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Lost Indian Magic

Lost Indian Magic

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Published by: lipstea134 on Sep 12, 2010
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and scanned the crowd; but Tso was not among the people. Again he stepped into the lodge and looked at the
wall beside the door where he had hung his bow-case the night of his return. It was gone. His suspicions now
thoroughly aroused, he slipped quickly out and around to the rear of the lodge and, unnoticed by the crowd,
ran swiftly along back of the hogans until he came to the point where Wau-ko'-ma had left the village.
Coming upon an excited group of little boys, he asked them if they had seen a crippled old man pass that way.

"Yes," replied one of the boys; "and he mumbled strange talk as he passed, and he went into the desert where
the bad man went."

"Which way did he go? Speak quick!" commanded Kay'-yah.

"Around the ridge of rock yonder to the west," said the oldest boy.

Fearing he might be too late, but determined that his command regarding Wau-ko'-ma must be obeyed,
Kay'-yah ran swiftly in the direction given him by the little boys. He knew that a thirst for a just revenge, and
the deadly accuracy of Tso's marksmanship, might easily bring to naught his intended act of mercy, and that
he alone could hope to appeal to the old man's reason.

As he rounded the last point of high ground that hid the view of the desert to the west, he saw, far ahead of
him, the old To-to'-me standing like a statue against the dying light of the sunset sky. As he ran forward, the
old man, with his face turned toward the west, and all unmindful of his young friend's approach, raised his
arms triumphantly above his head; and Kay'-yah realized that he had come too late, as over the silence of the
desert came the weird cadence of Tso's deep voice as he sang -- and the song was the To-to'-me death chant.


"Howl ye, howl for the fallen foe:

Ah-ki-dah', -- ah-ee-ah-ee,

In the long and silent sleep laid low.

Ah-ki-dah', -- ah-ee.

Strong the warrior's bow and spear:

Ah-ki-dah', -- ah-ee-ah-ee,

The ghost foe howls, he quakes with fear.

Ah-ki-dah', -- ah-ee.

Up through the wind his spirit flies:

The death-birds circle wide the skies:

With beak and claw the silent fowls

Drop down, drop down: the chin-dog howls

Ah-ki-dah', -- ah-ee-ee-e e.

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