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Stress Mgmt

Stress Mgmt

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Published by: Nalini Raheja on Sep 14, 2010
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  • The two roads we can take…
  • Golden axioms
  • Subtle signs - Mind
  • Internal stress
  • When we have internal stress
  • Subtle signs - Body
  • For external stressors
  • A balanced way…
  • What to do then??
  • Otherwise
  • Self awareness
  • Reduce intensity of emotions
  • Moderate Physical responses
  • Build Physical Reserves
  • Bonds….bonds and bonds
  • Even these have a significant effect
  • These have worked for me…
  • Three Idiots
  • How can we change??
  • Take home messages
  • Preempt stress
  • Key points
  • Actionable points………
  • Breathing exercises
  • Doable things
  • Avoid stress
  • To start with…..Implement any two…

Stress Management

Dr. Raghupathy Anchala

The two roads we can take….

Adapted from Stephen Coven. The Eighth habit


• Stress is physical or emotional reaction/response
 to any kind of change – external or internal

http://upload.png .org/wikipedia/commons/e/e9/Plutchik's_Wheel_of_Emotions.wikimedia.

Golden axioms • Stress is a form of pain  that comes to tell me there is something I need to change • Pain is a messenger  that comes to tell me there is something I need to learn Brahmakumari .

http://Signs-of-stress.gif .com/images/StressSymptoms.

More time spent thinking about what can go wrong than what can go right 3. always having to do . No time to think. Worry about what people think 2.Mind 1.Subtle signs . More time spent thinking about what DID go wrong than where you can go from here 4.

difficulty getting started • Tendency to get too worked up when under pressure or in a crisis • Tendency to dwell on how bad things are • Often feel guilty .Internal stress • Motivation problems.

When we have internal stress This will help us: • Information or counseling on – self talk – irrational beliefs – Reinterpretation .

nicotine. etc. computer screen overload) Inadequate nutrition. Eye Strain (wrong glasses. Uncomfortable chair. reliance on junk food Lack of exercise Aversive environment .Subtle signs . poor lighting. sickness Negative effects from caffeine. missed meals.Body • • • • • • • • Insufficient sleep Frequent colds. poor posture. excessive time hunched over book or computer. alcohol.

space.Change your environment (lighting.For external stressors • Then try: .Reduce or eliminate caffeine.Choose healthy foods . nicotine and alcohol intake .Get enough sleep .) .Exercise regularly . etc.

A balanced way…. Adapted from Stephen Coven …Eight h habit .

com/images/stress_talk_mod1_slide21_e.jpg .positive-thinking-for-you.http://www.

Effects of stress MENTAL Irritability increases. not mixing. nail/biting. eating more or less. sleep more or less. concentration decreases. forgetfulness. less judgment power weakens BEHAVIOURAL Smoking / alcohol addiction. work-alcoholism or absenteeism Brahmakumari . reckless driving.


Otherwise  NORMAL  NEUROTIC – alert is followed by defense – alert is greater than defense becomes in effective  PSYCHOTIC – alert may be ignored  PYSCHO-SOMATIC – defense by mind fails Brahmakumari .

The proved and effective steps that you can take to alleviate stress .

Self awareness • BECOME AWARE of your stressors and emotional and physical reactions – Can you change your stressors by avoiding or eliminating them? – Can you reduce their intensity (manage them over time instead of immediately) – Can you shorten your exposure to stress (take a break.net/assets/docs/stress_management.ppt .reslife. leave) – Can you devote the time necessary to make a change? www.

reslife.ppt .Reduce intensity of emotions • No “ifs and buts” • Moderate or minimize overreactions – Are you expecting to please everyone? – Are you viewing things as absolutely critical and urgent? – Work at adopting moderate views www.net/assets/docs/stress_management.

.Moderate Physical responses • Slow. you have to understand your internal milieu. deep breathing • Relaxation techniques .reduce muscle tension • Medications .may help in the short term.

reslife. www. – Be consistent with your sleep schedule.ppt . excessive caffeine and other stimulants • Mix leisure with work – Take breaks and get away. • Get enough sleep.Build Physical Reserves • Exercise for cardiovascular fitness – 3 – 4 times a week • Eat well-balanced.net/assets/docs/stress_management. nutritious meals – Maintain your ideal weight • Avoid nicotine.

bonds and bonds 1.which are meaningful to you 3.Bonds…. Develop mutually supportive friendships/relationships 2. failures and sorrows 4. Be a friend to yourself . Pursue realistic goals . Expect some frustrations.

Even these have a significant effect Improve air quality Ban smoking Open windows Have plants in the room Taker care of your working environment Work by a window full spectrum bulbs in your desk lamp www.ppt .reslife.net/assets/docs/stress_ management.

. • Pleasant Assertiveness • Personal space • Focus your attention on your breathing • Visualize • Establish some feeling of ownership • by bringing personal objects (small plants or photographs of loved-ones) .These have worked for me….

• Future is determined by your PRESENT@@ .Three Idiots • Have a passion • Lose Fear • Stay in the present • Just as your present status is determined by your past.. so is the case with future….


net/assets/docs/stress_ management.Enjoy the location in your mind • Involve all your senses in the imagery: – see the place.reslife. – feel the temperature – feel the movement of the wind – focus on an object or a sound………. – smell the aromas. www.ppt . – hear the sounds.

How can we change?? Victim Change Agent  Blaming Objective Helper  Manipulating Process Helper  Forcing Counselor  Resisting Stabilizer  Fighting Referee  Fleeing Educator  Criticizing Energizer Brahmakumari .

Empathy F .Forgive .Deny the excesses E .Be yourself C – Cope with negativity D .Attitude B .Take home messages • • • • • • A .

Stress Busters • • • • • • G – Gain from past H – Heal the wounds I .Jocular K – Know your limitations L.Love your self .Insight J .

Satisfaction • • • • • • . guilt and fear • S .Stress Busters M – Manage time N – NO (ability to say no and not feel guilty) O – Open to different views P – Praise others Q – Quest for happiness R – Resistance to energy guzzlers (downers) • worry.

.Stress Busters • • • • • • • T – Temper control U – Understand the situation V – Voila (be carefree) W – Worry…….Xpress!! Y – Young at heart Z – Zeal and zest Hakuna Matata ….?! .Less X.

Preempt stress .

or art – Playing with and caring for pets – Volunteer work .find better ways to cope • Let your feelings out . and express anger when you need to • Do something you enjoy – A hobby.Key points Ways to relax your mind • Write . cry.Talk. such as gardening – A creative activity. such as writing. crafts. laugh.

Actionable points……… • Focus on the present – Meditation – guided imagery • Techniques to relax – Breathing exercises – muscle relaxation. tai chi and qi gong . and – yoga.

– how do you breathe when you first wake up in the morning or just before you fall asleep – Breathing exercises can help you relax • make your body feel like it does when you are already relaxed .Breathing exercises • Have you ever noticed how you breathe when you feel relaxed? – The next time you are relaxed. take a moment to notice how your body feels.

Doable things Take slow.observe Write involves tensing and relaxing each muscle group • Take a walk • Get a massage • • • • • • . deep breaths Soak in a warm bath Listen to soothing music Practice mindful meditation .

Avoid stress • • • • Learn better ways to manage your time Find better ways to cope Take good care of yourself Try out new ways of thinking – Work on letting go of things you cannot change – Learn to say "no” • Speak up .have a strong network of family and friends .assertive communication • Ask for help .


To start with…..rest will be taken care of!! .Implement any two… • S – Self confidence • T – Temper control • R – Resistance to negative energies – hurry worry and curry • E – Empathy • S – Self awareness • S – Self regulation ………….

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