Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing


Daniel Milde, 2007


Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbolic language  engineering drawing standard  known as GD&T  simplifies communication between designers  enables mass production  explicitly describes nominal geometry and its allowable variation  25. 2007 2 .3.2007 Daniel Milde.

GD&T symbols 25. 2007 3 .2007 Daniel Milde.3.

3. 2007 4 industry   25.2007 .5M-1982 ASME Y14.History of GD&T in use since beginning of 20. (high volume  production of weapons)  spread into automotive and computer ANSI Y14.W.W.5M-1994 Daniel Milde. century  important in 2.

GD&T rules All dimensions must have a tolerance  Dimensioning and tolerancing shall completely define the nominal geometry and allowable variation  Measurement and scalling of the drawing is not allowed  Engineering drawings define the requirements of finished (complete) parts  No descriptions of manufacturing methods  25. 2007 5 .3.2007 Daniel Milde.

2007 Daniel Milde. 2007 6 .GD&T examples 25.3.

3. 2007 7 .GD&T examples 25.2007 Daniel Milde.

Sources  http://etinews.advanceddimensionalmanagement.2007 Daniel  http://www.efunda. 2007 8 .com  Wikipedia  Thanks for you attention!  http://www.engineersedge.3.

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