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Psion Articles

Psion Articles

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  • Part 1 – Things to know first
  • Visualizing
  • Communicating With Yourself
  • Meditation
  • Altering Brain States
  • Trancing
  • Subconscious Programming
  • Part 2 – Psiballs
  • Psiballs
  • Force Bubbles
  • Flaring
  • Psiball FAQ
  • Part 3 – Energy Manipulation
  • Basic Energy Skills
  • Programming
  • Energy Sensing
  • Shields
  • Rejuvenation
  • Healing
  • The Chakra System
  • Energy Workout
  • Energy Manipulation FAQ
  • Part 4 – Psychokinesis; other *kinesis
  • Psychokinesis
  • Psychokinesis FAQ
  • Telekinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Pyrokinesis I & II
  • Part 5 – Perception
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy
  • Remote Viewing
  • Astral Projection
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Auric Sight
  • Sight Without Sight
  • Index


Psion articles
Compiled by AJ Ianozi Articles by: Ness, c0verst0ry, Furmen, Joe, and AJ Ianozi


Compiled by AJ Ianozi

Table of Contents
Part 1 – Things to know first.......................................................................................4 Visualizing................................................................................... ............................4 Communicating With Yourself..................................................................................8 Meditation.............................................................................. ...............................10 Altering Brain States............................................................................................. .11 Trancing...................................................................................................... ...........14 Subconscious Programming..................................................................................16 Part 2 – Psiballs............................................................................................... ..........18 Psiballs.................................................................................. ................................18 Force Bubbles....................................................................................... .................19 Flaring...................................................................................... .............................20 Psiball FAQ............................................................................................. ................22 Part 3 – Energy Manipulation....................................................................................25 Basic Energy Skills........................................................................................... ......25 Programming........................................................................................... ..............26 Energy Sensing................................................................................................. .....28 Shields......................................................................................................... ..........29 Rejuvenation.........................................................................................................30 Healing............................................................................................ ......................31 The Chakra System...............................................................................................34 Energy Workout ................................................................................ ....................37 Energy Manipulation FAQ................................................................................. ......38 Part 4 – Psychokinesis; other *kinesis.......................................................................40 Psychokinesis........................................................................................................40 Psychokinesis FAQ.................................................................................................41 Telekinesis..................................................................................... ........................43 Cryokinesis ........................................................................................ ...................45 Electrokinesis........................................................................................................46 Pyrokinesis I & II....................................................................................................49 Part 5 – Perception......................................................................................... ...........53

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Compiled by AJ Ianozi

Telepathy............................................................................................... ................53 Empathy.............................................................................................. ..................54 Remote Viewing................................................................................................. ....56 Astral Projection....................................................................................................58 Lucid Dreaming.....................................................................................................61 Auric Sight............................................................................................. ................64 Sight Without Sight............................................................................................ ....65 Index....................................................................................................................... ..67

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feel free to go to page 15. There are five senses that can be used to visualize something. So what is Psionics? What is Psi? Psi (not Greek) is just a fancy word for energy. People have more senses than just sight. You would not believe how much more in depth you could go into Psionics if you were using more than just the mind's eye for visualization. Psionics is also described as not just energy manipulation. If you actually put some effort into it. Psionics is the practice of manipulating energy for various uses. The point of this article is to explain how to go about conditioning yourself to use forms of visualization other than just your mind's eye and to learn how to use several different visualizations at once. Don’t block me out yet. try it out and then after you’re convinced that this stuff is real. The only reason it’s that symbol. Most people read the term visualize in an article on a website and instantly think of picturing the action in their minds. Not only that. just like magnetic and nuclear forces are all around us. but there are some people who do not even understand the term at all. Page 4 of 67 www. Joe. yes. read the article about Psiballs and create an energyball yourself.psionix. and try to create one. then try it out for yourself. Telepathy. is because the letter psi (Greek) and the term Psionics both have “psi” (atleast to my knowledge). you can come back to this page and continue reading. or the Trancing and Altering Brain States articles). Credit to Ness. the symbol for Psionics is “Ψ” though. I would like to explain just what “psi” is. Before you start reading these articles. and myself for writing these articles! Visualizing By c0verst0ry I decided to write this article because there are tons of people that do not realize exactly how many different ways that you can visualize something. NOTE: I must point out though that some articles may repeat instructions (such as the Visualizing and Psiball articles. Furmen. Energy is all around us. or Telekinesis. just try it yourself first! Before reading anymore in this article. my name is AJ. When I use the word “psi”. This is because this paper is compiled from many different articles.co. Is this really possible? Of course it is. I’m not giving the Greek letter. you will create an energyball! Go ahead. c0verst0ry. but also as doing extraordinary things with your mind such as Remote Viewing.nr . and if you don’t believe me.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Part 1 – Things to know first First off.

taste.nr . the easiest thing to learn about this is all of your senses.co. The best way to learn to program energy to be cold is probably to handle ice. It flows through everything. This will help with understanding how to program raw energy to feel warm. the way that the chill of the cold water makes your skin somewhat shrink at the shock. A stinging sensation then follows. See how the water covering your skin makes it more apparent that your skin is there. Feel how it hits you. By doing this. Turn on just the cold water. and feel. Take in the sensations of the water coming up over your skin. try these exercises and practice them often to get a hold over remembering the sensations that go along with them. Once you've held it for a few seconds. Feeling is one of the biggest and most important that can be used. Also. Another good thing to use the sense of touch for is learning to program energy or a construct to feel warm or hot. You can hear. TOUCH Now. Just like the ice cube. Once again. feeling like a nearly solid structure but never holding its form. see. Stick your hand under the flow and let the water run over your skin. you can sit near a fire or hold your hands out to a heater to learn and remember the sensations involved with intense heat. Repeat the same processes only using warm water rather than cold water. Now. it makes your skin and muscles contract and swell. Get a cube of ice and hold it in your hand. it will sting and cause your skin to tighten. Water is still good to use here. good memory and an active imagination will help a great deal. A good way to learn to manipulate energy by using a tactile visualization is water. The water allows you to feel every single millimeter of your flesh. Also. Grab it in your hand and notice how like the water. smell. fill a sink/tub with enough water to go up over your wrist. Slowly submerge your arm as deep as you can. Can you think of anything else that easily flows and runs through a cycle? Water. Page 5 of 67 www. Feel how at first the ice does not feel that bad. but does not have a truly solid form unless you put pressure on it. Another thing if you live in an area of the world where it tends to be cold a great deal is to go out and play with snow. You must learn and understand how to incorporate different things into learning to use alternative forms of visualization. Learn to remember the sensations of how things feel. Pay attention to how it rolls over your arm. only slightly cold. go to either your kitchen/bathroom sink or your bathtub. you should easily learn to program energy to be warm and hot without having to rely only on your mind's eye.psionix. it feels structural. constantly moving and being recycled. think about energy.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Now. To begin understanding how to do this.

when it is snowing. Start a fire. Things like wood. Right after a rain storm. electrokinesis. Realize that even though the wood is structurally sound. Light a match. it gives in. What if you were doing pyrokinesis. and stuff like cinnamon. if you lit a candle. Once you can get used to this smell. there's nothing better than something burning. All the normal smells that fill the air are gone. Page 6 of 67 www. Find a piece of wood or metal. Think of things that are also hard. SMELL The next sense to use for visualization is your sense of smell. Another good thing to use is plastic containers such as Glad and other random off brands of Tupperware. you'll be able to remember it. but it does not break. Get the understand how the wood is sturdy because of all the small pieces within it that make it up. get a good whiff of what it smells like. taking time to remember the scents. the only chance you’re going to get to smell electricity is if something electrical short circuits. left with a smell and scent of emptiness. Basically. it has quality of being alive. You may not be able to think of many things off hand dealing with Psionics that you would need to be able to smell. smell the air. as the fire burns. Also. Trying to shell a construct using only the usual visualization may be easy for some. House fires are bad). burn a candle.nr . but complicated for others. the idea here is to find natural water out in the woods somewhere. and myrrh. you'll be able to recall it during energy manipulation to aid in the visualization. Now. For the hot. Smell these things often. you won't damage the metal without using great heat or a metallic tool of great strength.psionix. Run your hand over the wood. Rain and snow. Feel the grain of the wood and the texture that it produces. Electricity will be a hard smell to get to know. When you do remember the scent. When it comes to the cold. This is a single. Pay attention to how lifeless and heavy the metal is. or making a construct that you were planning to program to be hot or even cold. Water out in nature has a smell to it. or even designed to hold things in or together. It has a fresh. lemon. awakening scent about it that makes me feel like nature is starting afresh. take a few deep breaths. No matter what you do to it. Remember how I compared energy to water earlier in the article? Well. complete structure that keeps whatever is inside in and whatever is outside out. sulfur. Now. but if something electrical malfunctions. feel the metal and how impossible it is to affect it in any way. do whatever you want to ignite a flame (make sure to be careful and safe.co. should come to you. I'm definitely not telling you to go out and pour water all over your stereo or anything.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Feeling is also a good way to shell a construct. It's unmistakable. When pressure is put on the plastic. there are two things that I can tell you about. Hold in mind all the smells that come to your nose as you breathe. go outside and smell the air.


Compiled by AJ Ianozi

Now, you can also learn to incorporate your sense of hearing. Once again with the water. Go back to your kitchen sink. Turn the water on and listen to it. Even before the water hits the bottom of the sink you can hear it. It's almost like something tearing through the sky so fast that you hear it, but it is still gentle and tranquil. Another thing that I shall once again fall back on is programming a construct to be hot. When there's a fire blazing, you hear embers crackling and popping. If you ever do any aerokinesis, always remember the sound of the wind blowing. Also, for electrokinesis, you can just think about thunder, or if you have one of those orb things with all the electricity, you can sit and listen to the sounds that it makes. Be sure to take in these noises and remember them well.

TASTE As much as I hate to say this, I cannot think of anything that deals with the sense of taste. The only thing that even comes remotely close to it would be programming a construct to be either hot or cold. If you've ever sat really close to a fire, you've most likely managed to swallow or inhale some smoke accidentally. If so, hopefully the smoke was from a fire burning wood rather than plastic, rubber, or garbage of any sort. The cold aspect will once more desire a climate where it is cold fairly often. Not only will you feel the snow as described above, but you will taste it. Not much to taste really. Water, only just a little sweeter. Maybe you'll be luckier than I am in the manner of finding things that can be used to incorporate your sense of taste into visualization. SIGHT This final sense will be the hardest to use as it is the one that you will need control over your own mind and a good imagination for. This visualization will involve using your sense of sight and your mind to trick yourself into believing that you actually see what is happening. It is like using your mind's eye style visualization, only you are convincing yourself that you are actually seeing it. Energy flowing like a river of millions of little glowing particles and a hot construct that is a ball of flames in the palm of your hand. A swirling sphere of blizzard strength snow to form a cold psiball and wisps of smoke and fire coming off of your hand as you light that candle using pyrokinesis. Even a wooden ball forming in your hands around a psiball to form the shell. All of these are good examples, and I'm sure that you could think of countless more.

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Compiled by AJ Ianozi

PUTTING IT TOGETHER Now, the final skill to learn here is to incorporate using all of this tactile visualization into a useful situation. I'm going to explain how to make a psiball using the methods that I explained above. You’re going to want to begin by gathering energy. This energy will be all around you, in the air and in the ground. You can visualize the energy all around you in the air and on the ground as tiny particles of energy flowing around like water. Visualize the energy coming from the air, the ground, and your own body and going into your arms. As you do this, recall the way the water sounds as it moves and how it feels flowing over your skin. Hear it. See it. Feel it flow down your arms to your hands. Smell the water as it flows from your palms into the space between. Watch the energy form into a small ball of splashing, convulsing water about an inch and a half in diameter. To shell the psiball, make the ball of tidal waves in your hands transform into a ball made of solid steel. As you do this, pay attention to the way the ball feels changing from shifting water to metal. It will become heavy and hard, cold and lifeless like the steel. You have successfully made a psiball using the alternate method of tactile visualization rather than the visual visualization of the mind's eye method. Now, let's go on and program it to be hot. You already have the iron ball in your hand. You just need to make it hot. Use your physical eyes and imagination to view the metallic ball catching fire. Hear the flames crackling as the ball ignites. Smell and taste the smoke coming from the flames. Feel the heat coming from the fire. Watch the iron ball grow from a metallic ball wrapped in flames to a red hot flaming sphere. Try on your own to use the alternate visualization methods to make a cold one. Now, go out and learn all these things and others to use. Try to incorporate anything you can think of that may help you visualize and do something. Think of your own methods and ways to learn tactile visualizations.

Communicating With Yourself
By c0verst0ry This article is going to be about something that you cannot live without: your brain. This article steps into communicating with your mind. Before that though, let's go into some basic psychology. Simply, there are three sections of your mind. They are the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious. The conscious is all your thoughts and everything that you have complete control over.

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Compiled by AJ Ianozi

The subconscious is a strange area of the mind. It is apparently what gives us the ability to perform psychic feats. It also controls dreams and things of the sort. At times it seems to work and act totally independent of you. You can communicate with the subconscious, but you can't quite control it. The unconscious is the area of the brain that you have no influence or control over. You also never communicate with the unconscious. It controls the heart rate, breathing, digestion; all that stuff that you never have to think about. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR BRAIN One good way to communicate with the subconscious area of your mind is to simply talk to yourself. It may sound like something crazy to do, but it really isn't that bad as long as you only speak to yourself mentally and your subconscious doesn't start voicing commands to do anything illegal or immoral. Another good thing is that you can talk to yourself just about any time that you please. You can do it before meditating, before making a psiball, while deciding what to eat, or even while taking a shower. Just talk to yourself about whatever it is that you’re planning to do or wish to accomplish. The best way to do this is to simply think, walk yourself through things, or just say stuff in your mind as if you were talking to someone else about it. Also, try asking yourself questions, but don't actually answer them. Just ask the question, and give your subconscious time to answer it for you. It really isn't complicated. It's as simple as talking to yourself.

AUTOSUGGESTION Autosuggestion is basically a simple way to coax yourself into doing something. To remove the sugar coating, it is kind of a form of self-brainwashing. You’re going to need paper and something to write with to do this exercise as well as wanting to wait to do it until you are about to go to sleep. To begin, sit down and relax. Visualize your goal very clearly in your mind. If your goal is making a better psiball, then see yourself making a very good psiball. Whatever your goal is, just visualize it in great detail. Once you have visualized it, picture an image of yourself accomplishing this goal. Visualize this happening on the conscious and then move it to the subconscious. I will use black as my conscious and purple as my subconscious. You may use whatever you like. Visualize your goal happening on a plane of black with a glowing sea of purple below. Make the image you’re visualizing gently drift down into the purple that represents your subconscious. Now, sternly say your goal out loud. Get your paper and write your goal five times. Visualize the conscious/subconscious plane again. This time, speak your goal in your mind, visualizing the words appearing in the Page 9 of 67 www.psionix.co.nr

paying attention to the sensation. You can be anywhere. or discover new things about yourself. Page 10 of 67 www. Now. When you are ready. continue to repeat your goal and visualize it. bring up your next thought and do the same. You’re going to want to be comfortable. Calmly sit in the darkness for a while. Meditation By c0verst0ry If you haven’t already heard. I’m not sure about that. Bring it up onto your mental screen in the form of a picture. Now. going throughout you. Sit in your Lay-Z-Boy. visualizing the air flowing out of you.co. Once all of your thoughts have filled the dumpster. lie in your bed if you like. allow them to sink into the subconscious purple area. A simple visualization will do the trick. Within the darkness. adding more speed as you go. on your sofa. you have brainwashed yourself. Some say that while meditating. steady stream of air through your nose. around anyone. meditation is simply a way to relax. Beyond that. It can do wonders. Now. Basically. then exhale through your mouth. a certain kind of environment. you can “find yourself”. you have to clear your mind. Breathe in a slow. start with the one thing that’s currently on your mind. I personally will be using the dumpster. So. your mind is clear of everything but darkness. until you can visualize all of your thoughts as a river of pictures draining into the dumpster. imagine the air filling your body. keep telling yourself that you will accomplish your goal until you fall asleep. all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes. Even with your eyes closed. just to give your brain a break. but anything is possible. You may not see results after the first night. As you do so. I cannot begin to stress the need for comfort if you’re a beginner. allow them to go out of focus. Imagine total darkness.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi black conscious plane. Concentrate on nothing for a while. Congratulations. as long as you are comfortable. try not doing the exercise for a few days. Then. let’s get started on explaining how to meditate. Hold it for a moment. Once this is done. or even total silence to be able to meditate. have fun with the communicating. close the lid and lock it in some way to where you cannot open it. you merely have to believe. There are people who say that you have to be in a yoga position. but that’s totally untrue. or even a treasure chest. you will begin breathing in rhythm. just be still and get comfy. If you still aren't seeing results after about two weeks. a dumpster. Continue doing this. lay down.nr . Read your goal aloud from where you wrote it.psionix. Remove the dumpster from your mental screen. place a trash can. in any position. While you’re falling asleep. Once you’re comfortable. Dump this picture into the dumpster.

Don't force your breathing. Just breathe slowly until you find a rate that's comfortable for you. HYPNOSIS The first thing that I shall discuss is hypnosis. Just take your time. of course. you need to concentrate on relaxing. The states of mind are Beta. You need to relax and stay awake. The reason you may want to try self-hypnosis is because it brings you either into the lower Alpha state of mind or the high Theta state. In this article. Take slow breaths in and feel yourself relax as you let each breath out. I prefer to sit in the darkness. time to begin your self-hypnosis. Once you are in a state like this.psionix. just like a lead Page 11 of 67 www. One of them.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Now. Some people go on to visualize themselves in a calming place. Theta. Now. you can focus your mind on any one thing of your choosing. you can feel that toe becoming very heavy. Now. or levels. It can be very helpful. though. you will be able to clear your mind as well as feel the air flowing in and out of you without any visualizations. It does not matter where you sit/lie as long as you find the most comfortable position that suits you. you are successfully meditating.co. Lie on your back in a soothing position or in a very soft. it's no good for what we want. You may be surprised at just how slowly and naturally you can breathe. of the mind. Go somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed and cannot hear very many noises (you may want to try using ear plugs to help you). Before we get into that. but it’s all up to you. There is also hypnosis and trances.nr . but it's basically the same as sitting in the darkness. Delta is the shut down state. Starting with one of your toes. It is not just some odd thing involving a psychiatrist and a pendulum. it can be very soothing. and you should find that the meditation helps. Find a comfortable place to be. Sit and do this for as long as you like. Once you are done meditating. is meditating. or sleep. and Delta. If you try this at night you may find that you'll just keep falling asleep. Move around and change positions until you feel comfortable. Be sure not to rush. Alpha. let me explain the states. Your bedroom is probably the best place. Eventually. While this may help you at night. Basically. Theta is the state where you have become drowsy. imagine and feel all the tension float up. Alpha is considered the relaxed state. comfy chair. I'll be explaining how to alter your state of mind using little more than your own mind. you can think of Beta being the wakened or alert state of mind. Concentrate on your breathing. and as it does. Altering Brain States By c0verst0ry There are many ways to alter your state of mind. You do not want to cross your legs or arms because you'll end up cutting off the circulation and then start fidgeting. move onto other exercises. to put it as simple as possible. such as a secret waterfall or a secluded cabin in the forest.

If you tried to do anything else that could be complicated. you do not want to hypnotize yourself while trying to go to sleep. You may have to keep going back to different parts of your body as you will probably find that different parts tense up as soon as you stop thinking about it. We are constantly bombarded by ever-changing distractions and thoughts and while this is happening you cannot relax. so you need to eliminate the unwanted thoughts and concentrate on one thought of your choosing. last week.. would you? Relaxing the body is important. it will probably involve your imagination. you have successfully hypnotized yourself. Many things can be done through hypnosis.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi weight. What you are trying to do is to think of only one thought and thinking of this one thought to such a degree that no other thoughts can enter your mind.co.nr . or in an empty room with all intrusive thoughts outside the room and unable to get in. etc. last year what you have to do tomorrow. Another thing is to take all the thoughts that are swarming in your mind and visualize them entering a trash can that is locked and taken away from your mental screen. Don't expect immediate results and don't get upset if it doesn't seem to work at first. or a candle flame flickering in the darkness. then your thighs etc. your legs. or going through a tunnel with all intrusive thoughts outside the tunnel. constant thoughts then you'll find that you're constantly thinking random thoughts what you did yesterday. Once you are capable of relaxing completely and ignoring all that around you. Do the same with the remaining toes.psionix. This limp.. but once more. There are many ways of doing this and everyone has to find whatever way suits them. When you've found that you can relax your body then you can start relaxing your mind. This will result in you falling ASLEEP. next week. stiff sensation will be the most relaxed your body may be able to get. but keep trying until you feel a difference in how your toe feels. Just go out and try any that you can think of. but whichever way you find. next year. Have fun and be safe. This is normal at first. Page 12 of 67 www. gradually working your way up your body. the TV etc. releasing all the tension. your feet. You can concentrate on a picture of a flower. concentrating only on an individual thought. You're aware of noises around you and outside. Be sure to relax every individual area one at a time. other people near you. You will probably find that it will be easier to get to sleep at night if you can relax your body. If you make yourself aware of your normal.. You may need to make a conscious effort at this if it's the first time. but with practice you will find that you will be able to relax your body just about anywhere and very quickly. you normally wouldn't expect to be able to do it right away.

Pick out your favorite part of the song. The first trance will require you to make use of some music. If you don't concentrate on whatever you wish to achieve (whether it be making a psiball or remote viewing.Psi TRANCES Compiled by AJ Ianozi The next thing that I'll be going over will be trances. Set your goal ahead of time. With a single thing repeating over and over for a long period of time. listen to the song repetitively. you will go into a trance. The simplest trances involve nothing more than a cognitive loop. Others involve ingesting foreign substances into your body. or a guitar. Some involve becoming extremely tired. You probably do it all the time without even realizing it. This method can prove to be slightly harder for some and easier for others since throughout the either song you will be focusing on a single sound. get in a sitting position and close your eyes. gradually drowning the rest of the music so that the only thing you hear is the notes being played by your instrument. piano. Now. For this one. or sitting still (I've found that moving in some way. Basically. Sit down and close your eyes. Single out a single instrument such as drums. Here I will cover a few ways to enter a trance that involve nothing that is actually harmful to you. get loud and say it faster and faster. There are many ways to induce a trance. This method will deal with nothing more than you chanting. helps a great deal) just start saying your phrase out loud. you will go into a trance. Still. Focus strictly on that instrument. pick out a phrase. you'll be vigorously saying the same thing constantly. Remember WHY you are entering a trance. Concentrating on your goal. even if you just rock back and forth. Listen to the beat of that part and pay attention when it changes. you'll need either a scented candle or some incense.nr . others require starving or even pain. It doesn't matter what kind of music as long as it involves more than one actual instrument that you can identify and distinguish between. You may want you phrase to be whatever your goal is. for example) before you actually start the trance. Now. That's right.psionix. you may want to listen only to the dum part. or moving around. A trance is a state of mind where you almost naturally block out all outside thought and focus on a single thing.co. Now. Go on. As you say it more. you may end up going into a trance and concentrating on something that has almost nothing to do with what you want. begin to breath calmly Page 13 of 67 www. Keep repeating your phrase until it's the only thing that you can think about. if your song goes ba-da-da-da-dum-ba-ba-ba-ba. Light your scented article and allow the room to fill with fragrance. Learn that beat. while standing. concentrating only on that beat for some time. Be quiet and calm at first. The next trance still involves music. In this one you will be listening to the beat of the music rather than a single instrument. As time rolls on and you concentrate solely on that instrument. Listen to the music. Each of these trances will involve constant repetition of something.

There you have it. EDITOR’S NOTE: Take a look at Ness’ article: Trancing Trancing By Ness A trance is more or less useful meditation. but try not to make it too complicated. I'd like to issue a little warning. you should never do something that requires a lot of focus. Those are just a few ways to induce a trance and alter the state of mind.co. That being said. It can be as easy as stomp your right. each with its own advantage(s). Your increased focus and attention and clear mind will often fade away rather quickly once you've stopped meditating. as well as countless other things. starting slowly. Taste your fragrance in the air you breathe. based on the kind of psionic skill you will be using. that's what a trance is supposed to do to you. This is where trancing comes in handy. There is no right or wrong trance for __________ skill. filling your lungs and your body before finally being expelled. "out of it". Driving (and all machine operation) should be avoided while in a trance.nr . and all you can think about is your goal and that blasted dance you’re doing. However. meditation's benefits don't last long after you've stopped meditating. It's not required. This may be the fun one. That's good. It doesn't matter what your dance is. so all I can tell you is experiment. remember? Now. Page 14 of 67 www. Feel the air come into you. clap your hands. Think of a simple dance routine. You do have to repeat it a lot. for lack of a better term.psionix. I'm not saying that meditation is useless. do your dance. Try mixing some of these methods. HOWEVER. Have fun and please don't try to go into a trance by way of anything illegal or harmful. we can move on. repeat. Go out and try to find and think of more. Continue this for a while and you should fall into a trance. There are two major kinds of trances. the tired feeling you had is gone. All you have to do is dance. Maybe one kind of trance helps you with everything. Before we get too in-depth about trances. You'll probably have a delayed reaction time and you may even resemble a zombie a little bit. Please don't do anything stupid. Trancing usually makes you. Listen to your breathing. The bottom line is: you should know what is off-limits when you're "out of it".Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi and slowly through your nose only. Now. See? You should experiment to find out what works. Just about any cognitive loop will produce a trance. like dancing while focusing on a single beat or any combination. awareness and reflexes while trancing. that's far from the truth. or maybe one kind of trance just isn't for you and doesn't help you at all. stomp your left foot. picking up your tempo constantly until you're pouring with sweat. Maybe one kind of trance helps you with psiballs and the other kind helps you with telepathy.

Hear it when it comes and miss it when it's gone. The first kind of trance I'm going to talk about is my favorite. thus "overloading" your mind. that techno has a ton of beats (duh. I've tranced plenty of times with regular rock music. It's called a "blank mind" trance. It's ok to take baby steps. This is achieved by keeping your mind focused on the smallest thing possible.psionix. you can begin one of the trances. mess up and lose focus on both sounds. the longer you focus on just your sound.. just relax and listen to your first sound completely and the second sound partially. It isn't required. :P Also make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes.nr . You can focus on one and keep your focus there. The second kind of trance is called an overload trance. Know that they are there but they don't matter.co. Listen to your sound. Repeat everything you did for the blank mind trance. is commonly used in this trance. If you just absolutely cannot stand techno and you feel as if trancing isn't for you now. all those beats will help you. focus on one sound. The first tip is: music. again. There's no reason to rush into it. A very popular way to achieve a blank mind trance involves music. anything. that's what techno is. Get comfortable! Once you are. try listening to the bass now as well. however. the bass. over and over. Well. I don't recommend lying down to do this. I simply don't lie down when I trance because I lack selfcontrol and I fall asleep. the tricky part begins. Page 15 of 67 www. like last time. Try to ease into this. Music. but remember. Hear how it repeats. you're not hot or cold. but I do have some tips for you. While still focusing on your sound as much as you can. get comfortable. Hear it every time it happens and listen to the silence when it isn't. thus making it almost blank. This is achieved by starting with your mind focused on one thing but slowly and gradually increasing the number of things you are focused on. Once you've got that going. you don't need to use the bathroom.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Before you begin to actually trance. relax. While the song is playing. the deeper your trance will be. the keyboard. but you can. Start with a sound. If you were listening to a drum beat before. It can be a drum beat. Focus only on that sound. etc. I recommend techno. Keep this up as long as you want. I only RECOMMEND techno. Go gently and only focus on as much as you can. hence the name. a sound from the guitar.. Hear your sound. That's about all as far as the "how to" part of this article goes.. I've noticed. or move on to focus on several beats. You know. right?). slowly start listening to another sound. Hear it and only it. Try to ignore the other sounds. you're not hungry or thirsty. If you're having trouble listening to two sounds completely.

midi files. you should be able to find a few places that will let you listen to or download their music. let alone finish it. You won't be very well focused for the task at hand what little trance there is will wear off quickly. then upload them to the Internet. If you search Google for free .psionix. so it works for me. Meditate for as long as it takes you to get into your state of mind needed. do when you're finished reading this article and try this section of it out. To sum it up. the trance state. It doesn't have much.Midi is a vocal-less format of music that is usually very small in file size. though. If you can't find any. http://freshmidis. Don't worry.cc/index. . The weird thing is that too deep of a trance can be bad too. I personally make up words I'll remember when doing this so I can be sure that nobody else can trigger me into the state or accidentally send myself into the same state likewise. so it's not limited to just putting you in the trance state. the more "out of it" you become. You might feel tired or bored. You may also get too relaxed. That concludes the trancing article.co. solid trance. This works with other skills as well. if you have to meditate. but try not to slip too far into it and completely forget what you were trancing for in the first place. pretty much. but it's small selection just happens to include what I like.php?ind=downloads My last tip is about trance depth.midi music. I've woken up from listening to a song several times and realized that I had forgotten what I was doing. Now say a keyword you use rarely. make sure you put enough effort in so that you'll be in a good. This is common sense. You'll notice that the thought is something you know the complete thought of from start to finish before you even start it. It happens. This article should be fairly short and sweet. though. Some people love composing music and thus convert regular songs into . How? Well.midi music. the deeper you go into a trance.nr . If you go too deep into a trance you'll probably stop caring about whatever you were attempting to do. here is the link to the site I use. is that you can usually find your favorite songs as . Too shallow of a trance is bad. so pay attention. I also recommend . The best part of .Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi In addition to techno. obviously.midi formats. Have fun with it and good luck! Subconscious Programming By Furmen Clear your head for just a moment. Page 16 of 67 www. Now let a sentence pop into your head and kill it before you even finish or start if you can.uni.midi music. Now we're going to talk about programming your subconscious mind a bit based on using a keyword to trigger you into a trance state perfect for performing various forms of psionics.

Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Over a period of several practice sessions of doing this with your meditation.psionix. possibly between 6 to 10 or more. Page 17 of 67 www. After about 6 tries or so of just programming with that same keyword every time.co. depending on how long it's taking you to program your subconscious. Try saying the keyword instead of meditating and notice how you feel. keep trying a few more times of practice before trying again. Do you feel yourself go instantly into the trance state? If not.nr .

Also be sure that the room is comfortable. You're going to need a lot of concentration to make a psiball.Psiballs are incredibly easy to make 2 . you can continue.psionix." or. those things being said. of course. it gives the person more confidence and helps to eliminate the "is this stuff for real?" question. It doesn't matter how you make them. So. Feel the breaths enter and leave your chest. along with many other factors. Eventually try to get away from the blackness and your breathing so that Page 18 of 67 www. Anyway. I'll tell you what's up. Confidence in yourself and in the existence of these "psychic" skills will help you go farther in Psionics. Just close your eyes and look at the black. which is good. Do whatever you want to it so that making psiballs will be easier for you.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Part 2 – Psiballs Psiballs By Ness There are two things that I need to say right away. I personally prefer to lie down when I make mine. ect. get comfortable. These things. "it's cold in here. On to point number two. and your concentration is only going to be divided if you're constantly thinking. the point is. what you use for a source of energy. I'm only going to cover one very basic method. temperature. Listen to your breathing. clear your mind. but keep in mind that this is a very simplified method. The next step is also very important. and try to feel more relaxed with every exhale. I'm going to say sit down for this method.co. making psiballs is easy. but like I pointed out above. Like I said. what do you say we begin now? Get comfortable. "this shirt is itchy. This will be all you need to be able to do to make a psiball. PLEASE feel absolutely free to customize this method. but I first learned how to make them while sitting up. especially when you're first starting out. however. Now. Just stare at one spot in the blackness. or how you try to make them feel.Psiballs are incredibly hard to describe. Almost everybody who gets into Psionics starts with making psiballs.nr . Making psiballs is considered a very basic skill. you can do whatever you want. after you're all comfy. add up to a LOT of combinations. which means a LOT of methods. no bad smells. They are: 1 . I'll explain." So. explaining HOW to make them is not so easy. Because of its ease.

where the heart is. you're doing very well. Try as hard as you can to wrap your mind around the concept that this energy is yours. Repeat this and visualize the ball between your hands growing stronger and more dense each time. It is called a force bubble because when you're holding one and you push your hands together. It's a very strange. Then see the energy in your hands coming out and forming a ball. Position your hands so that it's like you're holding a ball roughly the size of a softball. a "pulsing" feeling. which will result in a somewhat weaker psiball. So. Visualize this over and over.psionix. then chances are that you were making a psiball. feathers. the feelings will get stronger. a pushing/pulling "magnetic" feel. but if you begin to feel drained or suddenly tired for some reason. just stop. and some visualize it in their chest. but I've always just used telekinesis. If you felt any one or more of the above feelings in your hands. as this tends to distract you. Force bubbles aren't amazingly useful for anything. When you decide that you want to stop. faster and faster. Try to feel it inside of you. Now. and usually. but it doesn't matter WHERE it is. Make sure your hands aren't touching. I personally visualize the ball in my chest.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi you're not focusing on ANYTHING. they're mostly just for fun. though. It physically forces your hands apart. you can feel it push back. magnetic-like repulsion. but they're still very fun to make. Page 19 of 67 www.co. but there could also be coolness. and they help teach slightly more advanced programming. etc. It feels as if you're trying to force two similar poles of a magnet together. Open your eyes and go do whatever you want. down your arms.nr . Congratulations! Force Bubbles By Ness A force bubble is a type of psiball. Continue this as long as you want. begin to visualize it sending energy into your shoulders. and into your hands. technically. you're ready to actually start MAKING the psiball. You can also make force bubbles in other people's hands to let them feel a psiball for the first time. Some people visualize the ball in their stomach. There is usually slight heat and tingling. like the psiwheel. keeping you going. It's a fun way to freak people out. Any of these feelings is a sign that you're making a psiball.. Be sure to pay attention to any strange feelings in your hands. yes. they DO have some uses. really. If you can just sit there and hear no thoughts in your head. Visualize a ball of energy inside of you. if you keep adding energy. you should stop. and various other things. While still visualizing your energy source. All that matters is that you know what it is. the energy that you collected in the psiball will dissipate on its own. They CAN be used to move small objects. In my opinion. until you can actually "loop" it. YOUR energy. balloons. so that there is a constant flow of energy going into the psiball.

but I rarely do. it doesn't seem to help. A bowling ball works very well for me. now that you know what a force bubble is. gently push your hands together. For this first method of making force bubbles. how hard and smooth the surface is. visualize the walls of the bubble getting more and more dense. Repeat this as many times as you'd like. plastic bubble. Page 20 of 67 www. I. While you make the force bubble. you can't really push your hands together to test the force bubble's strength." "Solid.. The second method is a little trickier. When I do. When you believe you've made a decent force bubble. So. In this method. you already have a psiball made. think of a bowling ball.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi So. being hollow (since a real bubble is hollow) seems to add to the strength of the force bubble. the stronger the force bubble is. In my experiences.. solid force. The stronger the repulsion. but it's really not.nr . "Hard. It may for you. This sounds very complicated. If your hands are touching while you make the force bubble. visualize the psiball as a hard. visualize the layer of energy hardening into stone. of course. You should feel some sort of force trying to repel them. steel or something else that is very. but keep in mind the more times you repeat this. You can make the psiball solid later if you'd like. Just experiment a little to find out what works best for you. Try it if you'd like. if you couldn't make a force bubble with the above method. so try this at first. squishy force to a very hard. solid flare yet. just in case somebody out there can't quite get a grip on the first method. then you shell it. After you have made your psiball." etc. try to think. Try to put the thought of hardness into the force bubble. very hard. Secondly. That's about it for force bubbles. the stronger your force bubble should be. As you add energy to the psiball. try not to let your hands touch when you make your force bubbles. I haven't gotten a good. You then program the shell to be solid. maybe you should try this one. how solid it is. I'll cover two methods to help you make them! First of all.psionix. For some reason. After that. I'm going to go over the technique I use when I try to flare psiballs. Good luck! Flaring By Ness This is my flaring article. visualize a thick layer of energy covering it. I remember how heavy the ball feels. It may not for you. make your psiball. this method doesn't work as well as the first method. but I'm working on it.co. etc. This can range from a very weak.. but I'm going to add it anyway. personally.

isn't it? Pretty dense? There's so much energy in Page 21 of 67 www. Visualize massive amounts of energy flowing into your body and going to your shoulders. and I hope this is common sense. Make it strong. mostly gathering large amounts of energy and controlling it. although I do neither of these. so be careful. Now. but if you can FEEL how much there is. This may make you lose focus. you should be pretty good at making psiballs. you can edit the picture and see if anything comes up there. The pulsing and tight feelings you tactically visualize should help you know there is a lot of energy there. and then visualize it slowly beginning to glow as it spins and sparks.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Obviously. The steps are simple. just look at it. Above.co. I'll make something up. If you can't take a picture or video of your psiball. have them take a picture or video of it. Keep this going until the psiball is glowing very. I recommend this option because even if you can't see the psiball with your naked eyes. That's about all for the flaring article. Of course you know there's a lot of energy. As you continue adding massive amounts of energy to the psiball.psionix.nr . then a slightly stronger one. That energy is compact. you have some options. and being forced into the psiball. I visualize my psiball spinning quickly at first but gradually speeding up to the point where it's all a blur. once your psiball is strong and you're ready to actually try to flare it. Just keep working at it. but actually having the energy to flare isn't. Visualization skills (visual and tactical) and concentration skills help too. visualize it pulsing down your arms and to your hands. Now I have a few tips. well. and so on. Continue to add energy to the psiball as it gets more and more dense and spins even faster. This has to do with the density of the energy. tightly. like sparks of electricity. You'll eventually notice a faint glow.. One psi is a little amount of energy. If you have a buddy and there is a camera nearby.. By sparking. When the energy gets to your hands. Meditation or tracing before hand would also probably help. First of all. visualize it squeezing out. make your psiball. I recommend keeping it small (explained at the bottom). very brightly. Say you have one hundred psi crammed inside a psiball the size of a baseball. At this point. Some basic energy skills help. on or in the psiball. especially if you see something and you freak out with joy. Once there. I recommended you keep the psiball small. Visualize it sparking many times. Visualize a lot of energy flowing into you from some outsides sources. visualize it spinning violently. Let's say psi is a unit of energy. Eventually. you can begin this. visualize the psiball sparking. To explain this quickly. I usually use the sky and ground. I mean visualize sparks. randomly and violently. you get my point. like a watt of electricity or milliliter of water.

but it really doesn't matter. I practice flaring psiballs the size of softballs or so (normal size for most people. As I add energy to the psiball. just because a shelled psiball stays together better than a non-shelled psiball does. it may make you sick. but I have also played around with small psiballs. Look at how dense the psiball is.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi that small space that it's all cramped and tight. I recommend you shell your psiball well and often.nr . Probably not to the point where you're vomiting blood or anything. My second tip involves shelling. Now. If you can think of something else that you'd rather use. but it could give you a nasty headache and make you feel weak for a while. This means that you can stop worrying about holding the psiball together and focus on just adding energy. stop. I visualize it getting brighter.co. If you feel bad while doing this. My point is: flaring should be easier if you can take a lot of energy and compress it into a little space. It's no big deal. about the size of a nickel or so. basically. a few common examples are electricity. If you don't know what to visualize. Not very. If you're not ready for it. I visualize the psiball itself as a ball of white light. I recommend not letting your hands touch. and out the palms of my hands. and I've probably seen better results when it was small. The psiball would probably feel pretty powerful. even though it has exactly the same amount of energy as its baseball-sized friend. really weak. and I visualize it flowing from my chest. Page 22 of 67 www. What do you visualize to make your psiballs? ~I visualize my energy as white water. You can always work on controlling energy and come back to this later. What is a psiball supposed to look like? ~A psiball can look however you want it to look. That's all! Psiball FAQ By Ness How do I hold my hands? ~Cup your hands together whichever way is most comfortable for you.psionix. but this psiball is the size of a house. is it? The psi has so much room to float around that it's like the psi is barely contained in anything at all! This psiball would probably feel really. probably). down my arms. There's no shame in being smart and recognizing your limit. This technique requires a ton of energy. go right ahead. imagine one hundred psi inside a psiball. fire and water. My last tip involves sickness.

nr . just relax and concentrate and you should do fine. The best way to do this is to visualize the psiball as something that would give you the feeling you want. Is there a limit to how complicated a psiball can be programmed? ~I've never heard of a limit. water and other obstacles? ~Yes. For example. pulsing. coolness. if you program them to.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi What is a psiball supposed to feel like? ~You can program a psiball to feel many different ways. but if there is. Should I close my eyes? ~It doesn't matter. visualize the psiball as a ball of fire. Just do whichever helps you concentrate. try visualizing a snowball. you can ask us on the forums (www. Can psiballs go through walls. Maybe I can't do this because I have too many questions. I didn't know much about psiballs back then either.co. If my eyes are closed. but I tried making them for a little bit and soon I started to figure everything out.co. just try it. to make a hot psiball. How do you shell a psiball? Page 23 of 67 www.psionix. How do I make a psiball feel a certain way? ~Program the psiball to feel however you want. I don't think anyone has found it yet. or you can gather energy directly into the psiball while making it. For a cold psiball. I don't believe there is one. Is it possible to see a psiball? ~Yes. Making a psiball visible is called "flaring". tingling.psionix. wind between your hands. Don't worry about it. or you could do what I did when I started out. but if you're not trying for a specific feel. What if I don't have enough energy? ~You can gather energy before making a psiball. ~If you still have questions. a magnetic sort of push or pull or maybe even something else. It doesn't have to be very strong to feel it.nr). then you may feel heat. how will I know if I've made a psiball? ~You should be able to feel it.

put it AROUND the psiball. Why should I shell a psiball? ~Once a psiball gets so strong. you can focus on simply adding energy. Also. and it should be fine. a shell is useful if you plan on throwing/sending the psiball somewhere.nr . After you shell the psiball.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi ~Instead of putting energy into the psiball. it becomes difficult to hold together while also concentrating on adding more energy to it. Then program it to be solid and hold the psiball together.psionix. Good luck with your psiballs! Page 24 of 67 www.co. so you place a shell around the psiball that will hold everything together for you.

move on to step two. There are a lot of uses for drawing energy. drawing. and then visualize it being absorbed into you to represent the absorption. but that's enough to make you want to learn how to draw energy.co. until you feel you're well-connected. Visualize them going down. is simply taking energy from your source and adding it to your own. If you do. or you can use your energy in combination with the source's energy to help improve your energy manipulation. can actually improve your energy skills quite a bit. This is nothing more than attaching yourself to something. but keep in mind that you can draw too much energy. As you stand there. clear your mind and visualize yourself standing on the earth. you could visualize a strong aura appear around you to represent the energy. you can use the source's energy to replenish your own energy. connecting you to it. drawing and centering. There are more. ~DrAwInG~ Drawing energy. or "gathering energy". let's go! ~GrOuNdInG~ Technique number one is called "grounding". grounding. but it's still a warning that you have too much energy for your current skill level.psionix. such as a slightly elevated Page 25 of 67 www.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Part 3 – Energy Manipulation Basic Energy Skills By Ness This article is about three things that are considered "basic" energy manipulation skills. deeper and deeper. usually the earth.nr . drawing energy. it’s all up to you. These are all very simple techniques that. and preparing for step two. You can use the source's energy instead of your own. visualize the energy coming from the source. So. although super duper easy. and it's nothing serious/lethal. visualize your feet becoming roots and burrowing down into the earth. right? To draw energy. so you don't feel quite so "bleh". and into you. The warnings are small things. branching out in all directions. up your roots. called the "source". thus preventing most fatigue. Continue to draw energy until you feel that you have enough. That brings us to drawing energy. To visualize the energy adding to your own. your body will let you know. adding to your own energy. so it's a pretty handy skill to have. To ground. as some people call it. Once you're confident in your ground.

Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi heart rate. into the earth. when I'm done drawing the energy and performing the task I needed the energy for.co. the energy becomes a construct. centering. Now. To center yourself. and probably a few other things. as water can't move on its own. but it can be pretty simple. This is useful for getting rid of extra energy that you drew. See? Simple. you program the energy to be in the shape of a ball. as if you just exercised or something. if you feel something bad. as if I used all the extra energy for the task. The bottom line is that you should practice these steps carefully for a while. you're finished. I rarely center. Once you can perform them easily. I skip right to drawing energy. visualize the roots pulling up from the earth and disappearing back into you. For example. it only goes where something makes it go. but this is all I've experienced. It helps a lot to visualize your energy as water. When you feel that you've released all the excess energy. I always feel fine. and the construct does whatever it is you programmed it to do. Good luck everyone! Programming By Ness Programming is what makes energy do something. and eventually you'll be able to skip straight to what you need. For example. It's the process of letting go of all extra energy you have so you can feel more relaxed. This may sound like an advanced skill. which is good. Once the roots are completely gone. start doing them faster and faster. that's what I meant to do. finding its way to your feet and then just slowly floating down the roots. you'll get to the point where you can take shortcuts. Alright. that’s it. when you make a psiball. I don't ground myself very much anymore. well.. In any case. Visualize the energy gently drifting around in you. and eventually you should feel a strange sensation of peace. Continue to hold this relaxed "do whatever you want" attitude toward your energy. though.nr . light-headedness.. Once that energy is programmed. visualize your energy relaxing and flowing on its own. a headache. as you practice these things more and more. Page 26 of 67 www. or even just to relieve stress. That brings us to. ~CeNtErInG~ Centering is simply balancing your energy.psionix. stop drawing energy and center yourself. Then.

This is fine. You could imagine how hard or soft the psiball is. swirling around the psiball to keep it together.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Now. simply move energy to the psiball. you could imagine hearing the roar and crackling of a fire. smell and taste. how exactly do you program energy? Well." As you think this. or you can even just Page 27 of 67 www. If you visualize your psiball as fire.co. To do this. I actually visualize the words themselves going to the psiball. in turn. Basically. visualize it being absorbed into the psiball. the next step is to shell it. though: sight and touch.nr . That still leaves hearing. visualize it going down your arms and to the psiball. do whatever you want. Have your goal in mind and continue adding energy to the psiball. There's a lot of things you can imagine. most people just picture energy in the shape of a ball. The above was only using two sense. You could imagine the feel of the psiball on your hands. put it AROUND the psiball. The more senses you use in your visualizations. but you don't have to. It's all about what works for you. For example.psionix. even though it's not very pleasant. Shelling is putting a shield around your psiball so it will stay together. visualize it flying from your hands to the target. Simply visualizing it will work. to make a psiball. Think to yourself. When the psiball is completely programmed. you could imagine smelling and. This is very important when you want your psiball to leave you and go somewhere on its own. When the thought reaches the psiball. I visualize the psiball flashing once or twice. You can visualize the energy turning into a metal of some sort and holding the psiball inside. just about any thought that relates to heat can help you. Then program that energy to hold the entire psiball and itself together. but instead of putting it into the psiball. What I've found to be a good method for abstract goals like this is to just think your goal and send it to the psiball. Once again. When you're ready. the better they'll be. but chances are that you don't use it to its full potential. temperature. there are a lot of different ways to do it. Visualizing is probably the most used. whatever you want to do. If you were making a hot psiball. You could even add onto that by remembering how it feels to be hot and sweaty. texture. you can visualize the psiball bursting when it hits its target. start to say your goal in your head. Now that you've gotten a grip on some basic programming ideas. just to make the absorption a little more clear to myself. What if you want to hit someone with a psiball and get their attention? There's not really a sense you can use for that. will lead to better results. it's time to go on to slightly more advanced things. but there's more that could be done. After you have your psiball programmed. You can physically throw the psiball if you'd like. hitting them and getting their attention. To destroy the psiball. and so on. "Fly to so-and-so and get their attention. which. tasting the smoke. being absorbed into the target. but you can visualize anything you'd like. Visualize the psiball flying to the target.

It allows you to feel how much energy someone or something has. You could program a psiball to send a thought/emotion to someone. focus on your target. I could literally feel it gently hitting me. sensing energy. Just try to feel the strength of their energy. The programming will wear off soon and the psiball will break apart on its own. but there are so many other uses for it. In my experiences. and based on how strong or weak that feeling is.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi forget about it completely. thus making it a little easier to feel if you're a beginner. It can be a person or a thing. This next part is hard to explain. this is also hard to explain. as for exactly what you're supposed to be trying to feel.nr . but keep in mind that a person will probably have more energy than a thing. or even to retrieve a thought/emotion from someone. Try to feel "blank". I felt physically weak. I visualize the target and myself in a black void together. or if you're hot. Clear your mind and relax. you could program a shield to block out stray thoughts and emotions.psionix. is that it's hard to tell exactly how much energy the target has. but it's rather easy to do. let's get on with the article! Begin by picking your target. If you're cold. as if I were about to get sick or something. when the target had a lot of energy. For example. and how the target makes you feel. but Page 28 of 67 www. The possibilities are endless! Have fun and be creative with your programming! Good luck! Energy Sensing By Ness Energy sensing is. Just experiment a little bit and see if you can get any results. Of course a stronger feeling means more energy. It's very hard to explain. Once or twice. you could program the energy to cool you down. when I tried to sense it. The only problem with energy sensing. you could program a large amount of energy to warm you up. though. literally. Now. There is absolutely nothing else around. remember to stay focused on only the target and yourself. After you're relaxed and calm. but that still doesn't tell you HOW MUCH energy. when someone was trying to hit me with energy. and wonder how that compares to your own. I usually feel something like a knot forming in my stomach. Whatever you do. Make sure you're completely calm. and try to not be feeling any emotions. visualize the target's energy. you have to decide how much energy you think that is. While focusing on the target and yourself. thus giving you a stronger feeling. Another time. just us. Energy sensing only gives you a feeling. Eliminate all other things from your mind. Now that that's said.co. If you're very good at telepathy or empathy but you can't control it. Those were two examples of programming. in a sense. and the more energy the target has. the bigger and stronger the knot is.

Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi the amazing thing was that I could also trace it all the way back to the person who was sending it. let's begin. This is where a shell comes in handy. the shell will hold it together. Just stay relaxed and calm and try to feel the target's energy. if you decide to send your it somewhere. chances are that you're going to be picking up people's thoughts randomly. A shield can prevent someone from draining your energy. or even to absorb the energy and add it to your own. Once you finished. If this is the case. you would have peace and quiet in your head once again. You could make the shield around you and program it to stop other people's thoughts from getting to you. right? So. you see. he was only about five or so feet away from me. as you would constantly be confusing other people's thoughts with your own. shelling is simply putting a shield around a psiball so the psiball will stay together. If someone is sending their energy toward you. So. Sounds good. This would be very annoying. Say you were very good at telepathy. shielding is actually a very useful skill. there you have it. you can't really focus on adding energy to it. I'm sorry this article is so vague. and when you're done making the psiball. I'll try to update it as I get better. As I said above. but it's still pretty interesting. or to keep someone from performing telepathy or empathy on you without your permission.co. the shield could be programmed to bounce the energy back at them. Page 29 of 67 www. The first example that I'm going to use in this article is shelling. While you're making the psiball. Let's say you've got the psiball going. you should know that shields are not only useful for skilled telepaths and empaths. so you begin to focus on holding it together. This is where a shield would come in handy. That may sound vague.psionix. before we get started on actually making the shield. Now that you're holding it together. it is easy for you to pick up on others' thoughts. though. That means that you're sensitive. but it's true. As you try to add more energy to it. Now. Now. you can kind of feel it falling apart. and it's pretty powerful. Good luck with the vagueness! Shields By Ness A shield is energy programmed to stop something. if you don't do anything about it. or maybe even write a follow-up article. A shield could also keep a psiball from falling apart (this is known as shelling the psiball).nr . So. it will stay together on its own. thus allowing you to focus on just adding energy to the psiball.

After that. When you've made one complete layer of energy around the psiball. I'll explain techniques for both of these next. visualize the energy layer hardening. Visualize the energy reflecting things. Visualize some kind of texture on it. or maybe you just want to practice shielding by protecting your cell phone and reducing its signal? Well. visualize it hardening as well. Tell the energy to reflect whatever you're shielding against. but instead of putting it into the psiball.psionix. you should feel better. There are some basic shielding uses and techniques for you. this would be you. just like a mirror does. but what if you want to use a shield to actually stop something? Maybe you're good at telepathy or empathy. It doesn't matter. After the energy has hardened. If you're trying to stop your telepathy or empathy. making a second layer. Repeat this as many times as you'd like. seeing as they're pretty similar. Tell the layer of energy to hold the psiball together. Once you've got a good amount of energy around the object. like a mirror. Now that you've made the psiball. I think it should be practiced before healing.nr . If you were trying to stop others' thoughts or emotions. it should now have a low or even no signal. or even physically throw it. Continue to add more and more energy to the shield while programming it to reflect. Know that it has become hard. you should be able to stop worrying about the psiball falling apart and resume adding energy to it. visualize the energy hardening and becoming shiny. Once you've made a fairly strong shield. visualize more energy flowing around it. there are a few things I'd like to say: I feel that rejuvenation is simply a smaller form of healing. put it around the psiball. So the shell holds the psiball together. After this energy makes a complete layer. send the psiball on its way. You can just release it. Have fun and good luck! Rejuvenation By Ness First of all. and if you're trying to lower your cell phone's signal. and if you were trying to shield your phone. either you or your phone. see if you were successful. visualize it. Visualize the energy flowing out of your hands and around the surface of the psiball. and make sure the shell is well programmed to hold the psiball together.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Move energy to the psiball. Once you're done. let's say you want to send it somewhere. If you did everything correctly and you put enough energy into the psiball and the shell. like I said above. but keep in mind that the more layers you add. this would be your cell phone. the psiball should make it to its target and accomplish its goal.co. kind of like a Page 30 of 67 www. Continue this until you feel you have made a strong enough shield. if it helps you. the stronger the shell will be. Program the psiball to go where you want it to go. Start by putting energy around whatever you're shielding.

The first few times you try this. and try to maintain the idea that this gray spot is what is weakening your muscle. You're going to be using energy to actually heal a physical wound. you may need to use more energy next time.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi transition into healing. both will help. After you have the area targeted. replenishing them. That being said. thus making the body part move better. you need a wound of some kind. but the "recovered" feeling should get stronger with practice. First of all. such as headaches.nr . If it's not. I mean drawing energy and moving it to a tired part of your body. You should try to be as specific as possible about where the tiredness is. First of all. Once the energy gets there. so it requires a lot of energy. For example. Now that my little introduction is over. Rejuvenation gets rid of that "numb" feeling and allows you to run some more without being tired. chances are that you'll only feel a little better. Visualize the tiredness and "numb" feelings beginning to fade away as you move more and more energy into the muscles. visualize it going into the muscles that are tired. That makes sense if you think about it. toward the tired area. target the tired area. you should notice that it's at least a LITTLE bit better. if you run around enough. but actually just small pains. Ness’s will be first. Visualize the tired area as an ugly gray spot. Of course. though. it's only my opinion that you should practice rejuvenation before healing. Now. It should be a small one to start with. so I’m posting them both.psionix. Healing is a somewhat advanced skill. but it is not required. Healing is basically a larger form of rejuvenation. your legs will become somewhat "numb" and harder to move. Do NOT go out and hurt yourself just to practice Page 31 of 67 www. let's move on. it's not required.co. obviously. then c0verst0ry. the last step is to test it out. Good luck! Healing By Ness & c0verst0ry EDITOR’S NOTE: Both Ness and c0verst0ry have written guides on this subject. and I feel that it would be better to get fairly decent at rejuvenation before attempting healing. Continue this until all the tiredness and "numb" feelings have completely faded away in your visualization. Even if you're a beginner and the rejuvenation didn't work completely. It takes a lot of energy to affect physical matter. begin to move energy through your body. let's begin! By rejuvenation. What I started practicing on wasn't a physical wound. or simply practice more. Try moving/flexing the tired body part to see if the rejuvenation worked.

to begin. Now. just keep practicing. To heal an actual physical wound is a lot harder.psionix. If you can use another technique. Be patient. and eventually closing the wound completely. When the energy gets to the wound. instantly destroying them and the remaining pain. Wherever you are feeling the pain. just press one of your hands firmly against the skin two to three inches away from the pain. he apparently simply willed it to heal. you can try healing physical wounds. Shove the pain off of your body. visualize it going into the wound. red pieces. Happy Healing! EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is c0verst0ry’s Have you ever had a headache that you would give anything to get rid of? Well. the title sounds really arrogant and useless. When you are trying to heal a physical wound. I haven't healed a physical wound yet. causing the red to fade and weaken.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi this skill. Once you get fairly good at healing pain. Continue to visualize the red spot fading and breaking down as you add more and more energy until all that remains is a few tiny. but I know somebody who has. visualize a sudden surge of energy rushing by the spots. it is just a simple arrogant technique. Once the energy gets to the pain.co. It will come eventually. DESTROYING IT Page 32 of 67 www. and if that doesn't work very well for you after a while of practicing. taking time to visualize the red hot energy where the pain was being thrown into the air and drifting away from you. visualize the wound in addition to the pain.nr . but I don't think it is needed. you probably should. making the wound smaller. Now. Take some energy (gathered or not) and move it through your body. toward the pain. My suggestion would be to try it with or without energy. visualize the pain as a red hot glow of energy along the affected area. Adding energy to the wound the entire time will probably help the healing process a little. Accidents happen all the time. Once you get to this point. This method usually only lasts a few minutes. one will get you sooner or later. so don't be discouraged if you don't get it at first. and it doesn't seem to be required to use energy. visualize it going into the pain. doesn't it? Well. Visualize skin cells being regenerated. try the other method. PUSHING IT Yeah. especially little ones. Visualize the pain as a pulsing red spot in your body. here's your chance to do that. so it should really only be used in situations that require immediate attention that lack the time to do anything else.

Repeat this a few times and the pain should be gone. Transfer the energy through your body to the affected area. Move on to the next section and repeat the process until all of the pain is gone. This time. pushing into the muscles. but inside of you. It isn't a fast method. Target each section with your soothing energy. you will get the hang of controlling pain as if it were energy. USING A PSIBALL This is almost the simplest way to relieve pain. and it involves the least visualization. gather your own energy. This will deal with some "feeling" of the pain due to the fact that just a visual visualization may not be very effective. the fun part begins. Now. Take this psiball and run it over the affected area just as you did the cold one. but there's still a chance that it may not be permanent. visualize the area of pain as red hot energy. transport it across your body to your hand. Here. form a hot psiball (or reprogram the original psiball to be hot). relieve yourself again and this time flush the area with more soothing energy afterwards. If the pain returns.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi This method involves literally making the pain nonexistent. When the pain is securely in your hand.psionix. Visualize the cool energy cutting through the red pain. Visualize the pain along the inside of the flesh. but it is usually completely permanent. force the cool energy into the red energy. you are going to move your energy. MOVING IT That's right. try to take control of the pain. breaking the pain up into several sections. This should last much longer than the pushing method. give your body a minute to rest. This may prove complicated. Eventually though. Once you have control over your pain. You will craft a somewhat small psiball and program it to be extremely cold.co. you may want to be very accurate and detailed with your visualization. Once the pain is completely surfaced. You may need something to move the pain into. See the pain not only on your skin where you feel it. continuing to break away the pain until all that remains are very scattered dots of red. The other good thing about it is that you only have to know how to make a hot and cold psiball.nr . place your palm on the object that you chose to use. move all the pain up to your skin or just under it. Just as with the pushing method. Now. Using a detailed visualization of all the internal areas that are affected. Take the psiball and run it over the aching area to cause a numbed sensation. Feel this energy as being cool and soothing. The final step is to get rid of the object while touching it as little as possible. Once that minute is up. such as a piece of paper or just about anything else that you can get rid of very easily. The easiest thing to do is to transfer the pain into a piece of paper while standing very near to a trash can and simply throw the paper away once you’re finished. instead of sending energy to get rid of the pain. and you will most likely fail at your first few attempts to do this. Transfer all of the red. Page 33 of 67 www. Now. painful energy into that object. Visualize the pain as red energy once again. and even into the bones if it hurts that badly.

Look at your wound. held my hand over it. Concentrate on your wound. “I healed it.nr . and imagined it slowly closing up. the chakra are key points of energy along the spine.psionix.) along the spine. I know only two people who have done this successfully. Charge these new cells with energy so that they may begin healing the wound. there was not even a scar remaining of the wound. dead cells that covered everything.co. Visualize this energy burning away all the dead material. Chakra are believed by some to be a major link between body and spirit (the third Page 34 of 67 www. I leaned back. When I say most comfortable. They exist in an unseen world (spiritually.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi HEALING ACTUAL WOUNDS This one can be tricky since it requires a great deal of energy. The first thing you are going to do is lay down somewhere in the most comfortable position that you can. Get a good feel for what it is and how it looks. The canyon walls would be made up of damaged. I have only managed to heal a major burn that covered my index and middle fingers from the joint just below the fingernail to the knuckles on my hand. his exact words were. This takes a great deal of energy and a great deal of practice to accomplish. The dead cells are half decayed and the only things active are a handful of cells eating the dead tissue.” So remember. all around. preternaturally. I mean stuff pillows under you. supernaturally. this takes time and energy. When I asked him how he did it. this article is somewhat like my auric sight article. Please be very careful before actually attempting to heal a physical wound. It took me all day but it worked. Begin transferring a steady stream of soothing energy to the wound. It will awaken the cells beneath all of the damaged ones. between your legs. Visualize the cells multiplying and rebuilding the damaged area bit by bit until the wound is closed. and that took me over an hour and who knows how much energy. etc. He had torn a chunk of skin about an inch wide and at least a centimeter thick out of his forearm. it doesn't matter what you do as long as you are as comfortable as possible. Form a microscopic view in your mind of what the wound may look like. They are myself and my brother. Take a few minutes to meditate and gather some extra energy. propped up my feet. The river at the bottom would be a solid mass of hardened red blood cells that have clotted the wound. Giving the cells constant energy. At the end though. It contains more information that is just simple knowledge than anything that’s “how-to”. Concentrate. Two days later. Basically put. Be warned. It could be something comparable to the Grand Canyon. The Chakra System By c0verst0ry I’m going to apologize before hand. there is a walkthrough of a simple exercise that will help you to stimulate and transfer energy to all the chakra. By brother healed a much larger wound. I just thought about it and healed it.

It is believed to be the central point that gives the ability humans to perform the “psychic feats” which we speak of on this website.nr . It is the center of all consciousness and the master chakra that controls and regulates the others. their modern and more commonly used names. It controls your sense of time. balance. Located in the same region as the trachea or voice box along the throat.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi eye and crown chakra connect body.co. and is symbolized by a lotus with sixteen petals. It is indigo in color. intuition. wellbeing. hence the name crown chakra. and mind). and symbolized by a two-petal lotus. It is colored either violet or white depending on the “enlightenment” of the person. love. represented by the element of time. freedom. their color. Page 35 of 67 www. and mental capability.this is the Crown chakra. Anahata. The crown chakra is “a link to the divine” and is symbolized by a lotus of a thousand petals.this is the Third Eye chakra. Symbolized by a lotus of ten petals. Resides over your natural abilities of assimilation. Manipura. control. Ajna. and your sensitivity of light in aspects of auric sight and other sensory psionic abilities.psionix. The third eye chakra is located on the forehead above and between the two physical eyes. Said to control communication of any form. It is yellow and to correspond to this color. To consciously activate and control the seven major chakra is considered a large step to reaching true enlightenment. Air is its element. It is located at the very top of the head. THE SEVEN CHAKRA AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS Here I have listed the seven chakra by original name. The element that represents it is space. elementally it is either fire or the sun. selfexpression. Vishuddha. Sahasrara.the Solar Plexus chakra. awareness. The seven main chakra are color-coded according to the amount of energy storage and size.the Throat chakra. It’s symbolic form is that of a lotus with twelve petals. This green chakra governs devotion. Physically located within the stomach. It is colored blue. energy. digestion. and the element that represents each. represented by the element of life. The representative colors go along with the colors of the color spectrum. It’s obvious physical location is within the chest. They are known by older texts as the wheels of life and are represented by lotuses with varying numbers of petals. and healing. spirit. and growth. The chakra serve as a link between you and the energy of the rest of the cosmos that exists all around you.the Heart chakra.

security. With enough energy. This is due to the fact that it is full and has begun to “flood”. Muladhara. It is symbolized by a lotus with six petals. Powers your emotions. warming spread out from your tail bone like a cloud of hot pinpricks. visualize it glowing and beginning to pulse and spin. Pour energy into the root chakra and direct the excess energy flooding from the root chakra into the sacral chakra. Also. more commonly known as the tail bone. the sacral chakra will also overflow. Visualize the sacral chakra the same way as the root. Continue to send a steady stream of energy into the root chakra. The root chakra is located at the very base of the spine. sexuality. Anything that floods from the third eye you can send back into your core energy supply. Now.co. I choose not to direct energy into Page 36 of 67 www. but when you begin to add more. the sacral chakra. heart. which is why it will take concentration and a good control over your energy. To consciously activate it is considered divine and a sign of enlightenment. transfer energy into the root chakra. This chakra is the largest of the chakra and naturally contains more stored energy. take control of the flooding energy and direct it to the next chakra along the spine. but am not absolutely positive. All the chakra have energy within them to some degree. Once you have it as full as it can become. survival. you will continue doing this same process. the lower chakras must fill up first. Physically it is located just below the center of the waistline. and finally the third eye. Once you have done this.nr . As you fill it with energy. an orange orb that appears to be dull and only slightly active. So. and now you must direct the extra energy coming out of the sacral chakra into the solar plexus. but also. It holds the power of your natural instincts. to begin. you will feel a strange. you can stop sending energy into your root chakra and direct all the excess energy through the system up to the third eye. I believe it to obviously be at the crown of the head. or allow it to dissipate on its own.the Root chakra. and creativity. You will need to continue to send energy into the root chakra. flooding the solar plexus.. This is where this exercise starts to become tricky. for the how-to part. It is red and symbolized by a four-petal lotus. Since I don’t believe myself divine. The reason I stop at the third eye rather than continue to direct the energy into the crown chakra is my own personal feelings and lack of knowledge. you’re going to need to be fairly decent at energy manipulation and movement. The sacral chakra is orange and represented by the element of water. redirect the energy flooding out of the root chakra into the sacral chakra. Try to imagine a large red sphere at the base of your spine that is dull and only slightly active. Basically. I am not entirely sure exactly where at the top of the head the chakra is located. it is the simple fact that stimulating it in such a way is a step away from consciously activating it. and your hidden potential.the Sacral chakra. throat.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Swadhisthana.psionix.

There is a large mass of energy within you held at the core of your being. Some people think this energy is in your stomach. If you lack this fear that I have of exciting the final of the seven major chakra (and the concentration and skill at energy movement). Visualize the energy as lightning or fire or whatever you wish it to be.psionix. Energy Workout By c0verst0y This exercise is a good way for you to get used to controlling and moving your energy throughout your body. you need to be able to control energy fairly well to do this and you will need concentration. then continue on until you have finished the process for the seventh chakra.co. so I’ll be referring to it as light from this point on. just at the base of the breast bone. others in your heart. When you finish. Also. If you begin to run out of your own energy while streaming it into the root chakra and redirecting the excess. though. Watch it pulsate and shift.nr . This first part is going to be nothing but feeling the energy. there isn’t much of a benefit to most people from this. see Ness’s “Basic Energy Skills” article. Think of this core as a storage area for your energy. and the simple fact that I somewhat have an apprehension of what doing so may or may not cause. The location of this energy mass isn’t what’s important. simply gather more from a source and send that energy into the root chakra. you may want to visualize the seven chakra along the spine glowing and spinning in activity. Just sit and Page 37 of 67 www. I personally visualize it somewhere between the two.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi the crown chakra. I apologize if you see this as pointless. What’s important is the fact that you are aware that it is within you and the only thing generating it is YOU. For more on gathering energy. That. I always visualize it as nothing more than light within my body. relaxing way to stimulate the seven major chakra in order though. Stimulating the chakra can be very relaxing and actually make you feel physically better after finishing the exercise above. I usually start with that and imagine them opening into the symbolic lotuses before ending the exercise. Other than being a good way to practice both energy manipulation and exciting the chakra at the same time. as I said before. It does give a good. Visualize the mass of energy within you.

After you are used to pulsing your energy through your body in thin waves.psionix. sending the energy pulse to your knees one at a time. Now. For example. not to try to do all of this at once. Next. starting with feeling your energy’s presence and then moving on to the pulsation and the concentrated movement. pulsing. move the energy. sending it trailing along your body. feet and toes. or maybe even some other random feeling. heat/coolness. Imagine the tingle of it beneath your flesh. Visualize energy leaving the core of your body and forming a small ball of light a few inches away from the rest of the energy. Once you get better at programming. begin to make it pulsate. Slowly visualize it pulsing. Draw it back up. Take one step at a time. Then. Move this energy around your body. begin to send pulses of energy out of the small concentration at your shoulder down your arm. it may be a slight tingling feeling. If you are a beginner and don’t really know much about energy. you should being to feel what you program the energy to feel like. Bring it up through your ribs and visualize it traveling along your arm. Stop the ball at your feet and bring it back up. you should begin to feel it. Move it into your arms and down to your fingers and hold it there. Let it flow into your legs. stopping at your hand. moving it across your chest. Pull the energy back up your arm and send it up your neck to the top of your head. the tips of your fingers and toes. Once you have all of this down. Visualize it leaving the core and traveling throughout your body. Energy Manipulation FAQ By Ness Will I feel the energy? ~If you gather enough and/or program it well enough. though. all the way back to your central point of energy. a good practice is to concentrate the energy and move it as quickly as possible to one of your shoulders and let it rest there. and down the opposite arm and into that hand. Get a sense of how it feels and where inside of you it is. Then to your waist. spreading from the core of the energy throughout your entire body. attempt to concentrate a large amount of energy and simply move it around. down you leg.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi visualize the energy.co.nr . going from the top of your head. At first. once you get Page 38 of 67 www. See the energy moving all over your body. Once done. you may want to look into Ness’s "Basic Energy" article before attempting this workout. I would suggest that if you’re a beginner. Move it across your waist and send it down your other leg. and then slowly retracting to the core. switch to the next shoulder. Once it has been thinly spread throughout your body. do the same exercise by concentrating the energy into your knee and sending a pulse down to your feet. This is a good exercise to train yourself to move your energy quickly throughout your body.

psionix.co. but be sure to let it flow. Make sure you visualize your own energy rising as you absorb it. How do I gain energy from these energy exercises? ~Using your own energy makes your energy capacity increase. thus having more. After that. fire and electricity. you should feel heat whenever you program a psiball to be hot. you can visualize the object's energy flying to you through air. like hearts. After you can easily make psiballs. What does energy look like? ~You can visualize energy as anything you'd like. etc. like walls. stars. That last part is important.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi good enough at programming. practice. I just can't move my energy no matter how hard I try! What's wrong? ~It's possible that you're trying too hard. Do I have to be touching an object to get its energy? ~No. try making cubes. Are there any good exercises for working with energy? ~Psiballs are great for learning basic energy control and programming. How do you gather/draw energy from something else? ~Visualize your energy and the other thing's energy. Is there any way to get better with energy? ~Practice.. Good luck with your energy manipulation! Page 39 of 67 www. It helps a lot. I've found that if you try to force energy to do something. it doesn't work very well. Some popular visualizations are water. water. even solid objects. and even other shapes.nr . practice. Be creative. just as using your body's muscles makes your strength increase. visualize yourself absorbing the energy.. pyramids. and then visualize its energy leaving it and coming to you. Try to gently pull the energy where you want it to go. The more you work with energy. etc. Instead. the more easily you can control it and the more you can handle at one time. It still works. try to relax and just let the energy "flow".

making them soft as well. You may hold it however you'd like. For this. but as I add more and more energy to them. As a few cells become soft. while still holding it. You probably aren't going to feel much of a difference. or you may need more. the energy spreads to more and more cells. This works pretty well for me. If you are curious about your utensil of choice. Psychokinesis. instead of sending Page 40 of 67 www. Hold the utensil with both hands and send as much energy as you can toward the utensil. To form a connection. softening it. try to feel a connection to it. Please keep in mind that. not "into". but in this article. Continue this until the entire section of the utensil has been visualized to be soft. it is referring to the softening of spoons and forks so they can be bent almost effortlessly. other *kinesis Psychokinesis By Ness Psychokinesis is any manipulation of physical matter.psionix. then try to bend it. You'll get it eventually. at first. stare at the point you want to soften and begin sending energy to it. Notice that I said "toward". thus mixing its energy with your own. Visualize the energy going into the utensil. try sending energy through the utensil. Once you're holding the utensil. If this doesn't work very well for you. is easier when there is a connection to the object being bent. Just stay calm and focus as hard as you can. but you don't have to use one.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Part 4 – Psychokinesis. although this is a fairly easy skill to learn. if any. relax and clear your mind. they become softer and their outlines fade.nr . Start by getting a metal spoon or fork. in my experiences. and I had practiced for about an hour and a half each day. but you don't have to do this. I say "toward" because. It will say "STAINLESS STEEL" if it is. Stainless steel utensils are usually the best to use. Get comfortable. but it may not for you. After you have made some kind of connection with the utensil. look on the back of the handle. Hold the utensil where you plan to bend it. clear outline. I visualize the cells of the utensil as being very solid and having a very strong.co. you do need to learn it. I have two other visualizations that I use. My second visualization uses a "cloud" of energy to soften the utensil. The utensil should begin to feel as if it is a part of you. Most people will tell you to hold it between your index finger and thumb. The first time I noticed a difference in the utensil's hardness was my fourth day into practicing. You may get it in less time. Hold it the way that is most comfortable for you.

it's hard)). which isn't very good for me. Visualize yourself easily bending the utensil the exact same way you plan to physically. It should be easier to bend. Where I live. which not many people can (try. you can try the next method. if you want to be classic. Hold the utensil as if you were going to bend it with brute force.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi the energy into the utensil. Do you have to get into a very relaxed state before you try it? ~You don't have to. then each of its four prongs. come up with a visualization of your own. Visualize yourself easily bending it. As the energy softens the utensil. make a cloud of energy around it. As you bend it physically.nr . It's up to you. visualize yourself bending it one more time. Also remember to put a good amount of energy into the object you're bending. then try to bend it. If you want the best deal. Be sure to check how hard the utensils are before you buy them. You can only bend a spoon's handle (unless you're very. If it doesn't work for you. go ahead and get some spoons. Honestly. then easily bending it back. or if you just don't like them for some reason. visualize it being absorbed by the utensil. Good luck! Psychokinesis FAQ By Ness How do I get some utensils to practice? ~Dollar General. the Wal-Mart utensils are VERY soft. I recommend forks. Constantly add more and more energy to the cloud. however. Then focus on the energy softening anything within it.co. You can bend a fork's handle. Psychokinesis seems to work better when there is more energy involved.psionix. What do I need? Spoons? Forks? Something else? ~Well. You don't have to use someone else's methods if you don't want to. This method also works well for me. If you'd like to start with softer utensils. It's much easier to concentrate on something when you're relaxed. If none of these methods work for you. Repeat this until you feel as if the utensil is ready to bend. but it will probably help. very good and can bend the bowl of the spoon. It feels so cliche' and that makes it very fun for me. since I need more of a challenge. then go right ahead. Wal-Mart and many other stores sell individual packs of spoons and forks. That's about it for this article. I love bending spoons. Does the metal get hot? Page 41 of 67 www.

co. try it. now what? I read your article but it doesn't work for me. Is it supposed to get hard again? ~Yes.nr . the softer the utensil should get. you were using more physical force than psychokinesis. I prefer music playing. My untensil broke. you need to concentrate on the utensil getting SOFTER. Do whatever makes concentrating easier for you. the easier it will be to bend. the cheaper and weaker the utensil is. I would feel a connection with it. not psychokinesis. let me know. Experiment. Remember. See if you can get any results. Honestly.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi ~No. So I just need to concentrate on the utensil? ~No. the metal may get a little warmer. The psychokinesis should wear off in a little while and the utensil should go back to the way it was. When you actually bend it. You may want to try a few weak ones at first and then move onto stronger ones when you get better.? ~I'm not sure. but I've heard a few stories that suggest that it is possible. and take your time to soften the utensil as much as you can. the cells are damaged and become harder than they were before. How do you get the utensil to feel like it's a part of you? ~I send my energy through it and visualize it's energy mixing with mine. Eventually. Concentrate harder next time. etc. Does it matter if the utensil is small/thin/weak or not? ~Well. If you do. If you have a better idea for a method. but it really doesn't matter. Can psychokinesis soften other things? Plastic. ~Make sure you're putting as much effort into this as you can. If you bent the utensil. Chances are you're not going to get it right away. There's no definite way to do this.psionix. Sitting in a quiet place? Would that help? ~If it helps you concentrate. the more energy you use. Try each method a few times before giving up that method. I'll change this answer. but that is only from friction. wood. it doesn't. It simply gets softer. Page 42 of 67 www. it should be harder than it was before because when metal is bent out of shape. then yes. Does that happen a lot? ~If the utensil broke. I'm holding my spoon.

but using it as a visualization should work. but if it helps you. I don't know for sure. So how long does adding energy to the utensil take? ~It depends on how well you can control the energy. No utensil that I've ever bent was soft on the surface like that. ~Add more energy to the utensil and concentrate more on the utensil softening.nr . Where does the energy come from when I soften the utensil? ~It's up to you. Can you soften a utensil enough to poke/stab something through it? ~Honestly. You can even use multiple sources if you'd like. or it can be gathered from another source. I felt a connection to it and then tried to bend it but it was as hard as before. Do I need to close my eyes? ~No. Can I do this by just feeling heat in my hands and trying to make the feeling stronger? ~You don't use heat to to soften the utensil. Also remember that you'll probably need to practice for a little bit before you notice any progress. then by all means close them. Try it and see if it works for you. From there. but visualizing heat softening the utensil should work. but I would say no.psionix. It can be your energy. then more energy you will have added and the softer the utensil should get. Good luck with your psychokinesis! Telekinesis By Ness Page 43 of 67 www. The utensil simply bent easily when I applied a little bit of force.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi So send energy to my hands like I would for a psiball? ~That's the first step. I couldn't do it. but the more time you take. You don't actually use heat. you don't have to. send the energy into the utensil and program it to soften the utensil.co.

This is very good to practice telekinesis with because there is so little friction between the psiwheel and tack. Clear your mind and relax again. However. it gets a lot easier. in this article. and let go of it to make sure it's on there. nail. but as you stare. First of all. visualize it becoming an arrow and running into the psiwheel. moving too fast. Feel yourself pushing it as hard as you can while staying relaxed and keeping a clear mind.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Telekinesis is nothing more than moving something. you're going to be moving something with your mind. the above method may not be for you. Once the energy gets to the corner of the psiwheel. and eventually. visualize your energy moving from you to the corner of the psiwheel you're focusing on. Page 44 of 67 www. and set it on a flat surface with the point sticking up. such as by breathing on it. Once you're sure it's balanced. you get a little stronger. Now imagine your MIND trying to meet that requirement.co. For example. All I need to do is visualize the arrow and the psiwheel begins to move. That's pretty hard to do. Place the center of the psiwheel on the point of the object you chose. This is where things get a little tricky. After you've made the psiwheel. with your mind. pay attention to any sort of "connection" you may feel between yourself and the psiwheel. Now. you're probably not going to see any progress for at least a few days. All you need to make a psiwheel is a square piece of paper. If you don't know how to make a psiwheel. etc.nr . there is a guide in the Pictures section. such as a tack. While doing this. I will be using a psiwheel. Imagine the amount of force needed to roll a pencil. other than yourself. You should be able to see at least SOME progress with one of the above methods. such as a tack. due to the lack of friction. but chances are that you'll need to find your own "trigger". A trigger is simply what turns your telekinesis on and off. Clear your mind and relax. and it is trying to push the psiwheel. get something with a small point. Maintain the idea that the arrow is made of your power. If you continue to focus on the psiwheel with the above method for a while but don't feel any sort of connection to the psiwheel. Stare at one point of the psiwheel again. Stare at one corner of the psiwheel. A lot of people use this connection to move the object they're focusing on. you'll be able to move the object. etc. Seems impossible.psionix. preferably a small piece if you're a beginner. It's a hard thing to figure out at first. and try to actually FEEL yourself nudging the psiwheel in the direction you want it to go. A psiwheel is a square piece of paper folded so that it will balance and spin on the tip of something. but each time you practice. but after you find something called a "trigger". doesn't it? Well. the arrow method above is my trigger. you'll have to be very careful not to move it by accident. you can continue.

I shall teach you how to cool water. but I'd like to make one last. Once you think you are ready.co. try rolling a soda can. or try visualizing your energy shooting from your hands and hitting the psiwheel. though. Try pointing your fingers in the direction you want the psiwheel to move. Just fool around until you find a method that works well for you. even if you don't see results right away.psionix. With practice. I could make it twitch under the glass. Hold the end of the string with your one hand. It is: even if the object doesn't move. If you get tired of the psiwheel all together. just make sure you are next to it. Try to make the key swing back and forth. It didn't move. move farther and farther away from the string until you are on the other side of the room and you can still move it. try to make it swing in a circle. I’m AJ (the one who compiled this article together). Make sure you keep your arm and the string still (this can be done by resting your elbow sturdy on a table). those results will come. and after some practice. Continue to use your trigger every day. everyone! NOTE FROM EDITOR: Hi. Get a glass of water to begin. try putting it under a glass and moving it. I suggest a clear glass. it gets a lot easier. whatever it may be. MAJORLY IMPORTANT point. when I was beginning in telekinesis. Even though it didn't move. then make it swing the other way. you're going to have to experiment. or something. and try to get the key to swing. Cryokinesis By Joe Cooling water! In the following steps. Another way I found useful when practicing Telekinesis. Good luck. you're still building skill. than side to side. thus pushing it.nr . Page 45 of 67 www. That's basically it.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi To find your trigger. I got pretty good at making the psiwheel move. For example. and continue to get better at moving the psiwheel. This is incredibly important to remember. and I was discouraged. Now all you have to do is practice. if possible. Once you can move the psiwheel with almost no effort. The possibilities are almost endless. is to get a string (like thread) and tie it to a key. Eventually. 1. and let the key dangle on the end of the rope. After you find a trigger. since you are touching the string still. I was still getting a little bit better. so I put it under a glass and then tried to move it. you can let go of the string and have it hang from a nail or something. keep in mind that you ARE getting better. And that's it. you will have better luck moving it with your mind. The point is. Chances are.

etc. So if you’re a psionic energy worker.nr . I managed to compile all my notes into this handy. Over a period of weeks and months and through the process of trial and error. but I don't. and it seemed to me that not much is or was known about this specific psychokinetic application.co. It's progressing that posses an issue to most people. As long as you practice either one. 5. and I think you would want to drink the water. One good thing about electrokinesis is that it relates closely with energy working. With external.psionix. calculators. I hope you find this guide useful. With internal. etc. Visualize the water getting colder and becoming more like ice. Put the glass in front of you. you focus on everything besides yourself. Practice this method as much as you'd like. I. Most likely. The two branches are internal EK and external EK. the information was of help. I came across many different places that all offered help… but the information was repetitive. than you’re considered (at Page 46 of 67 www. So. through the glass. Some people think that this is nonexistent and "fluffy". Try to feel the coldness coming off the water. radios. Visualize the image of the glasss and the water that you were just seeing. 7.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi 2. 6. dandy guide to electrokinesis. only applying it to a different skill. II. 4. Electrokinesis isn't at all difficult to get down. you'll find that you're doing the exact same thing. but only minimal help. You can also visualize ice cubes in the water or send your energy into the water with the intention of freezing the water. 3. "everything else" would be electronic devices such as televisions. but that can be done as well. Electrokinesis By XPWarrior3 A Psychokinetic's Guide to Electrokinesis Background Information: When I initially started trying out Electrokinesis. then close your eyes. Stare at the glass of water for some time. Oh. What is Electrokinesis? Electrokinesis is thought of as the psychokinetic ability to manipulate electricity or the flow of electrons. Don't get me wrong. you focus only on yourself and the electricity you generate. Types of Electrokinesis and Branches There are two main branches of Electrokinesis (EK). I decided to delve into methods of my own.

It takes a lot of energy. Try to visualize the electrons jumping around you. It also helps to think about electricity sparking and popping and to imagine hearing the sounds and feeling the sparks as they pop. Practicing both branches is a good thing to consider. Although it is directly related to charging. As you group them. Now. All you will be doing is putting a strain on your mind and body. Now. if you're a beginner. it just seems to be hard to progress in it. such as using sparking for a "lamp". when you charge for EK. but the main reason is to have excess electrons to deal with. with your focus only directed to the electrons. Internal Electrokinesis Charging There are many uses for charging. you've charged yourself. Make them have more collisions with each other and make the collisions more frequent. I'd say that sparking is the most difficult for most people. There is no right or wrong way to charge because different methods give different results to different people. Currents Page 47 of 67 www. you won't get anywhere. so to speak. it'll all be for fun.co. Now. III. Of all the internal EK skills to learn.nr . One method that I suggest. By doing this. Try imagining the sound of electricity while you do this as well. you can build off of it and create your own technique. keep them close to you. As you charge and let the electrons out of your body. you'll only focus on the tingling. One thing to remember is that without excess electrons when working with internal EK. With sparking. That's about all I can think of for now… other than that. there is no right or wrong way to spark. would be to start grouping the electrons.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi least by me) to be an electrokinetic. Later on.psionix. So with charging. Remember to stay in control of your charge. While you're charging those electrons outside of your body. EK charging is very similar to psienergy charging. have the charge become more dense and heavy and even more dynamic. have them become excited and jumpy. There could possibly be practical uses for sparking. begin with a basic psienergy charge and then completely and utterly ignore the magnetic part of the charge. Meaning. though. like charging. that tingling that you feel will then become the representation of electrons. As you continue charging. make the charge become more dynamic and excited. If you can do psi-energy charging then most likely you won't have difficulties doing EK charging. Again. Sparking There are no real reasons for sparking than to have fun. which isn't a good thing. but I recommend starting with internal. I'll present a basic method of charging. you could shock people and shock yourself. you store excess electrons needed for electrokinesis.

after you've charged them. and other people and life forms. creating magnetic fields. One other example is making an electronic device do something (making a television change channels. Now it is time for the techniques. Visualize and feel them moving quickly. if you want to maintain that external EK effect. There are only a few major things to consider before you start making currents. Can you feel any magnetism? IV. Those things would be things such as electronic devices. through the point of connection (where they objects are touching) and then to the other end. So to make a current.co. One way is to find a low voltage device and get the feeling of the flow of electrons in the device. put them together and cause all the electrons to quickly flow from one end of the connected metallic objects. Another method would be to project energy into the device. Then repeat this. External Electrokinesis External electrokinesis (or External EK) is electrokinesis dealing with things around you that carry electrical currents. External EK can be used to turn electronic devices on or off as well as a few other things. One thing to remember with external EK is that the effect will not remain unless you sustain it. enjoy practicing it and enjoy using it. One use (that's nothing more than flashy) is to magnetize pieces of metal. but don't visualize it as a whole bolt. If you want your currents to be strong. you can visualize bolts of electricity traveling from point A to point B. I hope you enjoyed it. To make a current. all heading in the same direction. just simply charge up with EK and then send electrons in a uniform way from point A to point B.psionix. Conclusion That is it for a Psychokinetic's Guide to Electrokinesis. then break or scatter the current. Now go out and have fun with your newly acquired knowledge! Page 48 of 67 www. except send the electrons in the other direction this time. So. There are different ways to produce external EK effects. and then scatter the electrons. etc. you'll have to make them stable. A few other uses are turning electrical devices on/off. If you want. Another thing to consider is that a current is a flow of electrons from point A to point B. you'd first have to have excess electrical energy in your body/system. for instance).Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi There are unlimited uses for creating and maintaining electrical currents.nr . After a while. A way to test this is to get two metallic objects (preferably small nails and/or paper clips) and charge them up with EK. slowly and gently try to pull the metallic objects apart. Visualize it as bolt comprised of millions of compacted electrons. Then. maintain focus on your goal.

The key to Pyrokinesis is focusing on what you want the fire to do. concentrating the same way you did before. concentration. This is an advanced skill. You must be focusing only on the flame. Get in a relaxed position. Once you can make the flame go out. move your hand in a direction. growing hotter/larger. Making the flame relight is the hardest part. It comes from Page 49 of 67 www. Here I have listed a few ways to develop and increase you pyrokinesis skills. it is a good idea to help you not break concentration from a simple burn.psionix. Getting used to the heat and not jumping away from the flame when it gets too close is the easiest part of Pyrokinesis. paying close attention to part II before attempting Pyrokinesis. and can be dangerous to others around you if you don't have control over it. Now. Visualize the flame moving.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Pyrokinesis I & II By c0verst0ry EDITOR’S NOTE: Please read the ENTIRE thing. The next step is putting out the flame. you should be making the flame “dance” in a sufficient manner. Once again. and finally. Putting a flame out is NOT the easiest part of Pyrokinesis. going out. After you are “good” at making the flame move away from your hand. the flame will go out. The best way to develop and train your Pyrokinesis skills is a technique called the "dancing flame". and willing it to happen. only trying for the opposite effect. focus on the flame relighting. Light the match and focus on the flame. when you have practiced enough. or reacting to your movements. but try not to concentrate too hard or become frustrated. You may get varied results. flickering. Just concentrate and visualize the flame doing whatever movement you’re going for. With enough will power and hard concentration. you will notice that once the flame is out. The flame should move away from your hand. it's more like an intermediate step. Before you can understand exactly what pyrokinesis is. and belief in yourself. To many this term simply means controlling and producing fire by psionic means. and grab a match. Although this step isn’t a necessity. Get used to moving the flame away from your hand. With enough practice. There’s more to it than that.co. EDITOR NOTE: pt II begins here Pyrokinesis. it will relight. Pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire. you're able to see the ember start to turn red again. such as the flame jumping toward you. After a few weeks of doing this. or moving away from you. though. try to simply move it without moving your hand.nr . Practice and continue concentrating. Concentrate on the flame’s movement. Visualize the flame slowly dimming. as if it wanted to relight. Create a "tunnel" between you and the flame. you should know what the word means.

then you may not know how things gain heat. After several minutes of this. concentrate on the particles becoming more excited. these particles are in constant motion. So. See how they move. just making a mental note of how hot it is before you begin. the less active the particles were. Your body temperature should be Page 50 of 67 www. As they continue to move faster and grow more excited. Take a few deep breaths and make sure you are relaxed. The colder your spot was. the more they move.nr . meaning heat or flame. This motion is what creates heat. then you will need to get your hands on one of the simple “heat strip” thermometers that you hold against your forehead. MANIPULATING HEAT You have to understand exactly what heat is to be able to manipulate it. Visualize the countless particles making up that one spot. If this is your first attempt. Even in materials that are completely solid. Any surface that you can heat sufficiently and then touch to feel the change will work. or a piece of paper(though I would advise not to use something so flammable. and kinetics. try to get your spot hotter every time or even spread out the spot so that you are heating a larger area. but you shouldn’t need it right away. collide. a piece of glass. but it’s your decision). Visualize them jumping around. meaning mechanics. you may not feel any change in the spot. As you gain experience. yourself. After continuous practice and hard work though. but you will feel it(if you significantly increase the temperature). Choose an area on your body that’s twice the size of the thermometer strip. concentrate on the spot that you felt slowly increasing in temperature. and bounce around. and then the more heat they produce. you’re ready to begin pyrokinesis. Once you have your surface. choose a small area no bigger than the tip of your index finger. Once you are confident in your heat manipulating capabilities and you have successfully heated a spot at least two inches in diameter. It can be anything. To increase the heat. you just need to sit down in a quiet place. in this exercise you’ll be heating yourself. focus all your concentration on the spot. So. you should begin to feel a change in the temperature of your spot. Now that you understand that. The more excited the particles are. to forewarn you. Continue to visualize the particles gaining motion and the temperature of your spot increasing.psionix. a candle. such as a pencil.co. After you complete any pre-exercise warm-ups. You may need to buy a thermometer at some point. not just fire. of heat. in this article. or the movement. pyrokinesis is the mechanics.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi the Greek words Pyr. If you haven’t taken a high school Chemistry or Physics course. Also. You will be not only visualizing the heat and excitement this time. Touch this spot and get a sense for its temperature. Now. You need to choose an object to heat up. Everything is made of billions or trillions of beyond microscopic atomic particles. I will explain pyrokinesis as it is compared to the manipulation of heat. colliding with each other. touch your spot again.

like a cloth or a surgical mask. You may also want to put something on your face. Visualize them swirling and spinning in excitement. As you concentrate on the usual heating method. To be honest. feel the heat from the flame. It breathes the same oxygen and produces CO2 just the same. begin the heating process on your skin.co. Be sure to move your hand as well because if(!) you are successful at moving the flame. Once you’ve confirmed that you have the natural body temperature of your species. Personally. moving so quickly that they create a mesmerizing orange. To simply manipulate a flame. continue to feel the heat build up on you. and that is close enough. Hold your hand close to it to feel its heat and the way it moves. You may wish to hold your hand there simply for aid in your visualization. go deeper than that and see everything inside. you could hold your hand near the flame and channel a small amount of energy from your hand to the flame to make a connection. or just put your hand down. After you can feel a change in the temperature of your area. concentrate on the entire flame moving. I started with manipulating a flame rather than heat. but from my own experience I’ve discovered that Page 51 of 67 www. just sit and watch it for a while. Once you have the flame going. Go deeper and see all the particles that make up you. you could easily burn yourself. It can harm and consume. This flame is just as alive as you. There are several ways to proceed from this point. visualize your skin cells. Now.nr . If you chose to keep your hand in place. Now. MANIPULATING A FLAME Now. Continue practicing this same technique. check the thermometer to see how well you did. but feel free to choose your own method. this is the part that most people want to do right from the start. so be careful.psionix. feel the warmth begin to spread in that area. Now. to prevent yourself from breathing on your flame. but if it makes you feel better. I had to personally learn the above method of controlling heat before I was able to write an understandable article on pyrokinesis. The best choice would be to light a candle. moving the flame however you want. each particle moving individually and pulling at all those behind it as well. keep in mind the super excited particles concentrate on the fire. At the same time. go on and check the temperature of your skin before heating it. that’s different. You could even make a small psi ball around the flame.5 and 98.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi somewhere between 98. visualize all those particles that are just going crazy inside of it. blue and yellow light seemingly out of nothing.7 at any given time (unless you’re sick). you’ll first need a flame. I just keep my hand in place to aid with the visualization. Visualize the particles moving like a wave through the air in any direction that you wish. but the thing is that I could not explain how I made the flame move to and fro or how it got larger when I did nothing but stare at it and concentrate on it growing. As you watch it. Keeping the thermometer strip on your selected area (try not to look at it while you‘re heating your area no matter how tempting it is). I wish that I could be more specific on this subject. At the same time. As you concentrate on the particles becoming stimulated.

Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi controlling the flame only becomes easier with practice and good visualization as well as concentration. Like I said above.nr . fire breathes and can consume just about anything. you must be careful. I apologize for its lack of detail.psionix. Please remember that this is fire you’re dealing with. Page 52 of 67 www.co. If you reach the point where you can ignite things easily. I’m sorry if it was not helpful. If that’s the case. please let me know. And to anyone who had the misfortune of reading the original pyrokinesis article. That’s all there is to this article. I cannot stress that enough.

nr . visualize the flow heading from your forehead. Page 53 of 67 www. but lack of skill and effort will just result in failure. for the exercise below. Visualize that you are looking through the round opening of the cable and that you can see the cable run away from you and into your partner's mind.psionix. If you are the sender. and see it getting stronger and stronger as you focus on it more.co. If this happened. Once you have that figured out. through the cable. the sender will attempt to send the thought. Telepathy By Ness This article differs from the other articles in one major way. Also. and the receiver will attempt to receive the thought. While you are visualizing the cable. or vice-versa. If you are the receiver. Continue to visualize the cable. try to see a sort of "flow" to it. but common examples are cables and small tunnels/tubes. you will need to determine who will be the "sender" and who will be the "receiver". Lack of skill is alright if you're a beginner. you will need a partner. In this exercise. and into your partner's forehead. Both you and your partner close your eyes and clear your minds. The number will be a number ranging anywhere from one to nine. I don't believe zero should be included for this reason: if the thought is not well-sent or well-received. a zero could resemble an eight. The direction of the flow depends on which you are. but this isn’t too much of a problem. Try to see it from your mind's point of view. in this example. Your partner should be someone who is interested in learning telepathy and will put effort into the following exercise. The names explain it all. create a shield and program it to block other people’s thoughts from coming to you. through the cable. The structure can be anything. they will start working on their own (all the time) and you will start picking up people’s thoughts automatically.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Part 5 – Perception EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be aware. Before you can go any farther. Visualize a connecting structure reaching from your forehead to your partner's forehead. preferably facing each other. Auric Sight may start working automatically too. Sit down with your partner. the sender or the receiver. Try to make the visualization as realistic as possible. you can continue. that if you practice Telepathy and Empathy enough. and into your forehead. you will be sending and receiving a number. or both. as if your mind was looking down it. visualize the flow heading from your partner's forehead.

Just to be sure. it can be dangerous without control and preparation. Visualize the number getting pulled by the flow of the cable through the cable and into your partner's mind. If the number was wrong. There are two basic types of reception in empathy. just try again. the sender or the receiver. however. and that it's not just your mind making things up. you have to pick the number that you will be sending. though.co. pulling it away from you. which you are. If you use any form of shield. though. once again. If you are the receiver. I created a simple method to "check" your answer. Visualize it as clearly as you can.psionix. this does take a little bit of practice to figure out. and you receive the same number over and over again. they will clear their mind again. but still remember the number that they just received. and see it sitting in front of the opening of the cable. The sender will have to send the number repeatedly until the exercise is done. they should open their eyes and ask their partner if the number they were seeing was in fact the number the sender was sending. of course.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi After you feel that you have a strong connection established along with a strong flow. Page 54 of 67 www. Once you feel that you've visualized the number enough. it helps to repeat the visualization several times. the sender's job is finished (assuming they only sent the number once). simply sit there. chances are that you are actually receiving the number successfully. Good luck on your telepathy! Empathy By c0verst0ry Empathy can be described as psionically transferring emotions between people. it's very possible that you performed telepathy successfully.nr . open and closed. In my experiences. If you are the sender. but it's up to you. Each time the receiver receives the number. First of all. The receiver probably won't know when they have received the number. In my experiences. you have work to do. thinking of nothing but the cable and the flow of it into your mind. visualize the cable sucking the number in. you may want to lower or weaken it before attempting empathy. Just as all things. and the receiver now has work to do. If you are the receiver. what you do next depends on. The receiver sits there visualizing the flow of the cable pulling all thoughts in the cable to the receiver's mind. it was the first number that came to my mind. If so. At this point. however. The purpose of this is to make sure that you're really receiving the number. Once the receiver feels that they have a strong idea of what the number is.

you will need a single partner for this method. drawing in air around it. no more than two or three. Visualize a pink bubble of light coming out of the darkness where your partner’s heart is. visualize the hole closing and the particles coming from the hearts of your companions simply ceasing to be drawn to you. If you feel overwhelmed by the emotions. you open yourself up and simply draw in the emotions of those around you. you should now be feeling exactly what your partner is feeling. visualize it exploding into a cloud of pink particles that fill into your heart and mind. Remember to practice and always be optimistic. you can send emotions to other people using similar methods. extending from your heart to the heart of the person you will be drawing from. If you'vr done it successfully. try doing this around a small group of people. Along the walls are red triangles serving as arrows pointing toward the end of the cable where my heart is.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi In open empathy. then just keep trying. but you may want to weaken them a little. OPEN RECEPTION For open reception.psionix. say to yourself. you will need to bring down any shields that you may be using. drawing from your partner's end of the cable to your end.co. I visualize the inside of this cable as a long tunnel made of metal. imagine a cable coming out of the hole. Watch the bubble make its way along the cable drawing itself into your heart. If you now feel what they feel. “I wonder what John or Jim is feeling?” Imagine pink particles of light coming out of the hearts of those around you. Visualize the inside of your cable. Also. Check with them. Page 55 of 67 www. When the bubble enters your heart. Obviously. Just as with open reception. visualize a black hole opening over your heart. Concentrate on the area of chest over your heart. Clear your mind. This can be very dangerous if you are in a large group of people and should only be tried after a great deal of practice. Personally.nr . To begin with. bring your shields back up. then you did a good job. CLOSED RECEPTION Closed reception is less dangerous in the sense that you will be drawing emotions from a single person. You don’t necessarily have to bring down your shields for this method. Leave your own emotions empty. This time. erase your own emotions. Visualize a black hole about two inches in diameter opening over your heart. Allow the black hole to absorb the particles. Imagine this empty darkness acting just as a real black hole. If not. Imagine a sort of vacuum effect. you should be feeling the emotions of those around you. Now. For extra protection. Closed empathy is linking to a single person and taking in their emotions only. If done right.

visualize the raw emotion turning into pink particles of light.co. grasp the emotion and concentrate on it. Discuss with your partner what they felt. I apologize if it was vague. simply find a quiet room. concentrate on things or events that bring great happiness. Try this a few times in a row. but remote viewing is the psionic practice of seeing things that are usually distant using nothing more than your mind. Visualize a black hole opening over your heart. I apologize for that. You can visualize your cable to be anything you wish. Visualize them morphing together into a pink bubble. but when you first start out. your partner becomes happy. Once you have sent your emotion. Once you've found a relaxing place. disconnect your cable and visualize it retracting into your heart. you should practice empathy before even attempting to do this. Gather the particles at your heart.psionix. Just as a warning. Calmly and slowly move the bubble along the cable and into the heart of your partner. I visualize the inner workings of my cable for this as being a dark. always sending happiness. Please remember to continue practicing and try not to get discouraged. Remote Viewing By c0verst0ry I'm sure you already know this by now. you're probably going to notice that quiet. Now. but please continue. I'm just going to go straight into explaining how to remote view something.nr . Simply think of things that have always made you happy and concentrate on them. Now. relaxing areas are a major help. Push the bubble of emotion into the cable. Imagine a cable extending from your heart to the heart of your partner. I’m going to be honest and tell you that I’ve successfully sent my emotions to other people only once. metallic tunnel lined with red triangles pointed away from my heart toward the heart of my partner. I hope all of this helped. Visualize an air effect within your cable. Once you feel happy. be sure that there are minimal Page 56 of 67 www. You will need a single partner to do this. this will work similar to closed reception empathy. This section of the article is somewhat of a work-inprogress. You can actually perform the skill anywhere. Close the hole over your heart. If every time you attempt the sending. pushing from your heart to the heart of your partner. Now. Personally.Psi SENDING Compiled by AJ Ianozi First off. allow it to fill you up. I will be explaining this as for sending happiness. then you are successfully sending emotions. To start.

You will start by stating the date and time as well as what you are planning to view before you actually begin. Now. Soon. Either way. I'll be explaining how to do this as if you did close your eyes. Loosen up and clear your mind. or even an idea or emotion. Find a really comfortable position. From here on. physical eyes closed. a place. pay attention to whatever it is that you see. Whatever your target is. but focus your vision on the screen of darkness created by your eyelids. Once you begin. let's talk about some more things. The target can be a random number that represents something. a thing. The first thing is that you may want to record what you view. The final way will require you to speak as well as concentrate. pay attention to what you see. Keep a list of what you were attempting to see. I advise for you use one of three ways to do this.psionix. I almost forgot. only to do it on the computer using a program like Notepad.co. or Works Word Processor. You don't have to. The first one is to use pen and paper to write down what you viewed. Have you ever noticed how you have two sets of eyelids? The main ones. You may not feel this same connection. Microsoft Office Word. images should begin to appear. You'll be closing both of those. but I prefer to close my eyes. Even if you think that you are seeing the wrong thing. With both sets of eyelids closed. and then the "second set" that closes when you have your eyes closed and you try to shut your eyes again. open that inner set of eyelids while keeping your real. Once you're finished. you will described exactly what you did see in comparison to what you were trying to see. a person's name. concentrate on your target. That's basically it on HOW to remote view. Even so. continue concentrating on your target. I usually feel some form of connection to my target after concentrating on it. once you've concentrated on your target for what you feel to be a reasonable amount of time. such as different ways to do things. you will explain everything that you see and experience. or just visualizing something.nr . and what you actually did see. Just go with the flow and pay attention to what you see. you can always record your information as a post in the Remote Viewing Progress topic on the website! Page 57 of 67 www. the date and time. The second method would be to record the same thing. simply concentrate on it and try to get a feel for it.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi distractions that will hinder you. You will use a tape recorder or just a voice recorder to speak your information. I honestly recommend this. Once this is done. so it may be a little tricky. You may see only small balls of color or even faint outlines of images.

we have to work at it. but for the rest of us. if you're interested. and if you ever begin to get upset that you can't do it. they haven't gotten ALL the way out. Also. so their hard work is not completely in vain. you can always work with them from the start. this article will help you with that. you can always pick random latitude and longitude lines to remote view.RVtargets. onto ways to confirm what you saw. at least once a day. and it's no big deal. just stay calm and continue practicing. places. Hopefully. Have that friend go to a place while you try to remote view them. Practice this to fine-tune the skill so that you can gain more detail and accuracy with your viewings. Before we begin. you can always ask them if they were doing something that day that you saw them doing while you were remote viewing. It is also usually called an out of body experience. if you viewed a friend. or are just interested in the results. However. Get together afterwards and describe what you saw to your friend to see if your image matches the place that they were. For something else. Most people attempt it for months and months without really getting out of the body. Good luck and have fun remote viewing. there are plenty of websites out there that will provide remote viewing targets.com. If you want a challenge. or OOBE/OBE.co.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Now. You can always remote view people. more if you can. I have a few more things to say. Becoming angry and trying to force it won't help you at all. If you do that. One such site is www. Page 58 of 67 www. I'm sorry to say that you probably won't be able to confirm whether or not you viewed the correct thing. That's all. and yet. It seems to be normal to have a bit of a struggle with this. I hope you learned something from this. though. The best advice I can give is to practice a lot. If you were trying to remote view something such as Egypt or Pluto. Finally. Astral projection has proven itself to be fairly tricky. Some people experience astral projection naturally. Next is targets. You can and will project when you're ready. This is no big deal. but most of them give long number sequences that I personally find hard to concentrate on.psionix. try to remote view things like emotions or other abstract things. you can check your accuracy by looking up on the Internet to see what's at that point of latitude and longitude. Astral Projection By Ness Astral projection occurs when your consciousness leaves your body. and things.nr . Many of these people can feel themselves getting close to leaving.

You don't have to be like this. It continues to breathe. Eventually.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi You should also know that your body doesn't die when you leave. pump blood. change. basically asleep. you may feel relaxed already. you should eventually begin to enter the vibrational stage. You enter the vibrational stage when you're on your way out of your body. Make sure that you can be completely relaxed in your chosen position. Your body continues to lie there. whichever you prefer. visualize yourself leaving your body. You also cannot be possessed by something/someone while astral projecting. but once I started practicing astral projection and actually paid attention to relaxing my face. we can finally begin! First of all. When you first sit or lay down. Repeat this a few times with each body part. your entire body should feel slightly numb and heavier than usual. make waste. Honestly. I cannot stress the face area enough. Once you're completely relaxed. but you also don't want to be totally wired. You also need to be comfortable in your clothes. your consciousness is out of your body. You may sit or lay down. toes and especially your face. With ALL that being said. and it takes you absolutely no effort. When I laid down to go to sleep at night. you are ABSOLUTELY. or else you won't be able to relax. It varies from person to person.. but make sure you're comfortable. then relaxing it. You can use any visualization that you want. but it's basically a half awake/half asleep mode. While visualizing yourself leaving your body. you should try to be in a certain mind-set when you practice. You can't have any distractions while trying to astral project. even though you're not there. so feel free to experiment. If you are not. you need to be comfortable. Make sure that for this. close your eyes and relax.psionix. along with several other people. when you're completely done. I noticed that it had been slightly tensed all along. but your soul itself is still there. Also. To relax completely. but you will most likely feel as if you're either shaking or swaying. but you should do a thorough check of your entire body before continuing. even the small parts. I never noticed how tense my face was. try flexing each body part individually. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT relaxed.nr . it helps a lot. or anything weird like that. your body would probably die. You may also hear Page 59 of 67 www. Your soul stays in place and you are at no greater risk of being possessed/taken over than you are at any other time. etc. When you astral project. or you can visualize yourself jerking to the side and rolling out of your body. You can visualize yourself gently floating out of your body. or you'll probably fail. I felt completely relaxed.co. You want to be awake enough so that you can lay down and not fall asleep immediately. Check each part of your body. such as your fingers. It's hard to describe. but in my experience. then move onto the next part. Once you're completely comfortable. If your soul left your body when you astral projected.

and you should get some kind of view. some people visualize their eyes opening. etc. etc. now. and others just will them to open. see. Others' eyes open automatically. just change your focus to opening your eyes. visualize yourself leaving your body completely. Just as I felt myself leave my body completely. hear. just consider this a warning: there may be a very loud noise when you finally leave your body. but it's actually nothing at all. and all that progress I had made that night was suddenly gone. Most people describe the movement as a "I'll just float over here. fatal. and work your way up to moving around the room. They should. and then the vibrations began to fade. Make sure you've got it down completely before you try to go out on an adventure of some sort. In my experiences. I visualized myself floating straight up and out. Before we continue. you will lose focus on leaving your body and you'll most likely have to start over from the beginning. No matter what happens. Needless to say. Just try your hardest not to be startled by it. stay focused. Shortly after getting out and looking around. the feelings and/or noises and/or visions should begin to gently fade away. don't be discouraged. I would like to take this chance to warn you about the popping.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi or see things. Ignore anything you feel. Continue to focus on astral projecting. Once you're out of your body. Let's continue. actually. Page 60 of 67 www. It's just an extremely loud pop that I heard one time when I left my body.co. Be happy with yourself for achieving your goal. such as bending your arms or legs. if your eyes are still closed. and try again soon.nr .. one way or another.. I was happy about getting so far. and you should begin to feel as if you're actually out of your body. far into the vibrational stage. That probably sounds scary. Once you make your way through the vibrational stage. although now. remember to stay calm and focused on leaving your body. painful. If you get out and then get sucked right back into your body. So. in some cases. and they soon wake up. Stay one hundred percent focused on astral projecting. If you pay attention to how exciting these feelings are. a little blurry. Most people describe it as being very vivid. Start out small and easy. or maybe even just looking around. POP! Like a shotgun going off in my ear. but I remained focused on leaving my body. I felt very light and slightly cooler. so I just rolled over and went to sleep. So. Right in my right ear. Ignore it completely if you can. Once you can get out of your body and stay there for a little while. I was pretty angry. most people feel as if they're being pulled back into their bodies. Right in my ear. start to focus on small movements. now" kind of movement. so take your time learning it. and. It didn't hurt at all. It is NOT dangerous.psionix. perfectly relaxed. Once out of their body. open. I was lying there. but it startled me so badly that I actually physically jumped. like a normal incredibly loud sound does.

Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi When you're finally done astral projecting and you want to return to your body. It's up to you. you'll probably begin to panic. you are incredibly unlucky and even panicking isn't enough to make you wake up. You can actually go back to your body. by some chance. remember to stay calm and relaxed the ENTIRE time. there are some ways of training yourself to lucid dream. Now. there you have it. As you astral project. you'll probably stop astral projecting and wake up. You can also just focus on waking up. you shouldn't have too much trouble with this. Thing is. so if someone kicks down your door to see what you're doing. as if you were having a bad dream or something. one way or another. though. the way you achieve lucid dreaming. if your body needs to go to the bathroom. and while practicing. Doing that. once you actually realize you are dreaming. Try flying way up into outer space. I've never heard of anyone not being able to reenter their body. is when you realize you are dreaming during the dream. you can't get back into your body. I'll give some techniques on how to do this: Page 61 of 67 www. Be creative and have fun! Well.psionix. Don't worry. if for some strange reason. or diving way down to the bottom of the ocean. it's sort of like "waking up" inside the dream (if that makes sense). or you could just visualize yourself being sucked back in from wherever you are. Also. If. the urge will get stronger and stronger until you finally wake up. When you've finally gotten out of your body several times and you can keep yourself out for a good amount of time. Lucid Dreaming By AJ Basically. it's not as easy as it sounds because you end up getting a sort of "amnesia" when you dream (you don't know that you're dreaming). Practice hard and often. lay down on yourself and visualize yourself sinking back in. go have fun. and once you become upset enough. you will need to remember your dreams. you should wake up automatically. your physical body is basically asleep. Firstly. You'll get back in.nr . see on how to Astral Project from a Lucid Dream in the next article. Practice some Psionics while astral projecting. Good luck! EDITOR’S NOTE: Also. As for doing this. just wait it out. you have full memory if you're waking life. you can try one of several methods to return. Go see what your friends are doing.co.

write it down. it's lucid dreaming. it defiantly helps you remember them. and you remember your dream. and all my memory is restored). sometimes you will be in the dream. ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” and do some sort of action after that to see if you are dreaming. as you start to remember your dreams. I cannot stress how important writing down your dreams is. do it staring at your palms. even if I’m not wearing a watch I still do it. As I said. it will actually MATTER if you have lucid ones. is question if you are dreaming all the time. is to look at your hands (palms). and when I’m dreaming. Another trigger is if I see a deceased relative. One thing that you must do. then I'll realize I'm dreaming. and something will "click" and you will just realize. 50 times (to hammer it in) every time you go to sleep. is tell yourself (by "yourself" I'm referring to the "yourself" in c0verst0ry's article: Communicating With Yourself). This is very simple. Before you go to bed. Another thing you should do is keep a "dream journal". Have it beside your bed. just something you will end up doing in your dream which will remind you that you may be dreaming (then your memory will usually restore. and you will have a lucid dream).Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi One of the main things you need to do. Another thing you can do. a sight. When you go to sleep. where something happens and you will realize "that can't happen. is look down at my watch. and when you wake up in the morning. What I do. it will Page 62 of 67 www. You may discover your own triggers. For me. "Hey! I'm dreaming!" This happens to me sometimes.co. and that you want to wake up remembering them. just tell yourself out loud something like: "Tonight I will be aware that I'm dreaming.psionix. Other times it may be one of your triggers. It doesn't need to be something really big.. you will need to realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. this must be a dream!" but it's also good to program a trigger. but you remember it later. even if you know you are not currently dreaming. I’m usually lucid dreaming. Say this to yourself about err. I've trained myself to "check if I'm dreaming" (I'll get to that).nr . the hands are usually spinning out of control (by this point. A trigger is something (an action. something) that achieves a desired result. and I will remember my dreams when I awake". in this case.. This basically tells your subconscious that you want to have lucid dreams. go back and write it down then! So. NOTE: If you don't remember your dream when you wake up. and when you see your hands/palms in the dream.

fully aware that I was falling asleep. this was my first lucid dream. Then eventually (maybe 2-5 mins) I was fully in the dream again (I knew this. because it didn’t feel like I was laying down and “seeing” the dream. It’s exactly like you’re waking up in real life.co. trying to keep my eyes closed and to fall back asleep. wait for the toast to be ready. then you wake up and still half-asleep. you will wake up in your bed. During a false awakening.nr . I did what anyone would like to do… I “willed” myself to fly! It’s a dream. There is one thing I should point out though. Page 63 of 67 www. I kept relaxing. So I decided to try and experiment. that is even possible in a lucid dream. Sometimes I would wake up. and I ended up waking up. 8/10 lucid dreams I have. ends up with me eventually “waking up“ when I haven’t. Has any of you ever had a dream. Annoyed. I could faintly see the vision of the race car still. and you can still “see” the dream going on? Sometimes you may end up just falling asleep again and completely reentering the dream. if you are being chased by a monster. go and make breakfast. If you want to fly. So I was still tired. is that they are annoying.psionix. One time that very thing happened to me. you can have anything you want to happen. There is no vibration stage. And I knew I was dreaming. If you were ever held back from Astral Projection. you close your eyes again. the only thing about a false awakening. happen in it. just fly. I felt like I was sitting up in the car speeding around). it’s not like when you’re trying in your waking life. then I would wake up in bed (for real) annoyed. run in the other room and tell my mom I’ve had a lucid dream. I have found another way to lucid dream that doesn’t involve the above. (The following may not make sense unless you have read Ness’ Astral Projection article) There have been two times where I have tried to Astral Project [AP] from a lucid dream. get in my car and start driving off to my college.then it ends up being another dream. So. what can you do in a lucid dream? Anything! My first lucid dream. and that’s “false awakenings”. and it may snap you out of the lucid dream. so I told myself I was… Then I went lucid.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi remind you of “looking at your hands” when going to sleep. get up like you usually would and start your day -. change the storyline so you are chasing the monster instead. and when I closed my eyes. I was having a dream that I was in a race car.

my eyes were already open. I didn’t start getting results until a mother after I started. Light is made up of different frequencies. Everything has an aura. But have fun. choose your target. Both times. a rock. and they were able to pick up all kinds of frequencies. our eyes were used a lot and began to toughen up. but chances are that you never paid any attention to it. and I kept floating upwards until I got sucked back into my body. The second time. you have to stare at one spot. it may be longer or shorter for you. You'll be staring at this thing for a while. For example. To begin. quit staring at me!" Once you have your target figured out. an aura is the field of energy that something gives off. to give myself super powers etc). all I did was “will” myself to Astral Project. including auras. say. it's usually brighter and more colorful than the aura of. whatever you see. so if it's a person. but you also shouldn't stare at a spot too far from the edge. but you'll get used to it. as it will be harder to see the aura. but they can vary greatly.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Both times when I tried to AP from a Lucid Dream. As we got older. Auric Sight By Ness What exactly ARE auras? Well. again. The first time I astral projected. This is called using your peripheral vision. it’s only a dream. but observe another. because it will be harder to make their aura appear.nr .psionix. We can see some frequencies. and remember. and now it's gone. I hope that helps some people with lucid dreaming. though. just like I was able to “will” myself to fly. auras. or to change the storyline (or to teleport myself. you will end up (in that very second) out of the dream. We were all born with the ability to see auras. I'll explain the process. The reason for this is that you have to look at the aura indirectly. make sure you're comfortable with them so you don't get embarrassed when they say. because I'm good like that. When we were born. my eyes were stuck closed. and it's hard at first. and it works. stare at one spot on them. and others we can't. Developing Auric Sight is actually just a matter of making your eyes sensitive to the auras' frequencies again. "Hey. so I didn’t too much of anything. Page 64 of 67 www. the aura of a living thing is much different from the aura of a non-living thing. thus making us lose the ability to see certain frequencies. Well. If you try to AP from a dream. Remember that you may not get results over night. I succeeded. and out of your body. thus causing them to get less sensitive. You shouldn't stare directly at their edge. our eyes were new and sensitive.co.

If you do it right. Imagine your third eye looking around. You could also force your eyes out of focus if you'd like. seeing your surroundings. sit in front of a large mirror. If you wish to see your own aura. but only a little bit. seeing auras with your two physical eyes closed. Visualize it opening. As I develop it more. As time goes on and you practice more. is lighter. but I'm not sure if everyone will experience this. Visualize the third eye centered on your forehead slightly above your eyebrows.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Stare at the spot you have chosen and allow your eyes to go out of focus. the white area that you see will get bigger and bigger to a point. Thank you for baring with me.psionix. visualize the white being absorbed into you as you inhale. and be sure to pay attention to HOW you cross your eyes. Good luck on seeing auras. Now. Even I don’t have much practice with this. You may also see random streaks of color sometimes. you should notice with your peripheral vision that the outline of the person. and you should begin to notice the white spreading out a little farther as time passes. you will need to open your third eye. Continue to stare at the spot without blinking. look at the darkness that appears from them being closed. Page 65 of 67 www. try doing it. and drifting back out as you exhale. as I do. Imagine it transferring what it sees into your brain and on to your physical eyes. sight without sight. Start by closing your eyes.co. My method is to simply cross and uncross your eyes. so I apologize if it seems vague. in this example. Basically. Whatever trigger you use to activate auric sight. As you stare at the spot with unfocused eyes. The only difference is that as you begin to see the white outline around yourself. Repeat this a few times. so don't be disappointed if it takes you a long time to see color. Transfer a small amount of energy to the opened eye to stimulate it slightly. as I do. simply try to uncross your eyes. and past that point will be color. your vision will blur a little. That's basically all there is to Auric Sight. as if there's extra light there. This is just one of those "practice" things. and it will all return to normal.nr . I’ll rewrite and change as much information as I can. Sight Without Sight By c0verst0ry This is just as the title says. When you want to unblur your vision. You will need to be fairly experienced with auric sight before trying this. When you think you have the motion figured out. and repeat all the above steps with you as your target. do so now. but you won't see two images. it is using auric sight without actually seeing anything. With your physical eyes. This method tends to help you focus on your aura as well as keep your mind clear.

nr . for inanimate objects. well-defined eye. as will I.co. look back. and activated your auric sight with your eyes closed. This is successful auric sight with your physical eyes closed. and it appears as a luminous. auric sight using only the third eye should become an easy task Page 66 of 67 www. As it looks at you. you should begin to see blurred images on your darkened vision plane. As of yet. which may possibly be your third eye. With concentration. If you've stimulated your third eye. this circle of light should take shape as an eye. After concentrating on it. I see colored auras around highly distorted images. try looking beyond it. it may seem a little frightening. Concentrate on this circle. You should continue to practice. Concentrate on the darkness behind the eye. With time. people appear to me as black blurs lined in white. In my experiences so far.psionix. but you must concentrate on the eye. If your third eye appears the same as mine did. you should see just a faint circle of light.Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi If your results are like mine.

..................................... rejuvenation..............61 meditation..45 cyrokinesis...............45 drawing.....54 senses.............................36 Sacral chakra.....54 rejuvenation..nr ..............................9 vibrational stage.....27 psiballs.. 46 charging........36 sending energy into ...............................5 Page 67 of 67 www......4 sending thoughts................... picking up thoughts .......................35 Heart chakra...........47 empathy...............................14 unconscious....16 talking to yourself.....47 sparking...56 Remote Viewing..........34 Crown chakra...........................................19 Energy Workout...26 program energy...18 Psiballs.7 astral projection...19 gathering energy.................9 Subconscious Programming..........40 pyrokinesis....27 psi..... shelling...............................4 flaring.........40 centering.35 clear your mind.....45 Telekinesis...9 telekinesis.................... spoon/fork...........................29 shields.30 Relaxing the body..18 conscious.........15 overload............................................................ blank mind.....7 program energy.............................................6.................4.................6 taste.................................. 7..47 currents.............. 50 receiving thoughts.6.........11 hypnosis.8 cryokinesis...................................................................25 energy sensing................ cooling water............................. 34 lucid dreaming.....7 sight...9 bending.......32 wound..............32...12 relaxing your mind................ 43 telepathy..................5 shell.7 smell..........44 Psychokinesis.................... 49 flame manipulation51 heat manipulation.64 auric sight.........................................psionix.......36 seven main chakra 35 Solar Plexus chakra ...........12 remote viewing........4 Psionics................................10 clearing your mind............25 healing.................................................65 Autosuggestion............5 programming.................64 with eyes closed.....53 telepathy.35 Third Eye chakra.....................10 mind's eye..co...............................29 Telepathy......................13 subconscious........6 shelling........................................4 psiwheel.......16 keyword..........................................................4 energy manipulation..............................................7 Touch................. trigger......................31 headache..............18 making...............25 grounding............37 Energy...................................58 aura.....59 visualize..................16 trigger.................................30 healing....11 trances.......54 energy................................25 draw energy.....26 chakra......Psi Compiled by AJ Ianozi Index aerokinesis........... core.............4 trance............15 Trancing.....20 force bubble...........31 electrokinesis.................35 Root chakra....................37 energyball..................................................4 psiball.......29 state of mind.........................28 energy source..............35 Throat chakra.......................................4 hearing.........................................................................25 drawing energy.........

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