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Risk is inherent in life. Since it is the contrast of security, We strive to eliminate risk.

Risk management is a method of evaluating the value of assets, possible threats and
determining appropriate measures to secure them.

Emerging IT Security assists companies of any size, to find the solutions to protect their
assets (financial data, confidential information, brand name, equipment, intellectual
property) and meet compliance with security regulations.

IT security components in Risk Management :

 Risk assessment – CAAT inspects the overall risk, examines the value of
critical assets and provides a high-level analysis for evaluating attacks on
Information system.

 Confidentiality - Encryption helps in securing data at rest, data in transit and


 Compliance - Archiving & SIM enhances security and risk mitigation by

optimizing IT network operations.

 Business Continuity – TAMP plans for disaster recovery, crisis management,

pandemics, and workforce interruptions.

 Access control – Two factor authentication and NAC verifies and restricts the
network access of the user.

 Network Security – SCM, Firewall and Software integrity protects a network

from unwanted intruders.

Complete elimination of risk is never possible in business but our research is based on
the relevance of Information Technology in Risk Management at minimum cost.