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Product & Brand Management Assignment (1)

Product & Brand Management Assignment (1)

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Published by: asishagarwal86 on Sep 12, 2010
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Brand Element Brand Positioning & Brand Building Strategies

Presented By:Arijit Chakraborty. DSBSPGDMA 09008

.What is Brand Element? „ The elements that helped in building a brand are called brand element.

Element of a Brand .


The act of designing the company s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. delivered to your door within 30 minutes of ordering. at a moderate price . Value Proposition A good hot pizza.

.both in terms of its values and philosophies.„ "The new identity and logo is based on the consumer-centric approach of the brand and its positioning to be closer to the consumers heart . as well as its servicing aspects.

„ The brand make-over is aimed at Youthminded consumers who have a new global mindset. „ The Videocon logo is the heart of the new brand identity. The Fluid lava reflects the brand idea. the color green is symbolic to the company's ecology drive. 'Experience change'.e. „ The color palette has been chosen to reflect the philosophy of Videocon Group i. .

Videocon s range of home appliances air conditioners. etc. washing machines. „ „ . televisions. refrigerators. This again is of the type One brand all products .„ Umbrella Branding.


Launched as an additive & substitute to milk. Market share of more than 50%. Launched in the year 1930 .Sir WILLIAM HORLICKS The original manufacture & patent holder of the malted drink.  Now a product from. .GSK Consumer Health. Most trusted health drink brand (6th position in trusted brand list).

.It was initially introduced both a substitute & an additive to milk and it was initially positioned itself as ³food for convalescing´ & a nutrient supplement for kids only From a boring nutritional drink. GSK positioned Horlicks as `pleasurable nourishment'. chocolate and honey variants. by launching it in vanilla.

Sharper .Wiz kid & Dream Team. takes the thought to the next level by communicating how Horlicks enables kids to have a bigger. childhood while growing Taller. better. CAMPAIGN: ³Badlo Apne Bachpan Ka Size´.PROMOTION: Organized nationwide events like. Stronger.

PRODUCT FOCUS: Benefit of 23 vital nutrients. . DISTRIBUTION COVERAGE: Through more than 5lac retail outlets.

. The brand today talks to every member of the family rather than the entire family The idea is to address all age groups. So. market research showed that Horlicks was seen ³as a nourishing. but boring drink´ and was beginning to lose significance.In the late 1990s. the brand was revamped: It was made tastier and launched in two new flavours ² vanilla and honey. in 2003.

GSK is contemplating to expand its Rs 12 billion flagship brand Horlicks into 8-10 new product segments over the next 12-18 months Leverage on Brand Equity .

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