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Computer Repair - A Complete Illustrated Guide to Pc Hardware - c2004

Computer Repair - A Complete Illustrated Guide to Pc Hardware - c2004

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The Digital Flat Panel Monitors


The big, heavy traditional CRT monitors will eventually be phased out. To day we see them replaced by the
flat andLCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors, also known from labtops.

It may be a few years before this technology will be dominating, but it is bound to happen. The the flat
panel monitors are excellent, and they are available; the prices have gone down. Today a 17.3" LCD costs
as much as a 21" CRT monitor did 4 years ago.

The LCD screen is flat, since it contains no cathode ray tube (CRT). Instead the screen image is generated
on a flat plastic disk, where millions of transistors create the pixels.

Here you see a Siemens Nixdorf 3501T. It was my first TFT monitor (from 1997), and it produces a sharp
high resolution image - better than any other I had ever seen:

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An illustrated Guide to Monitors and the Video System

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