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One to One Conversation

One to One Conversation

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Published by: qnidageto on Sep 13, 2010
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One to One Conversation

By: Yanislav Georgiev 12 S
This is Local Hospital and the conversation is between me and a nurse. I a have a big headache and stomach-ache and I went to the hospital for some medical help. -Nurse: Hello, my name is Kathrin, how can I help you? (Smile) -Me: Good Morning, my name is Yanislav. (Anxious) -Nurse: Hi Yanislav how can I help you? (Smile) -Me: I have a big headache and stomach-ache? (Anxious) -Nurse: Have you been to this hospital before? -Me: (I shake my head to left and right to say no) -Nurse: Here is a form (and show me the form with her finger) fill your details in. In the time when I was filling the form the nurse asked me -Nurse: Did the headache and the stomach-ache start today? -Me: (I shake my head to left and right to say no and after it I sad) From Yesterday. -Nurse: Finish with the form? (Smile) -Me: Yes! (Smile) -Nurse: Ok! Go to true that door and to room 12 (she looked at the door the door) -Me: Ok. Have a nice day. (Smile) -Nurse: Bye Bye. (Smile) This is one to one formal conversation because it’s between me and a person that I don’t know but I know that she is a Nurse which makes me have respect to her. The conversation start with a greeting and introducing ourselves e.g., Good Morning, My name is Yanislav’. The skills that we used in the conversation are Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written conversations. We used Verbal Conversation when we ware talking and I was telling the nurse my name and my problem. We used more than one skill of Non-Verbal Conversation like Facial Expression to describe how we are felling and how do we feel about the conversation e.g. , Anxious’ , Smile’. Another Non-Verbal Conversation is the Head movement which I used to answer some of her questions which the answers to them where only with yes or no. Arm movements are also skill of Non-Verbal Conversation they are used to show an item or to show direction, in this conversation the nurse used arm movements to show me where the forms are. In the conversation there was one more Non-Verbal Conversation which was Eye Communication which is used to show direction or items or to show emotions, in this conversation the eye communication was used to show direction e.g. ,, -Nurse: Ok! Go to true that door and to room 12 (she looked at the door the door) ‘ The last type of Conversation was Written Conversation. The Written Conversation is used when a person feels up his details or for example a doctor writes a prescription to a patient. In this conversation the written conversation was when I wrote my details in the form.

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