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Today I am here to present my Idea i.e. SRIJANA. SRIJANA is an organisation commited to provide quality primary and secondary education. Before explaining the tagline let me quote few words of swami viveka nanda"All the knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind;The infinite library of
the universe is in our own mind.The external world is simply the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to study our own mind".

so at srijana we only give the suggestions and create the occasion for the child to study the infinite library of the universe. Motivation: India's education status after 60 yrs. of independence. .Literacy 65.38% ----Average world leteracy 80%. .Children reaching grade V -60% , Grade VIII-40%, Grade X-30% .one out of three children in class V unable to read and write. .Increase in no. of student suicides out of frustration and stress. How do we do it? . Children are the owners of the learning process and teachers take the role of facilitator rather than being the source of knowledge and information. .Every child is different and they have got different interests.--->discover and develope the individual talent in contarst to Mass production. .All round developement. .Innovative curriculum to make learning pleasure and adventure. .Learning through experience---earning while learning---leveraging the technology and opportunities. .Indegenous teacher tarining program--Use of Interns for teaching--Improving the strength of the trained teachers. Constarints. .curriculum developement.

. .Effective teacher training program. .Creating community awareness.

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