10 Reasons Why Go On Exchange This Summer 1. ! 2. !
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Why do you still hesitate?
Every time when i recall the reasons why i joined AIESEC, having the opportunities to go on exchange is always the first one that comes up in my mind. Why? Because i know the impacts the exchange program would make on me. Actually I think i can produce a list with 50 more reasons that why you should go on exchange this summer. But, you know, there are always some people in the world who are just as obstinate as mules. They always

say, “Exchange? Sure, next year!’ Next year, next year, it’s always a year away. They even c o mp l a i n t h e y d o n ’ t h ave enough information to make decision. Thus, I’m going to show those guys some of the best programs in details to take their last excuse away. Keep in mind that in the past these materials are only shown to the member who got authorized by the EB only!

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explore new interests learn new skills find out what you want to do in !

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gain new insight and outlooks

get something to show off before your friends

“I worked for the biggest NGO in Poznan in Poland.!I shared happiness and sadness with those mentally disabled people who only live in their own world with people's bias. I helped other kind-hearted workers to take care of those physically disabled people as well. I did learn what real love is !and it helps me to establish a whole new worldwide view.”

Sandra, Polland

Management Traineeships in Hong Kong Duration: 52-54 weeks Work for: UBS AS Salaries: U. India . Perform trade verification as well as PnL explain “An experience I will never forget. $2850/month Internship Description: Provide support and management oversight to daily activities involving trade management and transaction lifecycle support. for the people i met there” Vishal. P&L as well as risk management. Promotion of service levels for both internal and external clients Benefits of this internship: Know how the products work for both Structured Rates and Credit. issue resolutions and monitoring of Key Risks Indicators. for it is.S.

Every class lasts 120 hours. Trainee have to arrive to Poland at least 3 days before language classes start in order to get prepared. China . Insight on Polish culture Emotional Intelligence training “AIESEC Internship is the pathway to a whole new world. Each group has language classes twice a week.Education Traineeship in Poland Duration: 8-9 weeks Work for: AIESEC University Internship Description: Trainee will be conducting language classes in groups of 15-20 people (students or adults) on different language level (beginner. Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship: • • • • • • • Facilitating skills Training skills Autopresentation skills Interpersonal skills Working in multicultural environment skills through conducting language classes and preparing activities and events. Classes are going to start on 25th October. intermediate. Trainee will be running ordinary language classes. advanced) approximately 35 hours weekly. One where you will be put out of your comfort zones but come love it in the end!” Michael.

a had worked and adapted to a completely different business environment. I had experienced all the cultural intracacies that the country had to offer.Development Traineeship in RWANDA Duration: 6-8 weeks Work for: Ministry of Health Internship Description: Carryout Environmental Health Inspection Coordination of Environmental Health Inspection Disaster Management (prevention & fight) Benefits of this internship: Working with community on Environmental Health issue “After my!3 month internship with an NGO in India. and I had made friends from all over the world. My AIESEC internship was an invaluable experience which I believe has set me apart from other students and shown me that a global mindset and international experience is key in today's increasingly!connected world. I had work experience in notfor-profit organisational management and analysis.” Louisa. India .

Successfully applying and being accepted to an internship placement 6.It ! "at simple MRB dates: 11th September 18th September 16th October . Coffee chat with OGX member to set expectations and answer any questions the person might have about AIESEC's exchange program 3.. etc. 1.. Process of finding an internship placement ("matching") with support of an OGX member 5. arrange visas. Book flights.. MRB (Member Review Board) 4. Send in application form to Lara or Melissa 2..Q ^ ••• Oh i want to go on exchange what do i have to do then? A Just go through these 6 simple and easy steps. Go on EXCHANGE!! .

emery@aiesec.Type to enter text If you have decided to go on the AIESEC exchange program to move forward in life.net> NOW ! . do fill in the application and send it to our VPOGX Lara Emery <lara.

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