PepsiCo served diverse market with its six group companies such as Frito-lay North America Frito-lay International Pepsi-Cola North America Pepsi Beverage International . in its 2002 annual report company claimed to have the largest share in US beverage markets. Headquartered in new york.Introduction y PepsiCo is the US based world µs leading beverage and y y y y y y snacks food companies.

y Gatorade/Tropicano North America and y Quaker Foodes North America y PepsiCo choose various efficient distribution methods y PepsiCo µs bottlers employed wireless technologies to strengthen their distribution system and effectively serve the customers in the market. .

Bradham had established a network of 250 bottlers for Pepsi-Cola with operations in 24 states in the US.the network had increased to about 300 Pepsi-Cola bottlers. .Background y In 1898. y Bradham started bottling his drink in 1904 y By 1909 . y By 1910 . caleb Bradham invented Pepsi-Cola in his pharmacy in North Carolina.

y Syrup was either sold directly to the fountain accounts or was combined with carbonated water for bottling. y PCNA¶s main responsibility was to ensure that the concentrate reaches the bottler in time. y Pepsico sold beverage concentrate to bottling companies in US and Canada. y Pepsi Cola North America(PCNA) owned 60 plants that produces concentrates.which are distributed through 450 licensed territories.BEVERAGE MANUFACTURING UNIT TO BOTTLERS. .

y Pepsico¶s bottlers delivered the company¶s products to thousands of retail outlets in their region.distributed and promoted major pepsico brands such as pepsi.Diet pepsi.cadbury schweppes. bottler.BOTTLERS TO RETAIL OUTLETS. Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN). trucks. y Pepsi Americans(PAS) was the second largest pepsi-cola y PAS had 100 distribution centres and each centre had 50 y PAS produced. y Lately PAS employed a mobile computing system using .

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