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Jack Whalley Manifesto CF South-West Chairman Candidate

Jack Whalley Manifesto CF South-West Chairman Candidate

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Published by: TheBlueGuerilla on Sep 13, 2010
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Jack Whalley

South West Conservative Future
Regional Chairman Candidate
Election 2010


A few words
Welcome to the manifesto of Jack Whalley, your choice for South West Regional Chairman for Conservative Future. Why vote for me? I have a proven track record within Conservative Future. My determination to ensure that communications between members, transparency and accountability and obtaining funding are second to none. I am a candidate who will ensure that your voice is heard. I have been involved in the Conservative Party for several years now, and without a doubt I can say I've enjoyed every minute of my time so far. Every minute. Some might be surprised by that, but it's true. From the thrill of election night counts to that feeling you get when you clinch that all-important speaker, you can't beat it. I feel that the time is now right to put myself forward to serve Conservative Future in the South West. As chairman of the Bath branch of Conservative Future, I have responsibility for developing our presence at the University of Bath, Bath Spa University and under-30s in the city. At well over one hundred members and with unprecedented levels of growth, I have demonstrated the skills and determination required to be successful here. During the 2008 elections, I was involved the Conservative victories in Hyndburn, Lancashire. In 2009, I campaigned in the Pendle and Hyndburn constituencies, for the county council elections. In addition, I also led a campaign for a Bath based residents group fighting for compensation for their mistreatment. During the 2010 elections, I was principally involved in the Bath campaign in which we were able to send out over 40 students on the doorsteps in the run up to the election with many more on Election Day. If you have any questions about me, what I believe in or what plans I have for the South West, please don’t hesitate to contact me using one of the methods outlined on the back page of this manifesto. Please support me, Jack Whalley, as your choice for South West Regional Chairman.


Increased Communications
The South West is home to a diverse range of CF branches. Quite simply, I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in communication. I want to communicate with members in all areas, be it studying members or constituency members. I will provide regular updates. You want to be 'in the loop'? I'll make sure you are. Communication will no


longer be top down only. Instead, communication will work from the bottom up and even between branches. It's about what the regional team can do for you, not just what you can do for the region. “Over my time working with the team in Bath, I have been regularly

disappointed by the level of publicity and communication. With a branch with over one hundred members, never were we emailed by the Regional or Area teams.”

Generating Discussion
How should CF in the South West be organised? We've all got our own opinions, and as a party member, that's only natural. What I know is that it's your right to be heard by those who have responsibility in the party. I aim to put an end to unanswered e-mails and cries for help. We all know how frustrating it


is. I want to ensure maximum levels of accountability, providing you with plenty of opportunities to voice your opinions... safe in the knowledge you will be listened to! “Over the previous years, never has a discussion forum been aired and never has a member had the www.jack-whalley.co.uk

opportunity to contribute in the running of the Regional or Area teams.”

Empowering Individuals
Straight from the heart of our national manifesto, I want to put power back into the hands of local CF members. Branch chairmen should no longer go without reward for their dedication and displays of initiative. From now on we will publicly recognise successful recruitment drives, events and campaign days. I will provide


everything I possibly can to make sure that branch committees and members can achieve their goals. No more restricted branches struggling to perform basic CF functions. “Having witnessed unprecedented growth within the Bath branches, it would not have been possible without the help and support of a great

team. Often such dedicated individuals are never noted or appreciated. Similarly, top down support is often tough to obtain.”

Encouraging Collaboration
We should work together to share campaign expertise and event plans. There is absolutely no reason why the region shouldn't have events which spread across the whole of the South West and allow everyone to get involved. To avoid low turn-outs at events, I will provide a central forum for discussion and invitation sharing. Campaign days and


speakers should benefit everyone across the region. “Many times, events are underattended or lacking the great turnout they deserve. This is always hindered by the lack of www.jack-whalley.co.uk

cross-communication between branches.”

A few reasons why you should vote for Jack
Jon Grinham, Bath Spa University “Jack was absolutely pivotal in helping us to set up a brand new branch at our university. Without his help it would have been incredibly difficult, and for his time and energy our branch should be forever grateful. Jack will make a great regional chairman—I am delighted to be supporting him.” Fabian Richter, Candidate for Bath (GE 2010) “Jack is an incredibly effective CF leader who will make a great South West regional chairman. We polled more strongly on campus than in Bath as a whole in May's general election - this was entirely due to Jack's great organisational and campaigning skills.”

Will Lavender, Bristol “One of my personal highlights of the 2010 general election campaign was working with Jack. Not only did he have energy and determination, he was great fun to work with. Jack has a good sense of humour and I can’t see anyone else doing a better job as regional chairman than him.” Simon Cavalier-Jones (former candidate) “Jack is the only candidate who can deliver real change in the South West, along with being a sound guy he has great ideas and will be an asset to any group. Elect Jack Whalley, now.”

George-Konstantinos Charonis (University of Bath) “I know Jack a little bit from when I was working for the Students' Union and he was Chair of Conservative Future. Though I'm not a Tory I'd like to say Jack was excellent at facilitating and ensuring communication between the local PPC and the Students' Union, he seemed to have a genuine passion for working in the party's best interest and promoting it's cause in a highly professional manner.”


Jack Whalley
South West Conservative Future
Regional Chairman Candidate
Manifesto: Election 2010 Telephone E-mail Website Facebook 07981 256 530 jack@jack-whalley.co.uk jack-whalley.co.uk facebook.com/jwhalley


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