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Multifunction Relays

No More Delay DIGITAL

Happy Journey for Railway... PROTECTION



Two Zone Digital Distance Protection

with Parallelogram Characteristics. Instantaneous Over-Current.

Wrong Phase Coupling.

PT Fuse Monitoring.

Fault Locator Disturbance Recorder. Auto Recloser Relay.


RXm Ü Specially designed for 25KVAC Feeder Protection.
WPC Max.
Impedance Limit Ü DPR Operation Blocking by Second Harmonic
WPC Ü Extremely low burden on CTs & PTs.
WPC Min. Ü Online display of R & X Values.
Impedance Limit 150
RB RF Ü Continuous, on-line self-diagnostics & report.
O +R
-R Ü RS232 / 485 communication port for remote setting &
XB monitoring.
Operation :
A. Digital Distance Relay, Wrong Phase Coupling & PT contacts of the Master Trip Relay (the same input is also
Fuse Monitoring. used for TRIP input to the ARR). This section has a
circular battery backed-up memory, which stores the
The high-speed m
-c ontroller of the ADDR/1 voltage & current samples and other relay statuses. As
simultaneously samples the current & voltage signals soon as the opto-input changes the state, this section
through a 12-bit A/D convertor and performs powerful latches 10 cycles each of voltage & current samples of
Digital Algorithms to find out the real & imaginary parts pre-fault & post-fault conditions & also records relay
of the complex impedance (R & X) and the 2ND harmonics status & real-time. All this data stored in the non-volatile
of the current. These R & X values are displayed on the memory can be utilised for analysing the fault location,
front panel. through a software, loaded on a computer, specially
developed by ASHIDA.
The m
-c then compares the R & X values with
parallelogram characteristics. In case the impedance C. Instantaneous Over Current Protection.
values lie within zone-1 then immediately a trip
This section, having a setting range from 100 to 2000%,
command is executed. If the values lie above Zone-1 but
is digitally tuned to the fundamental frequency & is thus
below Zone-2 setting then the trip command is executed
immune to harmonics & spikes generated by
after the time delay.
All parameters are programmable via the front panel
D. Two-Shot Intelligent Auto Recloser Relay.
MMI & can be also set from remote location through the
module's RS232 / 485 connectivity. This section monitors MTR contacts and controls closing
operation of CB. As soon as the C.B. trips on transient
If the impedance value is within the specified limits &
fault, the recloser starts dead time. After dead time,
within 2ND quadrant and the angle is between 900 to 1500,
recloser provides closing command to C.B. The relay
then WPC signal is generated & trip command is
controls the closing command width by monitoring
breaker operation. After dead time the relay starts the
If the PT voltage is less than 2V for more than 500ms & reclaim timer. If another fault occurs with in the reclaim
CB is in close condition then PT failure Alarm is time then relay goes to lockout position. The relay can be
generated. If the current signal is above 1.5A then programmed to perform single shot or two shot
immediately a trip command is given to the CB. operations. The relay can be reset from lockout condition
either by local key-board or remotely through RC. Relay
B. Fault Locator Disturbance Recorder Section.
intelligently blocks recloser in case fault level is too high
This independent section of the ADDR/1 has an optically (programmable) or DPR operates in Zone 2(Extended
isolated input, which can be connected to one of the zone).
Technical Data ADDR/1:
Resistance setting : 0.04 to 60.0W
CT secondary : 5A AC.
Reactance setting : 0.04 to 60.0W
PT secondary : 110V AC.
Range of RCA : 50 to 85
Auxiliary Supply : 77 – 110 – 135 VDC.
Range for Tb : 0.05 to 0.150 secs.
VA burden on CT : < 0.5VA.
Min. operating Current : 20% of rated.
VA burden on PT : < 5VA.
Setting Accuracy. : +/- 5% or +/- 10.
VA burden on Aux. : < 20 W.
Oprtg Frequency : 47 – 50 – 52 Hz.
: 00C to +65 C.
Operating Temp.
WPC Operation : For Ð900<>1500 &
Continuous current rating. : 10A. impedance 2-6W (LL) &
CT Thermal withstand : 100A for 3 secs. 20-60W (HL) settable
Continuous voltage rating. : 165VAC. 2ND Harmonics restrain : For more than 15%.
PT Thermal withstand : 220VAC for 1.0 sec. PT Fuse Alarm : For voltage < set limit, for
Insulation : 2.5KV for 3 minutes between more than 500ms & CB is in
(as per IS3231) all terminals & body. close condition.

IR Resistance : > 100MW

, as per IS3231. Reset Time : Less than 60 ms.

Control Contacts. : 3NO, for trip & Annunciation

& Telemetering. Intelligent Auto Recloser Relay

Control Contacts rating : Make & Carry for 3 secs :

30A & 250V max. Dead Time 1 : 0.1 to 1.0 secs.
Break : 5A @ 250VAC, 50 Hz Reclaim Time : 6.0 to 60 secs.
& cosoI 0.4, 0.5A @
220VDC. L/R = 45 ms. Dead Time 2 : 10 to 60 secs.

HF disturbance Test : 1.2KV, as per IS8686.

Instantaneous OCR
Impulse Test : 5KV peak as per IS8686.
Cabinet : Cutout - 138V X 282H mm Range : 100 to 2000%, in course &
Depth - 150 mm fine.
Operating Time : Within 25ms at
Digital Distance Relay Section 1.5 times of setting.
Setting Available : Forward & Backward Characteristics : Tuned to 50 Hz, immune to
Resistance Rf & Rb. Forward surges & harmonics.
& Backward Reactance RXm,
XF2 and Xb. Tb & RCA.
The Relay conforms to following RDSO specifications.
Operating Time : = 60 ms, for zone1
Xm x a) TI/SPC/PSI/PROTCT/3003.
=(Rxm (
Tr + Tb, for zone2. (ADDR/1B for Mumbai Area).
b) ETI/PSI/141(10/90).

Features :
Ü Specially designed for 25KVAC Feeder Protection for Ü Dynamic Display of on-line current, calculated values of
High Resistive Fault. impedance (Z), Resistance (R) & Reactance (X), latched
value of base current vector, fault current vector & -I
Ü Operating / Non-Operating zones are user defined, by
means of Reactance (X) Blinder.
Ü Latching of actual voltage (V) & current (I) waveforms
Ü OHE Protection against abnormal rate of rise of current,
upto 20 cycles. 10 pre-fault & 10 post fault.
on fault.
Ü Local as well as Remote resetting facility.
Ü Independent contacts for Trip, Annunciation & Tele-
Signaling. Ü Front panel RS232 port for local diagnostics.
Ü 2 harmonics restrain for harmonics exceeding 15%. Ü Rear panel RS422 / 485 serial port for multi-drop
networking for remote monitoring and SCADA
Ü Special Relay sensitivity adjustment from 0% to 100% for operations.
3rd harmonics restrain above 15%.
Ü Extremely low burdens on CTs & PTs & Aux. Supply.
Ü Programmable D -I from 1.0A to 6.0A with minimum trip
time of 85ms. Additional programmable Time Delay from Ü Self-diagnostic & self-monitoring with RELAY-OK
0 to 300ms in steps of 10ms. indication.
Ü User Parameters set via front panel push buttons & LCD Ü Wide range of Auxiliary supply tolerance 77 to 135VDC
display. for 110VDC rated.
Operation :
The Delta-I relay continuously monitors the OHE current &
voltage through CT & PT inputs. The high speed m
of the unit simultaneously samples these current & voltage
signals using two separate A/D convertors for zero phase
difference error. Digital algorithms are performed on the
digitised current & voltage samples to find (a) line impedance
(Z, R,X ), (b) the fundamental and the 2nd & 3rd harmonics of the
current, & (c) vectorial values of current & voltage, as required
for the operation of the relay.

The tuned band-pass characteristics provide stable and

excellent filter response, rejecting the noise signal.

The range of measured / computed parameters as well as

internal digital flags status are dynamically displayed on a front
Technical Data :
CT secondary : 5A AC.
panel back-lit dot-matrix 16 character X 2 lines LCD display.
PT secondary : 110V AC.
The relay continuously monitors the vectorial D
-I. The moment
Auxiliary Supply : 77 – 110 – 135 VDC.
-I current crosses the set value, the trip timer starts. During VA burden on CT : < 0.5VA.
the execution of the trip time if the X components of complex VA burden on PT : < 1VA.
impedance remains within the set blinder limit, the relay VA burden on Aux. : < 15 W.
executes a trip command. Operating Temp. : 00C to +550C.
The Relay allows power transformer charging and also Continuous current rating. : 2 times of rated.
prevents unwanted tripping when multiple EMUs start at the CT Thermal withstand : 20 times of rated for 1 sec.
same time in a section. For this, the 2 nd rd
& 3 harmonic Continuous voltage rating. : 1.5 times of rated.
components of the load current are monitored & the relay is PT Thermal withstand : 2 times of rated for 1 sec.
appropriately restrained. If the 2 harmonic component goes Insulation : Between all terminals & body,
(as per IS3231) 2.5KV for 3 minutes
more than 15% then the relay blocks the tripping operation. If
IR Resistance : > 200MW
, as per IS3231.
the 3rd harmonics increase beyond 15% of the fundamental,
Control Contacts. : 2NO, for trip & Annunciation.
then the relay internally de-sensitizes the D
-I setting by a
Control Contacts rating : Make & Carry for 3 secs : 30A
factor of 0% to 100% (programmable). The de-sensitised VD
-I & 250V max.
Break : 5A @ 250VAC, 50 Hz
can be calculated by following formula.
& cosoI 0.4, 0.5A @ 220VDC.
L/R = 45 ms.
-I setting = VD
De-sensitised VD -I setting * De-sensitivity +
Alarm Contacts : 1NO for each Protection.
-I setting
Tele-Signaling Contacts : 1NO for each Protection.
HF disturbance Test : 1.2KV, as per IS8686.
Impulse Test : 5KV peak as per IS8686.
Reactance Setting : 00.50 to 60.00W
in steps
(Blinder) of 00.10W .
-I Vectorial : 1.00 to 6.00A.
De-sensitivity in case of : 0% to 100%.
3rd harmonics detection
2nd harmonic threshold : 15%
3 harmonic threshold : 15%
Min. Operating Time : 85 ms.
Additional Delay Time : 00ms to 300ms.
Cabinet : Cutout: 138V X 282H mm
Depth: 150 mm
The Relay conforms to following RDSO specifications.
a) TI/SPC/PSI/PROTCT/3003. (For Mumbai Area).

The ARTUVF/S unit is specially designed to suit relay-testing Ü Variable AC current: - 0-200 AMP with 250VA.
requirements of power station testing engineers. The ARTUVF/S is Ü Variable AC voltage: - 0-300VAC.
designed to give maximum numbers of functional units in single Ü Variable DC voltage: - 0-360VDC.
cabinet. It has all necessary functions for relay testing viz. auxiliary Ü Variable Phase angle - 0 - 360Deg.
power supply, variable current source up to 200A, Variable voltage Ü In- built auxiliary power supply: - 30 / 110 / 220 V
source, Time Interval Meter up to 1ms resolution etc. After adding
Ü Fix AC voltage for direction / power relay testing:
optional phase shifter and phase angle meter, the ARTUVF/S - 63.5V AC / 110V AC.
become a complete relay-testing unit for testing of all available static/ Ü Micro- controller based time measuring unit with
Electromechanical TSS relays, like IDMT Over Current (OCR- 1ms resolution.
1/2/3),/ REF/ Under- Over Voltage / Power - Directional /Distance Ü Special provision for relay's ON Delay / OFF
Delay time measurement.
Protection (DPR,WPC)/ Delta-I Protection / Auxiliary relays etc.


depends upon the intensity of current drawn by the
locomotive. The Ashida Panto Flash Over Relay (APFO/1) is
designed to identify such situation and trip the feeder circuit
breaker connected to the live side of the overlap.
Ü Specially designed for traction OHE protection.
Ü Logic as per Latest RDSO specs TI/ SPC/PSI/ PROTCT /
2983 &3003.
Ü Programmable logic.
Ü Can Detect Feed extension condition and get bypassed
Operation: automatically.
When ever one of the section of insulating over-lap (IOL)
Ü Advance micro-controller based design.
is tripped on fault, and an electric train enters from live to
Ü Continuous monitoring of module's internal hardware
dead section of the FP IOL, there may be a heavy flash and alarm generation in case of failure of any critical
over, particularly when the Panto leaves the IOL. This
Ü RS-232 and RS485 digital serial interface for remote
leads to damage of the Panto. The extent of damage
monitoring and SCADA operation.
Ashida Numerical Relays (ADDR/1, AIDI/1 etc) are View and change the setting remotely (Through TPC)
equipped with a special relay monitoring hardware. Which
continuously monitors voltage and current samples, and
latched waveforms whenever master trip relay contacts give
command to CB. This section latches total 20 cycle date (10
pre-fault and 10 post fault). Total 10 such records can be kept
in to memory. The Analysis Software, ADDRFL can be used
to do diagnostic anaylsis of any tripping operation. Further,
this data can be exported to fault locator software to locate
the actual fault location, considering dynamic conditions, like
positions of different BMs, at SSPs & SPs. The relay is
capable to be connected to the SCADA system through
RS485 or RS232 communication link and all the relay Viewing actual wave form at the time of fault.
operation can be monitor at remote TPC.

Analyzed fault—Peak Current, Drop in voltage

Impedance Analysis

RDSO approved ASHIDA Static

Protection Relays.
Ü Single Pole High Speed Biased Differential Relay.
Ü IDMT O/C Relay with Inst. Tripping (OCR1-HV side).
Ü IDMT O/C Relay (OCR2 LV side).
Ü Restricted E/F Relay (HV & LV side).
Harmonics Analysis
Ü Inst. High Speed O/C Relay (OCR3).
Ü High Speed Auto Recloser Relay (ARR).
Ü IDMT Single Pole OCR for Shunt Capacitor.
Ü Unbalance current protection (NCT).
Ü Static Inverse Time U/V Relay.
Ü Static Inverse Time O/V Relay.
Ü Definite Time Delay Relay.
Ü Auxiliary Relays for Transformer / Feeder / Capacitor
Bank Protection.


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