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Acknowledgement 2- Preface 3- Executive Summary 4- About the project 5- Introduction of LAPTOPS 6- Benefits 7- Types of laptops 8- Products of laptops 9- Research Methodology 10- Research objective 11- Research design 12- Significance of the Research. 13- Research Process. 14- Research scope 15- Research limitation 16- Suggestion 17- Details about HP 18- Annual financial report for HP 19- Details about dell 20- Annual financial report for Dell 11- Compassion 12- Conclusion 13- Bibliography


AKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my great privilege to acknowledge Mr. Sachin Sina gave me opportunity to carry on the present research assignment. . 4 . I heartily thankful to him it would not be possible for me to carry this research work without him assistance and guidance.

weight and the comfort of use are also important. As well as in the choice of PC. The choice of models will depend on the aims for which you are going to buy a laptop. The project focuses on different aspect of laptops In this project there is a comparison between the hp laptops and dell leptops on the basis of various parameters. a lot of attention should be paid on the technical characteristics.Aim of the project is to determine the best laptop with the help of available secondarydata EXECUTIVESUMMARY 5 . and you should consider all the details seriously. Laptop dimensions. That’s why you should buy a laptop with all necessary facilities. You should remember that it will be almost impossible to upgrade your laptop in the future.PREFACE Choice of the laptop is not an easy task.

and a steady increase in technological competencies among the teachers. particularly with regard to telecommunications The portability of the laptops and availability of integrated tool-based software made it possible for the science teacher to undertake longterm.The themes that emerged as most significant to the students' and teachers positive experiences of the laptops as tools which facilitated their work include a high level of student and teacher motivation. as a result. the role of the teacher in facilitating and encouraging students' active appropriation of the technology. collaborative science projects with the students. students were able to gain experience with the kinds of tasks and procedures involved in scientific inquiry. This represented a significant departure from the previous years' curricula and. OBJECTIVE 6 .

The objective of the project is to compare between “HP laptops and Dell laptops . The comparison of the campanies has been done on the basis of certain parameter as follow: INTR ODUCTION 7 . ABOUT THE PROJECT This is a project on the comparison study of the two campanies which are dealing in laptop business that is dell and hp to analyze them and to see past performance and to forecast for the future performance.

25. Laptops in India have become widely popular and essential for every business in the last few years. The price of laptops in India is more or less similar to other markets in the world.Laptops are handy and compact. But some brands are cheaper to buy in India. The laptop prices in India are very competitive. As technology advances. It also allows previous models to be sold at more affordable prices. 20. These portable computers are easy to carry anywhere. 1. price of newer models raise the bar for rivals.000/.' An increasing number of computer operators are switching to laptops for easy working. 8 . 000/for a premium multinational brand.or Rs. as many brands are vying to capture the market in cities and small towns. They are also known as 'notebook computers. Laptops prices range from a bottom price of an assembled model costing Rs.

One can find laptop stores in Mumbai. Laptops are trendy portables allowing mobile business to flourish. Getting the best dealer for laptops Mumbai is confined to specific branded showrooms. Laptops dealer in Mumbai can be found in particular areas only.40000/. They can also be connected to the printer and the internet which makes them better utility machines. 9 . They are time saving machines at the workplace or home. How to buy wholesale laptops in India at cheaper rates? Contact a company showroom or your computer dealer in the city. which will benefit form it. as they are more affordable now. The usage of laptops can increase once it reaches the student community.There is also a growing market for used laptop computers in India New Laptops computers ranging Rs. He is the guy who will help you to get the best models. easily.rupees in India are currently the most preferred ones.

Benefits a personal view: 10 .

The flexibility and mobility of laptops increases access time 2. They tend to be lightweight-thus mobile 3. From my readings and personalexperience these revolve around some of the following points: 1. Can easily be moved around the classroom 4.I think when one thinks of laptops there are a few immediate advantages that come to mind. Ability to communicate and research at multiple levels 11 . One can get instant access to information (wireless or internet connected laptops) 6. Give you the option of being wireless 5.

7. webbing which then can be shared immediately Features of an ideal Laptop 12 . outlining and presentations can be generated within classroom walls 10. File sharing and ease of transferring information from one machine to another 8. Ability to do group work and collaborative projects on multiple tasks 9. Digital brainstorming. Note taking.

wireless. at present imagining a life without Desktop or Laptop is painful enough. and multimedia features to fit your onthe-go lifestyle. These have intruded our lives and we don't seem get tired of using them forget about getting rid of 13 .1. 3. laptop computers include exclusive innovations to simplify your life and your work. And. above all. 2. laptop computers come in a range of options to match your budget. Your ideal laptop is affordable. your ideal laptop is reliable. your laptop is powerful and easy to use. Types of laptops Lightweight Laptop –Come to think of it. Your ideal laptop is flexible and fun. 4. laptop computers include advanced mobility. laptop computers lead the industry in reliability and performance.

With the passage of time and growth in technological innovation.Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your present processor and feel like your speed is getting arrested or not 14 . no body will buy the logic of dragging a heavy portable Laptop. Clearly thats unacceptable. Because of the portability factor . life has become more richer . A portable Laptop which even some time back was a mere status symbol. Laptops have major advantage. However there is one thing should be remembered that though Laptops are preferred over the Desktop. has at present become a pure necessity.them.more meaningful for millions of people all over the globe. Dual-core Laptop . What more with the Desktop making way for Laptops to come into existence . Lightweight Laptop have clearly made their presence felt in the markets and in the lives of the working and the non working professionals.

called a die. 15 . Working your way out through your Laptop wont be the same again with availing of the Dualcore Laptop. Though at present there is a lot of demand for the Dual-core Laptop it might burn out your wallet.matching with the kind of success you have in mind. A major break through in the world of Laptops. While a multi-core CPU (or chiplevel multiprocessor. or more dies packaged together. Gaming Laptop. CMP) combines two or more independent cores into a single package composed of a single integrated circuit (IC). so it is advisable to look for discounts and offers from time to time on special occasions.Are you a compulsive computer freak and cant help giving in to to your fondness for the computer games? Then do avail the benefits of the Gaming Laptop. Dual-core Laptop is your performance enhancer. then go for the Dual-core Laptop. a dualcore processor contains two cores.

what more with so much options and choices available in the market.Riding high on the technological innovations. Power Laptop. the Desktop discovered its movable status in the form of Laptop. also promoting business all 16 .Gaming Laptop is very much popular with the adults and kids alike. Gaming Laptop has its own market and the demand for such laptops has been always high over the passage of time. you are like to face a selection problem unless off course you are well versed with the varieties and have deep knowledge about the whole matter. its very likely that the consumer gets utterly confused. Fascination for the Gaming Laptop is a common phenomena nowadays and . At present Laptops have become the major source for innumerable activities. Also the most frequented Laptops in the shops. While searching for a Gaming Laptop.

from homes. A movable computer light and compact enough to adjust within your lap was a distant dream many years back but now its reality and more than a dream come true. It is essentially a full17 . has ensued the competition of the manufacturers.around the globe. on the road and even while on a holiday. So choosing Power Laptop over the likes of Desktop laptop has become more common with the passage of time. which is availed by people working from the offices. Weighing a s little a s a couple of pounds with dropping prices from time to time.® an "intelligent" portable keyboard. The freedom to move away from the boundaries of your Desktop has been aided by the Power Laptop. is a lightweight and inexpensive tool designed primarily for note-taking. Products 0f laptops AlphaSmart Keyboard AlphaSmart.

a speech recognition system.featured keyboard with pre-installed word processing software limited memory. the number of devices and the logistical issues of integrating. Standard laptops typically have not been able accommodate the need these devices present for additional ports and enhanced memory. including the DreamWriter I. a low-cost laptop that uses the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system and is network and Internet ready Access issues. or environmental controls.. and a built-in scrollable display DreamWriters This product line includes several affordable portable computers for students.T. 18 . Also. Many users requiring adaptive inputs or assistive devices have been limited in their ability to access laptop computers because they may require an adapted keyboard.

the portability of a stateof-the-art laptop. Its versatility provides new display options.mounting and powering them have made it cumbersome. speaking. the computer 19 . as evidenced in most recent laptop technology Versatile and powerful. and manipulating the environment "travel" with them . When combined with these special adaptations. When such a computer system is combined. with a voice synthesizer and augmentative communication software. There are different technologies becoming available which eliminate many of these obstacles. for example. Yet it is clearly advantageous and even imperative that individuals using wheelchairs are able to have their tools for writing. Display options: The flat panel display is a highly visible VGA or CGA screen which is also extremely compact and lightweight. and the versatility of a customizable desktop. portable computers can have the usefulness of a dedicated system. "Card" technology.

It is more comfortable to work with a large display.4 display diagonal can be used for the playing games as well as for office for office work 20 .A laptop with 17 and 15. but compactness and small weight have their advantages.becomes a powerful and portable augmentative communication system Laptop displaymatrix The aims for which you are buying a laptop. will strongly affect the choice of the laptop.

Laptop processor 21 .

There is no possibility to change it during the upgrading aptop HDD 22 .Processor is one of the main part of every computer. here there are some details connected to energy consumption and heat generating Motherboard It is important that the motherboard has an additional slot (one or two) for the RAM increase Every producer tries to decrease the dimensions and the weight of the laptop. the main indicator for you will be CPU clock. that’s why every model has a special motherboard. Besides. including a laptop. When you are going to buy a laptop.

The capacity of HDD depends on the aims imposed on the laptop. Of course the price of the laptop will depend on the HDD parameters RAM Minimal RAM capacity of the laptop necessary for its work is 256 MB.HDD in the laptop. If you are going to work with resource-intensive facilities. as well as in the PC is a main information carrier. Laptop graphics card 23 . You can buy a laptop with HDDfrom40 to 200GB. It will decrease the working speed and will heighten the energy consumption. then you should buy a laptop with RAM from 512MB. if the RAM is not enough. the part of the data will be transferred to the hard disk. As well as on the PC. The necessity of RAM extension should influence the choice of the laptop.

Built-in AC’97 codec is enough for audio files reproduction. These speakers are not very powerful. Nowadays. Originally.You cannot choose a laptop graphics card. producers didn’t pay a lot of attention to this parameter. The sound card should have and audio input. Laptop often has a built-in acoustics. because laptop was created for office work. You can buy a laptop only with an installed graphics card. when the users have more needs. so if you want to have a more qualitative sound. you can buy a laptop with a powerful graphics card with its own memory up to 256MB Laptop sound card Laptop sound card is usually built-in and has all the necessary facilities. Keyboard and laptop positioner Laptop keyboard 24 . you should buy additional speakers.

Netcard.11 b/g is becoming more and more popular. Ethernet 10/100 Mb/sec netcard is built-in. Wi-Fi module Communication facilities are very important for everyone who is going to buy a laptop.90/V. Laptop inputs/outputs Inputs and outputs create additional connecting possibilities. That’s why modern models usually have a modem (standard V. Usually part of the keyboard with letters is full-size. 25 . Ethernet (Wi-Fi) standard 802.92. Many modules are equipped with it. It isn’t a problem to buy a laptop with Wi-Fi module nowadays.differs from the standard one. Keys can have unusual sizes and arrangement. 56k). modem. and other functional keys are smaller and are arranged differently.

with a help of which you can connect to various devices.First of all. it’s a USB-port. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A fo th r s a c s r e ee r h m th d lo y th c n e n d e oo g e ocr e d ta h s b e c lle te b a a en o c d y p im r a d s c n a y r ay n e o d r ma . en F s s p w s to s e th ir t te a e e w o d ta a o t H h le e ils b u P L P O Sa d D ll L P O S AT P n e AT P a d th n c m a e th m n e o pr e A Da a z th mo N n ly e e n 26 .

as it exists in present 27 .c r in p r m te to k o e ta aa e r nw w ic is b s o e . The major purpose is the description of state affairs. h h et n RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To study the top 2 laptops campany and to compare them to find out the best laptop form customer point of view and to determine the future performance of them RESEARCH DESIGN My research is of descriptive type.

Research Process Research process is step-by-step procedure followed by every research for the research study. opportunity and threats of the laptops and thus help in making the right decision for consumers.Significance of the Research The survey was done to find out the leading two better laptops between hp and dell companies and to identify the performance at present and in the forth coming future. The project will help in choosing the right laptops of better companies.Here the data was first collected by the fact sheet and then 28 .It will also help in analyzing the strength weakness. . they have been compared on the basis of the expected future performance.

compared with the help of the certain parameter . There are various other external factors which affect the performance and are not 29 . which will help them . Scope This project will help the customer to identify the parameters. Limitation Every research has its own limitation and so does this have its own limitation which may result in variation in the performance. comparison have been made on the basis of limited parameter various other parameter which affect its performances are not taken in to consideration.

under the control such as the performance of the campanies Suggestion Laptops should be purchased after analyzing the performance of the campany then buy it 30 .

The Company is a global technology company and generates net revenue and earns its profits from the sale of products. businesses and governments. HP Services Software. handheld computing devices. home and business imaging and printing devices. Hewlett and David Packard. a wide array of information technology services and software solutions. storage and servers. technologies.Detail about HP and DELL About HP Hewlett Packard Company was incorporated in 1947 under the laws of the State of California as the successor to a partnership founded in 1939 by William R. publishing systems. The Company's portfolio includes personal computers. solutions and services to consumers. the 31 . It has seven business segments: Enterprise Storage and Servers.

Personal Systems Group. including support. and Corporate Investments. that allow enterprise customers to manage its IT infrastructure. 32 . ESS. IT services and business processes under the HP Open View brand. including technology services. PSG provides commercial PCs. the Imaging and Printing Group. operations. applications. PSG is one of the vendors of personal computers in the world based on unit volume shipped and annual revenue. consulting and integration and managed services. TSG's mission is to coordinate its Enterprise offerings across organizations to create solutions that allow customers to manage and transform its business and information technology environments. Software provides management software solutions. HPS provides a portfolio of multi-vendor IT services. HP Financial Services. HPS and Software are structured beneath a broader Technology Solutions Group.

calculators and other related accessories. IPG is the imaging and printing systems provider in the world for printer hardware. handheld computing devices. The Company utilizes a number of contract manufacturers and 33 . IPG's offerings include inkjet printers. digital entertainment systems. providing solutions across customer segments from individual consumers to small and medium businesses to large enterprises. and certain business incubation projects. providing a range of valueadded financial life cycle management services. also known as HP Labs. graphics and imaging and printer supplies.consumer PCs. printing supplies and scanning devices. LaserJet printers. software and services for the commercial and consumer markets. HPFS supports and enhances HP's global product and service solutions. digital photography and entertainment. Corporate Investments is managed by the Office of Strategy and Technology and includes HewlettPackard Laboratories. workstations.

947.00 12. All amounts in millions except per share amounts.00 3.00 9.00 2. Annual Financials for Hewlett-Packard Co.00 4.776. It employs BTO capabilities to maximize manufacturing efficiencies by producing high volumes of basic product configurations.00 57.00 3.00 10.018.00 4.original design manufacturers around the world to manufacture HP-designed products.000 employees worldwide as of October 31.608.00 3.405.00 3.130. Operating Revenue Gross Operating Profit Operating Profit before Depreciation (EBITDA) Income Before Tax (EBT) Total Net Income 01/2008 (TTM) 01/2007 (TTM) 01/2006 (TTM) 01/2005 (TTM 61.00 55.583.349.788.00 3.00 4.133.345.827.00 4.537.602.00 49.278.541. CTO permits configuration of units to the particular hardware and software customization requirements of certain customers.420. 2005.00 4.121. The Company had approximately 150.987.285.00 9.00 2.00 34 .

sells. manufactures. and maintaining low levels of inventory and capital investment. The unique strengths of its direct model facilitate the Company consistent delivery of profitability and strong performance 35 . was founded in 1984. The Company's direct model begins and ends with its customers. and supports a range of information technology systems and services that are designed to satisfy specific customer requirements. a Delaware corporation. It believes in entering the market quickly with new and relevant technology to meet changing customer needs. The Company is a diversified technology provider.About Dell Dell Inc.. Through its direct business model. focused on providing custom solutions and the customer experience in the industry. the Company designs. building systems to order. providing expert services tailored to differing customer needs. develops. markets.

The Company is focused on developing standards-based technologies that incorporate highly desirable features and capabilities at competitive prices. The Company's market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the customer experience by selling products and services directly to customers. including desktop computer systems. functional testing. and storage products.across its business segments. The Company manufactures most of the products it sells and has manufacturing locations worldwide to service its global customer base. Its manufacturing process consists of assembly. software installation. During calendar 2005. and quality control. 36 . The Company offers a range of product categories. servers and networking products. software and peripherals. mobility products. enhanced services. the Company was the number one supplier of personal computer systems worldwide as well as in the United States.

. had approximately 900 employees.P. and other customer financial services for its business and consumer customers in the U.200 regular employees and Dell Financial Services L. Its business is subject to regulation by various federal and state governmental agencies. and product components from a large number of suppliers.S. asset management services. supplies. Dell had approximately 65.P. Approximately 26.The Company purchases materials. a joint venture between Dell and CIT Group.200 of these employees were located in the U. As of February 3.S. The Company employs a unique and inherently better collaborative approach to product design and development. Inc.900 were located in other countries 37 . through Dell Financial Services L.. 2006. and approximately 39. The Company offers various financing alternatives.

00 3.304. Operating Revenue Gross Operating Profit Operating Profit before Depreciation (EBITDA) Income Before Tax (EBT) Total Net Income 10/2007 (TTM) 10/2006 (TTM) 10/2005 (TTM) 10/2004 (TTM 104.978.00 7.196.00 6.497.00 11.123.00 7.264.00 20.198.00 23.00 86.00 9.658.398.Annual Financials for Dell Inc All amounts in millions except per share amounts.827.886.00 3.00 6.286.00 21.543.980.0 0 27.696.191.00 79.177.00 7.00 2.00 Camparion between HP and Dell Laptops 38 .484.321.00 9.00 4.905.00 91.

Business Today 3.S YADAV. FOUNDATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 39 .com Journals.com http://www.com http://www. laptop world Books: D. Economic Times 2.BIBLIOGRAPHY Internet: Websites: http://www. Newspapers & Books refered: 1.google.dell.hp..

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