Three Year Course

General Information Scheme of Examination L.L.B. First Year L.L.B. Second Year L.L.B. Third Year

Examinations-Faculty of Law Bachelor of Laws (Three Year Course) (New Scheme) 1. 0.251, 0.252, 0.253, 0.253-A, 0.253-B and 0.253-C be rewarded asfollows : 0.251 : There shall be Three Years Course for the degree of L.L.B (P) and Two Year Course for the degree of L.L.B. (A) and the teaching shall be conducted through the Lecture method, practicals and performance during the session and examination shall be conducted through written papers practicals and viva-voice at the end of each year. Three Year L.L.B. (P) Course : 1. L.L.B. (P) L.L.B.(A) : First Year Examination at the end of the First Year. 2. L.L.B. (P)/ L.L.B.(A) : Second Year Examination at the end of the second Year. 3. L.L.B. (P) : Third Year Examination at the end of the Third Year. All students would be admitted to L.L.B.-I Year Professional Course only and those who would like to take admission in L.L.B.-I Year Academic Course will have to apply sesparately. Those who do not apply separately, would be deemed to have been admitted to the Professional Course. The instructions shall be provided in each paper of L.L.B. I, II and III Year for 3 hours a week by all institutions running the L.L.B. classes. 0. 252 (I) A candidate who has taken the Bachelor's or the Master's Degree in Arts/Science/ Commerce/ Medicine/ Management/ Engineering/ Nurshing/ Agriculture or the Degree of Shastri/Acharya of the degree of Ayurvedacharya/Ayurveda Brahaspati of this University or any other university reconised for the purpose by the Syndicate with full course prescribed for the degree and secured a minimum of 45%marks (excluding any concessional marks) in the aggregate marks prescribed for the examination for the aforesaid degree shall be eligible for admission to L.L.B. First Year Course. Explanation : i. For The purpose of this Ordiance the marks of only those subjects/papers shall be taken into account which had been considered for awarding division at the Bachelor's/ Master's Degree Examination.

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