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Arabic Tutor-Volume Three

Arabic Tutor-Volume Three

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Published by: Tahir Ali on Sep 13, 2010
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( )

1. Ten categories of ( ) were mentioned in
Volume One. Those are the categories which are most
frequently used. They are also the ones used in the Qur’ān.

The remaining two categories, that is, category 11 and 12 of
of ( ) are mentioned hereunder.






to be hard






(to run fast)

Note 1: Both these categories are intransitive. Therefore the
( ) was not mentioned. An intensive meaning is
found in both these categories.

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Arabic Tutor
Arabic Tutor
Arabic Tutor

Arabic Tutor –––– Volume Three
Volume Three
Volume Three

Volume Three

Page 179

2. The books of Arabic Morphology mention other
categories as well. Most of them are on the scale of ( )

which is the scale of ( ). There are a few which fall

on the scales of ( ) which are the scales of

( ). The only difference is that they have three
root letters. All these categories are seldom used. It was
therefore not necessary to mention them in this beginner’s

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