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Thesis Bjerkoe Sorbo

Thesis Bjerkoe Sorbo

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Published by: TorrentFreak_ on Sep 14, 2010
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When preparing for this study, we concluded that in order to give the best
possible answers to the research problems, quantitative data would have to be
collected directly from the artists themselves, as well as from the music industry
organizations like IFPI. Collaboration was then initiated with both Musikernes
Fellesorganisasjon (MFO) and GramArt to give the authors access to send out a
questionnaire to many of their respective members. The goal was that much of
the quantitative data in this study would be based on a questionnaire sent out to
relevant members of MFO and all of the members of GramArt.

The questionnaire was based on information collected through the in-depth
interviews by the authors and previously mentioned types of secondary data.
The authors used an online survey tool delivered by Questback Norge to produce
and deliver the questionnaire out to the artists. Unfortunately, the questionnaire
ultimately got a very low response rate and the results were strongly skewed. Of
about 5000 possible respondents a little more than 300 actually answered.
Adjusted for some invalid respondents the total number was even less. There
might be several reasons for this, but the authors concluded that it was better to
leave out the questionnaire as a main part of the thesis. The results were not
significant on a satisfactory level and would serve in any case only as indications
and not explanations towards the two other main parts of the thesis. Instead the
time and resources available for the thesis work was directed towards, what the
authors believe are, much more interesting findings in the other two parts of the

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