QUESTIONNAIRE Please answer the questionnaire below. It should not take you more than 7-8 minutes.

Please do not use Google as this is not a quiz. We need this data for analysis purpose and your anonymity will be maintained. Name: Udit Kariwala Age: 22 yrs Sex: Male 1. Why do you prefer eating chips over other alternatives? a. b. c. d. e. f. Saves time Superior taste Variety of flavors Inexpensive food No wastage due to less quantity Others Your answer: b 2. When you think of snack foods which are the 3 brands that come to your mind? Your answer: pepsico, haldirams and parle. 3. Identify the brand from the tagline. a. No can eat just one Your answer: lays (pepsico) b. Bole mere lips, I love… Your answer: Uncle Chips c. No confusion great combination Your answer: Mad Angles d. Tedha hai par mera hai Your answer: Kurkure (pepsico)

e. More crunch…more punch! Your answer: f. Once you pop you cannot stop! Your answer:

4. Please rank the following brands on the below mentioned parameters. (Best rank – 1, Worst rank – 6) For e.g. if you think Uncle Chips tastes best then give it rank 1 and distribute the other ranks with the other brands. You need not assign ranks to products you have not tasted. Uncle Chips 4 2 4 2 6 5 3 Kurkure 6 1 5 3 2 4 6 Lay’s 3 6 3 6 1 2 4 Bingo 5 5 1 5 3 3 5 Peppy 2 3 6 1 4 6 2 Pringles 1 4 2 4 5 1 1

Taste Quantity in pack Variety of Flavors Value for money Availabili ty Packagin g Healthy

5. Which above-mentioned brand would you associate with each of the following adjectives? Cool Classy Imaginative Trustworthy Mischievous Lays Pringles Bingo Peppy Kurkure

6. Who are the celebrities who appear in Lay’s ads?

Your answer: Saif Ali Khan (lays)

… Juhi Chawla

7. If Lay’s is not available at a shop, do you go to another shop to purchase it or do you settle for other snacks? Your answer: Yes (Yes/No) 8. Are you aware of Lay’s “Fight for your flavor” contest? If yes, did you participate? Your answer: Aware but did not participate (Yes/No)

9. What a. b. c. d.

was the most attractive feature of this campaign? Personalized feeling (to send your own recipe) Chance to taste various different recipes Chance for every customer to win and be famous Other – please mention the feature

Your answer: b 10.Did any other brand have a similar contest recently? Your answer: No idea 11.What do you mean by “dillogical”? Your answer: Stupid jargon 12.Have you visited the lays dillogical website? Your answer: no 13.Which are the sizes that lay’s is available in (in terms of price)?

Your answer: Rs 10 pack and Rs 20 Pack. 14.Identify the Lay’s product with the color. (Options: Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Red) Classic salted Magic masala American style cream and onion Spanish Tomato Tango Lime ‘n Masti Yellow Blue Green Red Brown

15.On a scale of 10, how would you rate Lay’s on the whole? Your answer: 4

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