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Engineering an Empire: Carthage

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Instructions: As you watch the Video: Engineering an Empire Carthage answers the following questions.

1. For how long did Carthage dominate the ancient world?

2. Who was Carthage enemy?
3. What were the Punic Wars?
4. Where did the legend of Carthage begin?

5. Who was Dido?

6. What was the name of the new city?

7. Where did Carthage establish its empire?
8. What was Carthage main focus?

9. What kind of construction did Carthage built?

10. What kind of enmities did Carthage build for its apartments?

11. How did Carthage maintain control of its empire?

12. What was the purpose of the circular harbor?

13. For how long did Carthage dominate the Mediterranean Sea?
14. What was the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea?
15. Who other superpower wanted the island of Sicily?
16. What is the meaning of the Latin word Punic?
17. What was Carthage secret weapon?
18. How did Rome turn the tide to its advantage?

19. Who won the Battle of Aegates?

20. What did Rome gain?
21. Where did Carthage turn to remain a superpower?

22. Who was Hannibal?

23. How did Hannibal reach Rome?
24. How many soldiers did Hannibal marsh to Rome?

25. How many elephants did Hannibal bring to the battle?

26. How did he cross the river?
27. When did the two armies face-off?
28. How many Romans were killed in the battle?
29. How long did Hannibal try to conquer Rome?
30. What happened to Hannibal in the end?

31. What did Cato belief about Carthage?

32. In trying to conquer Carthage what was Rome main problem?

33. Why did the Carthage women give their hair to the city?
34. How long did Carthage withstand the Roman attack?
35. How did the city end?