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How to Learn Astrology 1

How to Learn Astrology 1

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Published by: dennistsai1369 on Sep 12, 2010
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Entrepreneur Michael Erlewine, an internationally-
known astrologer, has studied and practiced astrology
for over 40 years, as an author, teacher, lecturer,
personal consultant, programmer, and conference

Erlewine pioneered computerized astrology, the first
astrologer to program astrology on microcomputers and
make those programs available to his fellow astrologers.
This was in 1977. He founded the first astrology
software company, Matrix Software, in 1978, and that
company, along with Microsoft, are the two oldest
software companies still on the Internet.

Michael, joined by his astrologer-brother Stephen
Erlewine, went on to revolutionize astrology by
producing microcomputer software for the first written

About Michael Erlewine

From Michael Erlewine


astrological reports, first research system, first high-
resolution chart wheels, geographic and star maps, and
on and on.

Erlewine has a least two other careers. In the 1960s, he
was a musician. He hitchhiked with Bob Dylan, was the
lead singer for the Prime Movers Blues Band (Iggy Pop
was his drummer), and opened for bands like Cream at
the Fillmore in San Francisco, during the Summer of

An expert in blues music, Erlewine interviewed and
documented dozens of blues musicians. He went on to
found and develop the All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide,
and other major entertainment sites. He has developed
astrological content under contract with MSN, AOL, and
his companies have received scores of awards.
Michael himself has received major awards from the
American Federation of Astrologers, UAC (United
Astrology Congress), and Professional Astrologers,

Erlewine has written many articles and books on
astrology, and is the curator of the Heart Center
Astrological Library, perhaps the largest astrological
library available to researchers. Michael has made two
pilgrimages to Tibet, and is a practicing Buddhist. He
has been married 35 years, has four children, and lives
with his wife, Margaret, in Big Rapids, Michigan. He can
be reached at: Michael@StarTypes.com.

About Michael Erlewine

From Michael Erlewine


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