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VM Calendar Heritage Fresh

Presented by:Gopinath R Sarvesh Singh Somya Shikha

Heritage Fresh The Heritage Group. India. ‡ The retail firm is branded has 'Heritage Fresh'. Retail and Agri under its flagship Company Heritage Foods (India) Limited (HFIL). founded in 1992 by Nara Chandrababu Naidu. ‡ Store Layout : Grid(straight format). ‡ Heritage fresh is a supermarket store. Dairy. and 27 stores in Chennai. Heritage Fresh today has a total of 75 stores across three cities. 30 in Hyderabad. with three-business divisions viz. 18 in Bangalore. ‡ ..

sugar) Primary staples(all kinds of pulses) Secondary staples ( occasional pulses and masalas) Vegetables BACK SIDE Frozen food Veg Beverages Frozen food Non Veg .Core Staple foods(rice.PLANOGRAM ‡ WALL RACKS SIDE (F). wheat.

e. storage space .PLANOGRAM ‡ WALL RACKS SIDE (R) Kitchenware Home Care Day Care products ‡ Each wall rack consists of 6 8 Shelves ‡ In which top and bottom shelves are considered as nonselling space i.

cook foods Baby foods Cosmetics ‡ Each center rack consist of 5 shelves with the bottom being the storage space.PLANOGRAM ‡ CENTRE RACKS Preserved foods Ready to eat. ‡ End caps of each center racks will be occupied by inhouse food products. .

Frequently sold product. Impulse buying products are placed in those racks . Seasonal needs will be placed in the stall bins near the rear side wall racks. Basic Products.‡ STALL BINS :     For products larger in volume. . ‡ DISPLAY RACKS : Placed near the billing counter.

‡ Pop-up boards and Lolly pops They are used to display current offers and discounts. .GRAPHIC DESIGNS AND SIGNAGES ‡ Banners They are used to separate and locate the product categories.

.24th of a month.VM CYCLE ‡ There will be around 100 120 offers/discounts running each month. ‡ Each offer will have a life cycle of one week. ‡ Promo Cycle Assortment placement cycle which will be lasting for 25th .






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