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Kindergarten Curriculum Complete

Kindergarten Curriculum Complete

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Published by: Amanda Thompson on Sep 13, 2010
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Day 1: Introductions Level: Kindergarten – First Grade Vocabulary: Good Morning, How are you? Fine, thanks.

My name is_______. What's your name? I am in ____ grade. I am ___ Years old. How old are you? What grade are you in? Materials Needed: Puzzles, vocabulary cards, CD, CD Player 10 Minutes Playtime 10 Minutes Warm up Have puzzles available on the floor for the kids to do when they enter the class room. About 2-3 puzzles provided. When the children enter the room, greet them and ask them to join the others on the ground to do the puzzles. Song: “Where is” (To the tune of “Frere Jacques”): Teacher: “Where is [student’s name]? Where is [student’s name]?” Student: “Here I am. Here I am.” Teacher: “How are you today [student’s name]?” Student: “Very well, I thank you.” Together: “Say hello. Say hello.” • Give students who are familiar with the song the opportunity to be “teacher” and lead the song. • Review “criss cross apple sauce” and other classroom rules. Reward good listeners by allowing them to pop bubbles. Teach Vocabulary My Name is/What’s your name? Teacher starts by introducing themselves. “My name is _______. What is your name?” Teacher passes a ball to another teacher in the class who repeats the same information. That teacher then passes the ball to a child and assists them in repeating the same information. The teacher holds up the vocabulary card for “My name is_______ , What’s your name?” Good Morning Teacher holds up vocabulary card for Good morning and has the students repeat how to say the phrase. Have students lie down or place their head on their hands if sleeping. Teacher demonstrates waking up and yawning and using the phrase “Good Morning.” Have students repeat the motion and the phrase. I am in _____grade Teacher holds up vocabulary card for grade level and says “I am in Kindergarten.” Have one student stand from each grade level present in the room (K-1). Touch the kindergartener’s head and say “I am in Kindergarten.” Have students repeat until they can say the phrase clearly. Touch the first grader’s head and say “I’m in First Grade.” Have students repeat the phrase until they can say the phrase clearly. How Old Are You? Teacher draws a birthday cake on the board and represents their birthday by the number of candles on the cake. Count the number of candles and have the students join in. Have another teacher ask “How old are you?” Reply with the number of candles on top of your cake. Call a volunteer to the front of the classroom. Erase your candles and have the student draw the number of candles to represent their age. Have the class ask “How old are you?” Student should reply with the number of candles on the cake. How are you? Teacher holds up vocabulary card representing the question. Teacher 2 holds up the response. The two teachers demonstrate the question and answer. Teacher 1 asks the class “How are you?” Have all the students respond with “I’m fine, thanks.” Song: Shake A Friend’s Hand Game: Q&A Matching Have students return to the circle and Criss-Cross Apple Sauce. Divide the students into 2 teams. Have the teams each form their own circle. Place vocabulary words face down in the center of the circle. Rather than having students match 2 of the same cards, have the students match the question with its proper answer. If a student draws a “Good Morning” card, they must stand up and •

10 Minutes Presentation

10 Minutes Practice

10 Minutes Review or Additional game spin around 3 times. FASTER. GO ACCIDENT (students fall to the ground). THROUGH THE TUNNEL (table) Variation: Make an obstacle course with chairs in the classroom for a challenge. Instructions: Have kids line up in a row and put their hands on the person in front of them to form a train.” Have this student stand in front. Game: Train Ride Depending on how many children there they can be split up in two groups (Then you would name them Train one/ Train two. Give commands (see below). . SLOWER. Appoint one student to be the “locomotive. TURN AROUND. RIGHT.” the children fall to the ground and a new “locomotive” is appointed. The student then loses their turn. STOP. When the teacher says “accident. Commands: • LEFT. Students should go around the classroom following the commands while making the sound of a locomotive.).

Their team should guess the vocabulary word for a point. going to the park. Repeat for the other team. say the word and have the class repeat what you have said. the child should say: “I like/don’t like to________. the child with the ball draws a flashcard from the pile in the center of the circle. Use the alternate arm to stir. According to the picture the child drew. la” • Listening to music – turn on the CD player and hold your hand to your ear • Playing video games – pretend as if you have a video game controller in your hand • Cooking – curl one arm as if you are holding a bowl. listening to music. The team with the most . dancing. STAMP YOUR FOOT. 10 Minutes Review class rules. playing video games. When they draw a card that says “Hobbies” everyone has to get up and find a new seat. 5 flashcards that say “Hobbies. Materials Needed: coloring sheets. hold up the card and ask the students to demonstrate the motion. If a team guesses the wrong word. have them sit at the tables or floor. STAND UP. When the music stops. Warm up Song: Walking in the Light of God Have the children stand in a circle. riding a bike Function/Question: What do you like to do?/I like to ________ / I like ________. Demonstrate each vocabulary word by the following actions: • Baseball – swing arms as if swinging a bat • Soccer – swing foot as if kicking a soccer ball • Drawing – pretend draw on a piece of paper with your finger and your palm • Dancing – dance in place • Singing – sing “la. JUMP 10 Minutes Review Vocabulary words and phrases from previous lessons.” The card is then placed at the bottom of the pile. Game: I Say Demonstrate the commands below to the children. Have one child come up from one team. soccer. the opposing team has the opportunity to guess the answer to steal the point. Start the music on the CD player. singing. Whoever does not do the right thing has to sit out. Presentation New Vocabulary Hold up each vocabulary. Repeat until all the children have had a turn. Secretly show the child the picture to the child and have them demonstrate the motion associated with the vocabulary word. in a previously designated area in the classroom. Place vocabulary cards faced down in the center of the circle. cooking. Play music as children pass a ball around the circle. • Going to the park – walk in place • Riding a bike – use your two arms as if they are peddling a bicycle. CD-player. Explain to them that they can color the “Moses” themed coloring sheets of their choice. vocabulary cards. as well as do the hand motions that go along with it. Commands: • CLAP YOUR HANDS. LAY DOWN. When the music stops. Have Playtime enough copies of different coloring sheets so students can choose which picture they want to color.” small ball 10 Minutes When students come into the classroom. crayons. Reverse – teacher should demonstrate the motion and have students recall the vocabulary words. Have children dance while the music is playing. After practicing a few times. Game: Charades Place the children into two teams. Play the song from the CD and sing with them. 10 Minutes Game: Hot Potato (Modified Version) Practice Have the children sit in a circle on mats or chairs. Make sure every child gets the ball at least one time. the teacher gives the command. la. The music continues and the ball is passed on. CD.Day 3: Hobbies Level: Kindergarten – First Grade Vocabulary: baseball. drawing. Have students copy each motion as you go through the words. SIT DOWN.

10 Minutes Review or Additional game points wins. Play the song from the CD and sing with them. Song: The Good Song (Lions’ song) Have the children stand in a circle. . as well as do the hand motions that go along with it.

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