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29 June 2003 - quote from Richard Sambrook in response to John Reid interview

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View 29 June 2003 -quote from Richard Sambrook in response to John Reid intervie
From log of 29 June 2003
Speaking on `Breakfast with Frost' (tx BBC-1, today), Health Secretary John Reid called on the BBC to say whether it still believed the claims it reported that Downmg Street had pressured intelligence sentces to exaggerate the threat from Saddam Hussetn's weapons of mass destruction Transcript of interview in Medialink In response, Dtr News, said "The Government has connrmed our source was right about the origins of the 45 minute claim, the Government has confirmed our source was right about it being inserted late into the September dossier The biggest remaining question is could Saddam Hussetn launch those weapons m 45 nunutes? As yet there is no proof he could Let me remind you, we have never accused the Prime Minister of lying, we have never accused the Prime Minister of unsleading the House of Commons or the country The real question for the BBC Ls were we right to report what we actually said., when we said tt9 We believe the answer is yes" -

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