is still. currently unrealized. the intention to sell the Park because the Grand Masters and Board members said so during the official proceedings of an official Board meeting in 1990. Our efforts and yours have, to date. kept them from selling the Park and running off with the money.

We wish to thank the Frater for his letter because it reminds us that not everyone was at the ceremony or has seen the video tape. (copies will be available in the future).

Comments ...

"Please keep sending the Chronicles. The truth will find its way!"

"Please add my name to your mailing list and also let me know what you propose as a Solution to what is evidently a continuation of some errors of the past. I will make copies & pass them on to other Rosicrucians. "

"Please keep me on your mailing list. Enclosed is a book of stamps."

"I have been reading the Chronicles from a friend who receives them. I am very impressed and interested in the subjects and have been a Rosicrucian since 1959-1 always want to know what is going on."

''I'm enjoying your newsletter. namely the Rosicrucian Chronicles. The enclosed check is but a small appreciation of my sincere thanks."

Comments t:Jn4 Quest£ons .•.

"Recently Kristie Knutson gave a public lecture in our city ... I was informed that all the questions ... from your Aug. issue ... were "lies"-"all lies" attempting to undermine the truth of the Rosicrucian Order. I was told to forget about the

November 2, 1993

Chronicles - indeed everyone was told to stop reading them ... "

"However. I am uncomfortable quoting "our sources" as an authority. Is it possible to have. for example. the name of the agency dealing with the alleged sale of the Park for the purpose of verification?"

Normally the answer would be yes. But. we have been forced to keep many of our sources private. for now. Many who have come forward have suffered greatly from the vicious attacks of these individuals. In this instance, if we told you the agency. they would just change agencies, the agents would loose there jobs and Kristie would just then claim that it never happened. She has acted similarly in other instances. We have not criticized AMORe only those that continue to misuse it, Many have been ordered to stop reading the Chronicles and the Lodges and Chapters have been ordered to keep copies away from the members. If we were so false in our claims, these individuals would not be so quick to engage in these nazi-like suppressions, repressions and misquotes of our statements.

One individual was concerned because comments were presented concerning Kristie's false claims about her family's long time involvement in AMORC. OUf comments were all aimed directly at Kristie and no one else. Kristie cannot support the false claims that she made concerning her academic and experiential qualifications and so she then attempted to invent some Rosicrucian credentials. What was being pointed out by belaboring the point, was that her statements were no small stretch of the imagination, but that there is an enormous gulf between the facts and her story. The comments again were directed toward Kristie's behavior in an official communication to the membership. Almost all of our readers understand that.

There were also a couple of comments concerning the references to the lack of qualifications held by the salaried officers in the Order and at the

Comments ... Continues on Page 6

Page 6

Park. We have all known many individuals, especially Rosicrucians, who have had no formal training and yet have demonstrated great wisdom and knowledge. We have also all known many college graduates who did not. Many have heard them referred to as "educated fools".

In order to answer these and other questions. reference will be made to a letter that is printed in its entirety on page 7. In that letter we have been grossly misquoted, our words have been twisted and statements have been attributed to us that we never made. The letter was part of the newsletter of Rose Chapter in Santa Cruz. California, not far from San Jose.

In the first paragraph it is said that "the major portion of this newsletter is devoted to the ridicule and outright slander of AMORe and its officers and members." We have never once ridiculed or slandered AMORC. its members or its volunteer officers. It is we who are being slandered by these gross misrepresentations. It goes on to say that 'The writers claim that all of the wise members of AMORC have already quit; that none of the officers have any degrees or credentials and most are school dropouts. They claim that the members who are left and who are active in the order are all "fringe dwellers" who exist in a "state of denial". They go so far as to attack the character of our Grand Master's mother while proudly bragging of their own excellent family lineage. II Again. we never once said such things and we have encouraged as many sincere, long time members as possible to stay as long as they are able. The officers that we referred to are the salaried officers and their lawyers. about a dozen total. Our readers understand that. The point we were making is that these few individuals are the last people on the planet who should be in these positions and that the many members and volunteer officers who should be in these positions, have been excluded by these few grossly unqualified individuals. It is you, the sincere and qualified members who should be in these positions. We did not "attack the character of the Grand Master's mother". She did not make the false

November 2, 1993

claims. We pointed out the complete lack of integrity of the Grand Master herself. It was Kristie who brought her mother into the discussion, under false pretenses and it is Kristie who should be faulted for doing so. The overwhelming majority of our readers have understood that we have meant just that.

It is interesting to note that in the letter on the next page, is an excellent example of denial. In the last paragraph there is the attempt to minimize the seriousness of the concerns to the point where no action would be necessary and then indicates that it is somehow true to Rosicrucian Tradition for one to subdue oneself to tyrants. The only items that he places in the category of the "positive" are the polite and safe pleasantries and he argues that the only proper members' role is agreeable passivity. What will this member say when all of the facts come out and the questionable individuals are removed. All tyrants fall. How will this member explain his inaction. Will he say that he had his head in the sand and he didn't hear anything or see anything because the sand was in his ears and eyes, and that the fault, therefore. is in the sand? Remember the words quoted above from Ralph M. Lewis "Withdrawal fmm 1& bill ~ 12 defend is 1& worthless passivitY."

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Normally 1 would reserve this space for some words of purely positive nature. However. I'm having a hard time with it because something has been bothering me and r have to say sometbing OOoul it. I have received some issues of a newsletter from a group organized by some disgruntled ex-members that "purports" to he "serving the ideals of Rosicrucians" ... Such could not be further from tile truth! In fact the major portion of this newsletter is devoted to the ridicule and oulright slander of AMORe and il\ officers and members. The writers of this newsleuer claim mat all of the wise members of AMORe have already quit: tllat none of the officers of AMORC have any degrees or credeDtials and most .e- scbool dropouts. They claim that the members who are left and who are active in the order are aU -fringe dwellers" who exist in a "state of denial". They go so far as to attack the character of our Graad Master's mother while proudly bragging of their own excellent family lineace.

The facts are that a greal number of our leading officers and members do bavc coIItJe degrC'e!l and otherwise excellent educations. But more importantly we Dow tbalsudl alone tk "* measure of the quality of a mystic. One 0( history'sl~ mystics. Jacob aoe-t.c. WM • exanapk of the fact thai wisdom often arises amidst bumble circumsliDCcs. ADd 1M .-bcrs? W'bile iI is &rue thai we worldwide membership bas dropped significantly, a majority 01 dte CW1'Cftt membeR 1ft tU,tI depttd and Hierarchy members who see tbe wisdom of maintliDin, _.IiP. support of AMORe .. ib principles. as well as its organization.

I can~t c~tinue torelaleall of tbc de$U1Icun,~,slbll.-e~~uid _"~tie,

group under discussJOD. but 1bere seems to be DO cOO 10 LIieir v.liidiCdVCDCiS .: 0. un:r.e ....

saddens me most about these attacks againsl the Rosicrucian Order is .... y 1ft ...,. us by

those who once benefited from the Rosicrucian leachings. Now \bey blve dIo~ 10 ma _ Order

with venomous and insidious propaglllda; perbaps to self justify c.bdr rai_ to live up 10 at very Rosicrucian ideals they claim to be defendinl.

I do DOl claim that all is perfect willi our organization for il is true Ibat we have a. s,Iwt 0( problems and challenges, but the solution to our problems does not lie in detCntctive ~. II is a shame that the writers of the mentioned newsteuer did DOt devOIe their Iakau to COMInICti¥c purJIO§CS. After all, a multi-paged newsletter requires a fair lDlounl of aealive wart 10 jeDeI'IIe ••• we IboIIId IC( welcome such mental poisoning into our affairs. lbere exist a vase number of Dlembers 01 AMORe wbo have been through its troubles and successes for many years and even ,encrations. They c:boose to eternally remain loyal and continue to work cooperatively within the Order and to strive fer Lbe grealeSl good.

To tboIe who were looking forward (0 some uplifting message bere, I apolo&ize fot£ this space to write about this disagreeable topic. Having done it, J will not write on this topec apia in this bulletin,

May you dwell in lhe serenity of harmony with the Cosmic, sincuely and fralemaily yours.


Gerald O'Docbarty



~ . ....L..:.:_ •

,.' t ,.

.ttt1ltbt~ 2. t 9 9 3

Volu1ltt 2, llu1ltbtt' t2

ltosittutian Qtbton itItS

8eTvi..fUl the tdea!s 0 f the Rostcructun 11.overnent

In this Issue:


Letters, Questions and Comments

from Our Readers •........••••..•..•..... 1 - 7

ltbt ~ taU au~ -,t' itui)s of tf.Jt ltosittudau Gtbtou itlts toisb to tl:Jauk tVt~l!OUt fot tl.Jtit suppott au~ tutoutagtttttnt au~ tot toisb all of l'OU

.JrOl! aub J)apptuess

~ut'ing tbis boli~ap' season aui) butiug t1.Jt tom iug ~at

Letters ...

"16 October 1993"

"Dear Frater Thompson:"

"1 have just finished reading the October 2. 1993 issue of the 14git~u.cian (tbtonidc:s. May I join the many others in commending you on the important, although perhaps painful and sometimes frustrating, work of informing those who will listen about AMORe and its current state of affairs. As an active member and officer of an affiliate body. I read all of your newsletters."

"All during this time. I have continued to be an active dues-paying member of AMORe. I also have continued to attend meetings of my affiliated body, serve as a voting member of [a regional committee] of the Order. and participate in other related AMORe regional activities. In other words. while having serious concerns about the path the "exoteric" part of AMORe, I have resisted any temptation to simply drop out, or to force the incumbent officers to force me out. I continually remind myself, and sometimes it is hard for me to do this, that Imperator Bernard and all his carefully selected officers and grand masters are all but a temporary part of the exoteric part of AMORe. I have been a member too long (I first started in 1954 as a companion member of a close friend of my father before starting my current membership in 1981) to believe they can change or corrupt the fundamental esoteric nature and importance of the Order. As a Rosicrucian, I remain a walking question-mark. I take my studies seriously. I also take my close and dear friends, young and old, around me in the Order as too important to give up, even as a show of my concern about what is happening in San Jose and Omonville."

: e next news etter WI pu s ed on the

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Letters ... Continues on Page 2

Page 2

"1 completely agree that AMORC, the exoteric body devoted to furthering the "Mystical Movement.. .. " has gotten "off base." I do not believe that the basic teachings, the vital esoteric message, have been moved "off base;" at least not that I can see. Since I have remained an active member involved with a good number of other active members at varying degrees along the path of learning, I see nothing that indicates the teachings have been corrupted by any recent fundamental changes. I am aware that apparently some lower-degree monographs have been "updated" to reflect current science and medical knowledge. I would like to know more about that, although I think that some updating and superficial clarification and better writing has long been needed. I am a journalist and teacher by profession, and most of monographs I have read could stand some editing and, in some cases, careful rewriting in light of new secular knowledge."

ltosictltt tau Qtbtotl iclts

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December 2, 1993

"Since I am in agreement that the present leadership and direction of AMORe leaves something to be desired, what can be done about it? I was encouraged by a number of concerned Rosicrucians quoted in the «'b~oltitl(s who are asking that. While maybe we are at that moment when the exoteric organization should "'end either to the law of silence (l08 year cycle) or permanently,'" as suggested by Frater U (Maryland), I wonder if, this is just the time when a strong and active Order, both exoteric and esoteric, is urgently needed. I suggest we are obliged to carry out the Great Work: We must reform or reconstitute the one to further the other."

"I hope that you will agree with me that this is not the time to quit. I do not mean. this in any boastful or egotistic way, but 1 have never felt closer than now to the Great Brotherhood that transcends all exoteric bodies, from Theosophical and Golden Dawn, to AMORe and what may follow. In the quiet and peace of my sanctum, I continue to receive an important message: Find and use the great power that exists within yourself to overcome and help in the present struggle to overcome the obstacles that frustrate us and the essential mission originally assigned to AMORC."

"So I am prepared to do what I can to help in any effort that will preserve and further this Great Work of AMORe. I eagerly await your next newsletter in which you suggest you have a course of action. Don't misunderstand me. I only remain aboard the only ship I· have known, loved and found useful. It remains afloat now, if not exactly in the greatest shape. When you, or someone, offers a better vessel, only then will I abandon this craft for what I am convinced is a better one prepared to carry out the Great Work. It

Letters. ".Continues on Page 3

Page 3

"Thanks for hearing me out. You may print am part of my letter. if it will help. Just don't include my name, because I think I am of more value now to whatever is to be done, than I would be outside and isolated from AMORe. I have distributed issues of this newsletter to those interested. and we have informally discussed the situation in our affiliated body meetings. Most of us, however. believe we must for now remain a part of the organization, and await developments. The enclosed check is to help with postage, etc."

"My dad. who went through transition seven years ago. would be upset to think that his beloved AMORe would ever "ex-communicate" or intimidate any earnest, but upset member. He was a friend of Ralph Lewis. I am grateful that he missed out on most of this current state of affairs."

"With all good wishes for Peace Profound, I am" "Sincerely and fraternally," Frater. FRe.

"November 2,1993"

"Dear Frater ...• "

"Thank you very much for your letter of 16 October 1993. Unfortunately, it appears that part of your letter was left out of the envelope when it was sent."

"What we have read of your letter is very interesting and we would like to read the remainder. We are not expressly encouraging members to quit AMORe. To the contrary. we have expressly stated to a number of members that it is important that sincere . Students remain within AMORe, as many as are able to "stomach" the situation. We remain in contact with our Rosicrucian friends as well. We are only trying to keep them apprised of the current situation, so that all are able to make informed decisions."

December 2, 1993

"Regardless of the claims of San Jose. the "updates" do not reflect current science and medicine. They reflect a very questionable kind of manipulation that diverges seriously from the high ethical principles that we had come to equate with the AMORe of the Lewis'."

"Sincerely and Fraternally." "Kenneth A. Thompson, FRC"

"11 November 1993"

"Dear Frater Thompson:"

"I've enclosed a complete copy of my 16 Oct. 1993 letter. I appreciate your reply, and am encouraged by the fact you are not encouraging members to quit AMORe, although this has been the affect of your previous messages on some former members. I want you to know I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed .... "

"I remain. however, definitely one of those who feels it is too important to give up. and will "stomach" the situation, and hang in there to continue the battle within the exoteric organization. I remain an active affiliate body officer and also an active member of the [local] Regional Committee. In this position, I not only have felt that I could contribute much to the good of the Order, but also leam more about what is going on."

"1 want you to know that I generally agree with your comments about the so-called "updates" of monographs, despite my effort to convey what I understood to be the rationale behind this effon as I understood it when I wrote my original letter. What I do not understand is what I recently have learned is new policy concerning what I interpret as an effon to dump long time members, by telling them that they can "continue their studies" after they complete the 12th Degree by, in effect, starting over."

Letters ... Continues on Page 4

Page 4

"I've enclosed a copy of the interesting letter from Grand Master Knutson explaining the offer to "older members." Although I am only two-thirds of the way through the 12th Degree, several members close to me have completed all the monographs (one has been a member for more than 40 years and another has a 50 year pin!). Now, they are told, if they want, they may begin all over again, paying for the updated monographs, etc. I can tell you, this is not a wellreceived offer in my area. If they don't like that, they can just go inactive, seems to be the message. This is really insulting. If anyone wants to stan over, and I frequently read my early monographs to keep my memory strong concerning earlier ideas. But I don't need a new set of monographs. Nor do the others, they emphatically have told me."

"Further, a memo to the regional committees from Knutson concerning the Grand Council Meeting June 26-27 in San Jose has further upset everyone in my group, including me. I assume that you have a copy of this Oct. 11 memo. I have so many questions about this latest series of decisions, I have neither the time nor space to summarize let alone to elaborate on them here. I definitely want to get more information from Kristie, first, just to be sure I have correctly understood what she is telling us. Sometimes she is not exactly clear, to put it mildly. I am therefore only calling your attention to what you probably, like myself, already am reading and digesting (and I hope your digestive system and stomach is goo and strong). I am involved in "mundane work" now and will need more time to work through all of this .... "

"If all of this were not enough, I have received an interesting letter from [a soror], providing her reaction to "hnperator Gary L. Stewart's Response to Kristie Knutson's Statements" concerning her letter on the occasion of the "mutual dismissal of the 'AMORe Court Case'." this is a remarkable statement!"

December 2, 1993

"As in the case of the Regional Committee memo and directives, I am more puzzled than enlightened by what I think I detect behind the words. I again plead for more time to study and evaluate this material, before responding more. Obviously, you, writing in the lt4stttuctau (tbtoutcles will have much to report and comment on in the future. I look forward to that!" "Mon Dieu! (as Christian Bernard might say) How do we keep up with all of this? Will this ever end so that we can get back to what AMORC was established to accomplish. I am looking forward to your positive ideas for carrying on the Great Work; but without the distractions, preoccupations and personal petty bids for power, money and self-righteousness. I know it can be done. It will not be easy."

. Frater, FRC.

"9th Nov. '93" "Dear Chronicle Fraters & Sorors,"

"This is to thank you for sending me the information about the Supreme Grand Lodge, of which I have such beautiful memories."

"Accept my understanding of all the challenges you have been facing."

"Being now in the Planes, where we are Light Bearers & Light Sharers, it is plain to me why you've had to act as you did."

"It was true what you thought. Most of the members over here had little or no knowledge of what was happening with you."

"One of my Martinist Friends told me a little about it whilst I was a member of their team. He said you were fighting to have the Lewis Monographs preserved. "

Letter-s ... Continues on Page 5

Page 5

"All of your more long term members I know of have received their teaching from these."

"It seemed strange to me sometimes that the later Monographs did not mention God in the way ours did. We had them in our weekly Forums."

"I moved here in Oct. '91, so have now been 2 years in this flat (you call them apartments, we flats)."

"Unfortunately old time members from here have moved away, or had their transitions, & we have not now enough members to have a Pronaos."

"We need to work hard over here to support our English Grand Lodge, and members have helped there voluntarily. They lost so many trees there in '87, & the building was also damaged. We too, are short of money."

"It has always seemed to beautiful that we could serve freely, without payment. We serve best in how we live, don't we, wherever we are."

"Thank you for your courage & dedication. We can each only do as our inner selves guide us."

"Peace Profound."

"Sincerely & fraternally," Soror, England

Our readers have told us that they have shared many copies of the ~stt~tatt «bl'ottid~s with others.

Rosicrucians on every continent, around the world, have been receiving copies the «:bl'ott ides for months now.

"Dear Rosicrucian Chronicles,"

"I have just obtained from somebody who is a member of AMORC the November 2, 1992

"Rosicrucian Chronicles"!"

December 2, 1993

"I am an ex-member of AMORC for all of the reasons, and more, which were published in the Nov. 2, 1992 issue of the "Rosicrucian Chronicles"."

"I would like to be placed on your mailing list to receive the "Rosicrucian Chronicles"."

"I first became a member when I was 18 in 1962 and probably was a member for about 20 years or so before I jumped the sinking autocratic Rosicrucian organization.

"First of all I was also in the Martinist Order. I almost got to the end of the 12th Degree when I told AMORC good-bye."

"I saw BIG problems everywhere as a member.

Also other members who were my friends did too."

"And like I told AMORC a few years ago, The Great White Brotherhood has given the Supreme Lodge tests which they have failed. The Great White Brotherhood has seen all and is watching all."

"What is happening is that the bricks to the AMORe building are being taken apart bit by bit until no building will stand again."

Concerned Frater

"Sept. 13, 1993" "SAR Bodhi Naga" "Sovereign Director" "Supreme Council"

"% Rosicrucian Chronicles"

"SAR Bodhi Naga:"

"There are many Rosicrucians who were happy to see your signature in the August 2, 93 Chronicles. Many of us have been waiting for someone in authority to present us with a game plan that included specific goals."

utters ... Continues on Page 6

Page 6

"I have been working on a small plan that I will out line below and will TRY to carry out if you agree. My main concern is that all efforts are coordinated and toward a common goal. The Chronicles have done a good job at informing the membership. Now we need a course of action to follow."

"Preliminary Organization Plan"

"PURPOSE: We will organize a group of Rosicrucian members and former members to find means to oppose the degradation of Amore."

"To fill the void left by Amore through lectures and forums. The emphasis of these teachings shall be history and traditions, esoteric principles, and a familiarization with the Hierarchy."

"METHOD: Initially we shall oppose the degradation by increasing the number of people who are aware of the problems with in the Rosicrucian Order. We will enlist the help of those, who are both able and willing to work for the Hierarchy (lawyers, fundraisers, lecturers, etc.). There will be no passive members in our group."

"To implement the forums and lectures, we shall have two forms of meetings. First, we will meet regularly at a public location for general conversation. Second, a monthly meeting held at a secure location for prepared talks and updating of our game plan."

"EXPANSION: Once we have several quality discourses we may offer these to similar groups in other areas. We should help organize as many opposition groups as possible and coordinate their action. Our group should keep the lines of communication open with opposition groups in other countries and the membership at large. This can be done directly and through the Chronicles."

"We will draw into our circle as many members as possible by guaranteeing that we have access to the best lectures. We will obtain these articles through the Chronicles, also soliciting them directly from quality sources."

December 2, 1993

"CONTINUED EDUCATION: Many active members will hesitate from withdrawing financial support from Amore since this will mean they cannot continue their lessons. To circumvent this problem we can copy the lessons then offer these to those who wish to continue their lessons during these trying times. Since the copy write has been lost and only if you and others agree. In essence we would act as though Amore had entered its period of silence. In Actuality it already is silent."

"Our main concern is which direction Amore will take and the preservation of as much as possible for the rebirth of Rosicrucianism."

"Before we can begin organizing in earnest we will need to establish our primary goal: Retaking Amore from the occupational forces; The shutting down of Amore; Or simply inform it's members that Amore has lost all support from its founders and to search for light at another organization."

"I am confident that several competent individuals would aid in this enterprise particularly if they knew it was sanctioned by you. Of course, the plan above is both preliminary and general. Please change any items which you feel are inappropriate and add any that the plan lacks."

"Sincerely and Fraternally," Soror, PRC (Maryland, USA)

liPS. If there is another plan in the works then I would be happy to support it."

Dear Beloved Soror,

There is a Plan. Part of which is different from what you have outlined, for reasons which shall be explained, and the remainder of which has already been accomplished.

Letters ... Continues on Page 7

Page 7

Thank you for your letter and your support. your insights and energy are deeply appreciated

. As was noted, much has already been accomplished. The communications' networks, and all that that implies, are operating world-wide.

The specific and common goal. toward which we all work, has always been the Great Work, as stated in our original documents, to preserve, to perpetuate and to teach the knowledge and the ''Teachings of the Ancient Rosaecrucians". A Secret Archive has been established.

Step 1; "to preserve". As has already been stated, it is very important to keep and protect all of your monographs, books and other related materials, to act as your personal Archive.

Step 2; "to perpetuate and to teach", From this Archive, make copies and provide them to those who wish to continue. From these sets of copies, compile as many complete sets of copies as possible, to act as your local Archive. There are 37 years of monographs. It requires 17 years to complete the 12th Degree and the 7 Planes require the remaining 20 years. Make it your goal to acquire a complete copy of each Degree and Plane. Study and share them "in Order".

Step 3; Be Tolerant and Open Minded.

Realize that we are not forming another splinter group. per se. I know sincere Students within all of them. They and you are all doing a wonderful job. We are encouraging all Students to work within the exoteric group to which they are guided by their Inner Self, including AMORe. All that we ask is that they remain True to their Greater Self. The Order is not a religion, but perhaps an analogy using religion will be helpful. It is not necessary to belong to a particular congregation in order to be a good Christian, or good Buddhist, or good Muslim, etc., or good Rosicrucian. Reread "the purpose of the Rosicrucian Order". study and share the Rosicrucian Manual. Take what you find there to Heart.

December 2, 1993

On the other hand, if you feel that it is necessary to exclude members of a particular group; ask yourself the question, How would you determine their membership without seriously and unethically invading their privacy? You couldn't. Therefore, Please don't.

Whether we are to witness "Retaking Amore" or "shutting down Amore" is not important at this time. Therefore, please don't allow your natural zeal and concern to become hate or fear. It is far more important to remain an alert walking question mark, while remaining constructive and focusing your Energy on perpetuating the Teachings and Sharing the Light.

Sincerely and Fraternally, SAR Bodhi Naga Sovereign Director



Please make note of our change in calendar. In 1994 we will begin publishing the R os ic rucian Chronicles on a Quarterly basis beginning with the first issue on March 21~ 1994. The Rosicrucian Chronicles will then be issued four times a year on the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Look for it in your mailboxes then.



'WttfJ all tlltsbts tOt _(f~Qt(f '1e1e~»JJ attb a 'oyous

))01 ibsy ~tSgOtt

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