Impacts of Cinema .

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. meaning "a motion. From cinema. you can learn good things as well as bad things.  Cinema is the Latin spelling of the Greek word kineme (of kinetic). everything here have some positive as well as negative effects. it all depends upon how you grab things or understand it." Cinema is the British word for a movie .cinema is a source of entertainment & knowledge.

. we can understand the principle of survival. Through a movie or television. the knowledge we have learn in school is very limited. you could obtain necessary supplements for broadening your view.Positive impacts of cinema Ø Cinema's are good for entertainment and enjoyment. the view of the world. No doubt. even the outlook value. Ø You can get information from scientific movies and technical movies Ø Serious and good movies make us learn a variety of knowledge. but in the media.

energy crisis and population crisis etc. How to talk. We can learn more about every thing about society problem like global warming. you look good. and you have the rest of your life to look forward to By seeing god movies . how to sit and stand.we can build up our personalities. ØCommunication between the people increase and awareness of society .Positive impacts of cinema ØGood movies enable us gain the life experience that we have not had in our real life. your body is strong.

Ø child’s minds is very receptive. colleges & university. In this way. Ø People of Cinema used tools to draws attention towards their actions. their career damage.  .Some students involve in bad habits like they prefer to go to cinema instead to go school. it delivers a bad impression on students you find them in indulging bad activities. we find out that most robbery cases all around us are going to held after the cinema time Ø The atmosphere of cinema damage the minds of young students . they can learn from every thing they watch if they watch good things they learn good and think good.Social impacts of cinema Ø If we put a glance on robbery cases. In small age they fall in love. And sensitive.

B e h i d th e l ve . m a n y p re ci u s l ve s n o s i n o o i . they start to understand themselves hero & heroin and try to make their life style more stylish . T h e y sta rt to e e m n e th i k th a t l ve i l fe .  Ø ØS o m e p e o p l u se d to g o ci e m a . T h e se typ e s o f n o e n n m o vi s l a ve b a d i p a cts o n m i d s o f p e o p l .Social impacts of cinema Ø When people go in cinema to see movies. th e y i vo l n ve i b a d h a b i l ke ste a l n g a n y n ts i i th i g . O f co u rse th e y h a ve n o e n m o n e y to fu l l th e re q u i m e n ts a n d n e e d s o f th e i fa m i i s. fi l re r le To g e t m o n e y .for which large amount of money is required. n ØB y se e i g l ve sto ry m o vi s i ci e m a .

Ø Pick pocketing is also occurred  in cinema.they also involve in these things.Social impacts of cinema Ø Cinema is house of sin if we use it in wrong way. Ø Uncivilized people come in cinema & bring alcoholic with them. these types of things leave bad effects on our society.they see these types of thing like drugs in cinema . When civilized & educated people come in cinema .  .

Social impacts of cinema Ø Bad things about the cinema is that some people cause mischief like being noisy in the room. littering and running. Ø . This will cause a lot of anger to the public watching the movie having to put up with this bad behavior.

people are wrong who make its misuse. we can use cinema as a source of entertainment in good and knowledge.Personal views    In my opinion. Historical . Cinema is source of entertainment we should make its good use. A writer should write best movies like moral.  .political and such types of movies when we will see these movies we can aware which types of crisis people are facing now a days If we make its best use. if we say. cinema is not wrong it depend on its use in which way we use it either in good way or wrong way. cinema is wrong.

but in the media. you could obtain necessary supplements for broadening your view. . even the outlook value. so that our new generation do not involve in bad things. Millions people in our society embrace Islam by making best use of internet and cinema. serious and good movies make us learn a variety of knowledge. the knowledge we have learn in school is very limited. Through a movie or television. Before go to perform hajj they see religious movies and learn how to perform hajj. we can understand the principle of survival. the view of the world.Personal views    Many people do not know how to perform hajj. Do not misuse of cinema. No doubt. People should make best use of cinema.

 How can we create better environment cinema in  .

Ø There should be restriction for such types of movies from which people cannot gain any type of knowledge.How can we improve environment of cinema Ø There should be restriction to bring drugs types things with them. Ø There should be restriction for such types of movies. can leave bad impacts on minds of people.  . Ø There should restriction for hooting. just the wastage of time and money.

because  Kids will copy what they see. The minds of youth are like potter's clay. so that children can go in  cinema with their families.How can we improve environment of cinema Ø There should be restriction for the entrance  of small children like 12 years old. without being  able to consider what the risk is. Ø There should be family environment  in cinema. . The things they see and the things which succeed in leaving even a little impact on their minds. change the course of their actions. Ø Children who have age above 12years can go in cinema.

How can we improve environment of cinema However. Some films show how man  has struggled through the centuries to make the world a better place to live in. Such is the effect of the film. Such films are indeed invaluable. especially to those who are illiterate. the cinema helps to spread  knowledge. educational authorities are trying to make the best use of the cinema to spread knowledge and information. In this respect the cinema could be regarded as a school.   . Even the dullest student learns many things if he sees an educational film in the cinema though he may learn nothing from his teacher or his books. and in many countries. There are many films which  show the activities of the various races  of people living in the remote regions  of the earth.

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