Shahid Group of companies is a North India based group with diversified business interests such as Manufacturing Exports Retailing Real Estate investment We run these businesses profitably and are not dependent on any outside source of funds. We feel that the potential is immense and we would like to use this opportunity to scale up our businesses and make growth. Shari¶ah compliance: Shahid Group has made all the efforts to keep the business at all levels as Debt Free. Not only In finance, but also in other practices, Shahid Group makes an effort to maintain all Shari'ah Principles and adopt all activities as per the Shari'ah guidelines. Shahid Group follows the principle of Shari'ah Practices in all its businesses


What and how can we raise Shari'ah compliant capital in this non -Islamic finance environment?

What are our options to raise capital? We needguidance on how to raise money.

We conduct our business in Non Islamic finance environment:- What are the Flexibilities available to a Shari'ah Compliant group likeus to raise capital in the conventional and non Muslim economy where we have no choice but to follow the system.

Is there any other mode of conventional financing which can be structured in an Islamic way to meet Shari ah mode of conduct?

We are in a state of confusion and unsure as a Group on how to make decisions in our business to raise capital and sustain the growth of business in accordance with Shari'ah Mode Options of Venture Capital investments are currently being explored but being a Muslim Organization we are facing yet another set of challenges,



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