In this way menu came in picture.later this idea become popular. when he was asked about that paper he said it was a form of programme or dishes and with the help of that paper he could see what was coming and reserve this appetite accordingly .INTRODUCTION TO MENU ‡ Menu or bill of fare is the list of food and beverages items offered in the restaurant. ‡ It is said that the history of menu goes back to year 1541. when Duke Henry of Brunswick was fare refering a long slip of paper. .

The menu is a key component of a foodservice operation. 4. 3. . 2. A menu is the range of food and beverages items offered in a food service outlet. The menu is the primary control for the food service system and impacts all components of the system. List of items available for selection by a costumer and the most important internal control of food service. A change in menu can impact all aspects of foodservice system.WHAT IS MENU 1. It establishes inputs needed by the system .

6. 5. 2. 4.TYPES OF MENU 1. 3. A la carte menu Table d hot menu Combination menu Fixed menu Combination menu Meal times menus Lunch menu Brunch menu Dinner menu Supper menu Tea menu .

There are eleven courses in french menu. and sweet dishes. .MENU PLANNING ‡ Menu planning mean to compose series of dishes selection for a meal. But in modern time. For menu planning . the courses are rasticted to is essential that we should know about the sequence of a course. main course. soup.

6. 8. 2. 4. 7.POINTS TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN COMPILING A MENU 1. 3. Type of meal Type of establishment Type of guest Capabilities of kitchen staff Season Occasions Language of the menu Price of menu . 5.

4. 3. Sells Image Identity Experience Informative guid . 5. 2. 6.CHARACTERSTICS OF MENU 1.

QUALIFICATIONS OF MENU PLANNERS 1. Knowledge of different methods of preparing and serving food 3. Wide knowledge of food 2. Knowledge of aesthetically presentation of food .

4. Introduce the establishment to the customer Help to prepare shopping list Determines the types of equipments Determines the types of skills in kitchan staff Determines the style of service of food Satisfies the needs of customers .FUNCTION OF MENU 1. 3. 6. 5. 2.


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