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Karuna Ki Manual by Vincent Amador

Karuna Ki Manual by Vincent Amador

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Published by: mechanic765 on Sep 11, 2010
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This symbol is pronounced "shawn-tee". It was channeled by Pat Courtney.
Shanti translated means Peace. Shanti helps heal the past. Shanti can help you
to live harmoniously in the present and to release the past and future. We often
hold onto past hurts and dreams that prevent us from healing. Shanti helps us to
stop re-creating for ourselves the feelings stemming from the past and our
beliefs about them. By using Shanti and sending peace to these past situations,
we free ourselves from the attachments we hold onto the past. It is in this love
that we heal. Shanti can be used for manifesting the best possible results. It
releases fears and nightmares. Shanti soothes the aura creating a feeling of
peace Creates integration (Kathleen Milner and William Rand state this occurs
on 7 dimensions). Shanti is used in the attunement, drawing over the body and
sweeping off the hands (resting on knees), saying, "You are filled with Divine

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