August 2, 2010 Dear nickname, Greetings from China!

While I am writing to you, my blood can hardly flow in silence, because the person I write to, fullname, is a legend. I am a Chinese boy, 20 years old. I learned your name when I was just nine or ten years old, on television. Since then, I have read a lot about you. What is your most unforgettable moment? mmmm? Sometimes while reading your stories, I feel so inspired as if you were right with me. But most of the time, I just feel regret that I did not witness your bright moments. You also hardened my determination of being a fan of cccc. When you faded away from green fields, cccc experienced some lows, even near-fatal moments. However, youngman then rose to inherit your shoes. They lifted cccc to another peak. The future belongs to the youth, while you, fullname, will be their best example forever. My home town, Shanghai, is an international metropolis full of vigor, dynamism and variety. Here, you can enjoy the night views on the top of Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the swift and turbulent Yangtze River along the Bund. Now, 2010 World Expo is held in Shanghai. I expect you to come here and get a sense of my home town. I hope you sign your name on the photos I enclosed. I will be very happy if you send me some other cards of yours. Thank you. Best regards, Guangsha Shi

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