Cloud computing is an emerging computing technology internet-based ,whereby shared resources ,software and information are provided to computer and other devices on demand. In technical words it is the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the internet on a utility basis.


History 1990 Telephone companies VPN based service 1999 concept of ON DEMAND and SaaS 2000 Microsoft Web based services 2006 ‡Amazon web services 2007 Google . IBM Cloud computing research project 2010 microsoft 75% is cloud based Year from now is 90% .

Layers of Cloud Computing 1)Clients 2)Application 3)Platform 4)Infrastructure 5)Servers .

Architecture Cloud architecture comprises hardware and software designed by a cloud architect who typically works for a cloud integrator. . usually web services. It involves multiple cloud components communicating with each other over application programming interfaces.

Cloud Computing can be basically divided into two parts 1)user 2)Cloud .

User Anyone with a computer having web browser and internet connection .

.Cloud The term cloud is used as a metaphor for the internet. based on how the internet is depicted in computer network diagram.

Types of Cloud 1)Public cloud 2)Private cloud 3)Hybrid cloud .

Public cloud Public cloud describes cloud computing in the traditional mainstream sense. Amazon web service largest public cloud provider. sells service to any one on internet. .

and reliability concerns. corporate governance. capitalizing on data security.Private cloud Private cloud are propitary networks data centers providing hosted service to limited users. .These products claim to deliver some benefits of cloud computing without the pitfalls .

A hybrid cloud environment consisting of multiple internal and/or external providers will be typical for most enterprises . .

Advantages of Cloud Computing 1)Cost 2)Device 3)Multi-tenancy 4)Reliability 5)Scalability 6)Security 7)Elastic .

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing 1)Internet connectivity 2)Security is in hands of third party 3)Cloud host disappears .

.Need for change of present Internet scenario Cloud Computing is necessary because the amount of data that the internet servers work with these days are about to increase exponentially.

. Apple have already launched initiative towards cloud computing. Microsoft.Silicon Valley and Cloud Computing Most of the leading companies like Google. IBM.

. In January 2010 it is launching gOS CLOUD which is the first ever cloud computing operating system.Google towards Cloud Computing Google has raised its first step towards cloud computing.

gOS Cloud is based on gOS or "good OS which is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created by 'Good OS LLC'. a Los Angeles-based .

IBM towards Cloud Computing IBM is working towards providing private cloud computing environment with the IBM Cloud Burst. .

Microsoft towards cloud computing Microsoft is introducing AZURE Platform which will provide web based application. .

iwork. presentation etc. .Apple towards cloud computing Apple has launched a website called which gives users web based application like spreadsheet.

Plus the advantages of cloud computing are very large both for the providers and the user s so the future of cloud computing is very bright. . To handle this situation cloud computing is going to be the best solution.Future Scope As the user s are increasing exponentially and so the data.

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